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Risk vs reward..playoffs or not

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  • Risk vs reward..playoffs or not

    I've thought long and hard about this giants team and its current situation. This season has been a train wreck thus far with injuries, mind boggling play calling, oh, and lets not forget about zone D Everyday! All Day!

    I would love to see Big blue make the playoffs but I foresee 2 significant consequences in doing so. The first being our inconsistancy piled on top of the fact that we would probably be the most injury riddled team in the playoffs. Still 4 more games to lose more starters too. I doubt we'd get very far.

    The second is the one that scares me the most as I'm convinced if we do make the playoffs..I guarantee everyone stays. TC , Killdrive and yes Perry "Bubbagump" Fewell..and next year we're looking at the same ole **** we've been watching the past few years.

    I don't like the idea of not making the playoffs, but if it take that to justify the neccessary changes that need to happen to Enable this team to move forward..then I'll gladly make that sacrifice.

    Hate on this all you want...I never said I felt good about it.

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    Re: Risk vs reward..playoffs or not

    Live for today and this season alone.

    I want to make the playoffs desperately, if for no other reason than we see more of our beloved team.

    Next year, we can think we have all our ducks in the row, than bam, Eli goes down.

    Not wishing anything bad on our best player this year.

    But you just can't tell from year to year.

    So take the bird in the hand now. Root like a banshee that we make it into the playoffs and let the chips fall where they may after that.

    Who thought we would win the Super Bowl against the Patriots the year we did?

    I sure has hell didn't!