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Report: RGIII bragged about his influence over Snyder

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    Originally posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Probably because of his height. He doesn't have the prototypical size of a quarterback so many teams would've dismissed him instantly.
    Exactly. I think Tajh Boyd falls in that category as well.

    Hey look, Pugh has short arms, he must not be that good.
    Life is like a Giants game, you never know what you are going to get.


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      Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
      Russell Wilson is the real deal.


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        Originally posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
        Yeah Wilson is sick too.

        I watched him a lot in college, couldn't understand how he made it to the 3rd round. I also said before that draft he would be better then RG3.
        Russell Wilson does what he is supposed to do, win games with a dominant team. He isn't in the same class as Luck because he hasn't had to carry an average team. A lot like Big Ben early in his career.