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    "The New York Giants finished this season hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy as
    the champions of the NFL. It wasn't always pretty. It wasn't always effective.
    But the Giants made the most of their opportunities when they needed to.

    With the high of the Super Bowl championship last week beginning to settle
    us all back into reality, the staff can finally take a realistic view of the
    Giants and their performance over the entire season. This will be an in depth
    look per position and will be divided into three parts. The first part handles
    the offense. The second part tackles the defense and the third part goes into
    special teams, coaching and intangibles.

    Each category will have an overall grade awarded to it. Some may be
    obvious, while others may surprise you. All will be forthright and objective.
    With that said, let's begin with the Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and his
    supporting cast.

    QB- David Carr had an absolutely stellar seasonÖ

    Just kidding, it was ALL Eli Manning.

    Manning had hands down the best season of his career.
    Put aside the stats for a minute, and look at the intangibles he brought to the

    A quarterback is supposed to keep his composure in pressure
    situations and be a leader in the huddle. Manning was that and more this

    Itís almost like he wants his team to be behind in the
    fourth quarter because he knows he will march down the field for the
    game-winning score.

    We hear about guys like Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham
    having great seasons or making clutch plays, but remember, itís Manning that
    sets them up. Eli was the reason that those receivers made it big.

    Frankly, football fans and analysts can debate all they
    want about where to rank Eli among Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. All
    we care about is the second Super Bowl ring on Eliís hand.

    All this Hall of Fame discussion already is way too

    Manning still has another five-10 years at least of
    performing at the highest level. Thereís a chance he can take home two more
    Super Bowl rings and MVPís. Would he be a Hall of Famer then, Kurt Warner?

    Either way, Giants fans, we know one thing: We have the
    most clutch player in the league on our side.

    Grade: A+ (Written by Jim

    RB/FB- Normally known as a rushing team, the Giants
    relied heavily on their passing attack this season. The reasons for that are
    two-fold: 1) Eli Manning was unstoppable through the air and utilized his
    weapons well on the outside 2) The teamís running game was at times

    Ahmad Bradshaw was on and off the field due to injuries. He
    only rushed for over 100 yards onceóthe Week 6 win over the Buffalo Bills.
    Still, his explosive capabilities when fully healthy are something the Giants
    will look forward to next season. He can be an excellent check down option on

    And of course thereís big bad Brandon Jacobs. Sometimes
    this season, it seemed that Jacobs was all talk and no results. Granted, he
    accepted his role as the teamís secondary back to Bradshaw, but still, when you
    have that sort of frame, converting on third-and-one shouldnít even be a

    Too many times this season, the Giants were forced to punt
    since Jacobs couldnít pick up the one-yard needed for a first down. When he
    tries to move laterally rather than run north and south, heís very

    But Jacobs came up big in some big spots. He averaged 4.0
    yards per carry in the Giantsí regular season win over the Patriots, and he
    rushed for over 100 yards in the critical first win over the Cowboys. He showed
    up in a big way against the Falcons in the playoffs with a 92-yard rushing

    Based on contract issues and salary cap room, Jacobs may
    have played his last game as a Giant. Weíll have to wait and see how this
    situation unfolds.

    As for fullback, have can you not love Henry Hynoski? He's
    the type of player that goes out there, gets dirty and banged up each week, and
    doesn't seek any recognition. He caught a few passes in the Super Bowl and may
    see his workload increase next season. He was a good find this year and a very
    good run blocker.

    Overall, if the Giants can regain their rushing attack from
    previous years, just imagine the dynamic offense they could have when Manning is
    onówhich seems to be every game.
    Grade: B- (written by
    Jim Mancari)

    WR-The three headed monster of the New York Giants
    performed exceptionally well this season. Last season the WR position was
    riddled with injuries and a dwindling line of back ups. The Giants were pulling
    guys in and it helped but didnít bring the success that they desperately

    This season was a complete turn around with the trio of Hakeem
    Nicks, Mario Manningham and the emergence of Victor Cruz. They became dependable
    targets for Eli and always managed to come down with the ball when it

    I honestly donít think that the Giants would have made it as
    far as they did without these three players. Eliís game was at a high level and
    itís because he was able to trust in his receivers and knew they would make the
    big plays. It is a quarterbacks dream to have that.

    It always seemed that
    when one of the players had an off day that they others stepped up. Itís like
    dealing with triplets. You know how they say that you can feel what the other is
    feeling or thinking? Well I believe these three had the same kind of capability.
    When Nicks had a quiet night and wasnít able to get things going it would be
    Cruz who would come in and it would be the same if Cruz was off then Manningham
    would pick it up.

    What I particularly love about these guys is that none
    of them crave the limelight. There was never a time when one of them had
    jealously or stepped out and made an issue about each other. They are
    professionals and acted as such.

    I was extremely impressed with these
    guys. They played their hearts out and played with great heart and did an
    amazing job in helping the New York Giants win the Superbowl.

    I was
    extremely impressed with Mario Manningham in the postseason. He had been dealing
    with injuries during the season but when it came down to it, when he was called
    on he delivered. He is a guy that I would like to see back on the team but he is
    a free agent so who knows what will happen.

    Victor Cruz was a dream
    asset. He put spark into the game and made plays that in all seriousness I donít
    believed catapulted the team into the postseason. He broke Amaniís record for
    receiving yards in his first real year of playing. There was a time when he
    almost would have been released but he learned, listened and stayed humble.
    Thatís a true Giant.

    Nicks is going to continue to be the star that he
    is. In my opinion his best game was against the Green Bay Packers. He is huge
    part of the team and he stays humble as well. Everyone knows how good he is and
    the skills that he has at the position is so good and he is a

    There were other contributors on the WRís but of course
    everyone knows these three stand out the most. Devin Thomas did a good job but
    really stood out more on Special Teams and Ramses Barden played a little bit but
    was able to help the team in certain situations.

    Outside of Eli Manning
    playing at an elite level and the defensive front four getting healthy at the
    same time and showing dominance, the Wide Receiverís are the top performing
    group out of the team.

    My grade for the group is an A (written
    by Alyssa "G-Men Girl" Franklin)

    TE- The Giants started
    the off-season with a huge question mark at this position. After the departure
    of Kevin Boss, it seemed like the team had no in-house solution for filling the
    void left behind. That assumption turned out to be wrong. It seemed they would
    have to lean heavily on Bear Pascoe and Travis Beckum. This tandem would prove
    to be adequate, but neither one emerged as the starter. They signed undrafted
    free agent Jake Ballard.

    With the starting TE position up for grabs from
    the beginning, Ballard took full advantage and won the job outright. He quickly
    became a go-to guy for Eli Manning. In the very first game, he had a 41 yard
    catch as part of his two catch, 59 yard debut. From games five through eight, he
    got hot. He totaled 16 catches, 275 yards and one very important game-winning
    TD against the New England Patriots.

    Overall, he had 38 catches for 604
    yards with four TD's. Pascoe added 12 catches for 136 yards and Travis Beckum
    chimed in with five catches for 93 yards and one big 67 yard TD catch against
    the Green Bay Packers.

    In the playoffs, they all stepped up their game
    even more. Beckum had seven catches total for 45 yards, Pascoe had five catches
    for 39 yards with a TD and Ballard had five catches for 43 yards. When comparing
    that to Kevin Boss, the weapon we all thought we would miss, there is no
    comparison. Boss had 28 catches, 368 yards and 3 TD's for his new home in
    Oakland. Ballard alone blows him away in all stats.

    Furthermore, Boss had
    35 catches for 531 yards and five TD's last season here. Again, Ballard alone
    beats that, except for TD's. In the end, GM Jerry Reese knew what he was doing
    by cutting ties with Boss and staying within the organization for the answers
    they needed.

    Grade: B+ (written by Frank Gray)

    OL-The o-line was like a card deck. There was so much shuffling
    around with players when guys like David Baas and Will Beatty were out with
    injuries but they made it work.

    David Diehl had to move and Kareem
    McKenzie had to be shuffled it seemed to work better. The running game had a
    spurt and was able to help the offense because there seemed to be a better flow
    working with the front line.

    They did a pretty good job with protecting
    Eli but you can see where age is starting to take its toll.

    The Giants
    are going to have to do a good job in the draft and free agency to get some guys
    to come in and be prepared to take some veterans places.

    Kareem will
    probably be a free agency casualty and end up somewhere else. Hopefully Will
    Beatty and Stacy Andrews will be able to come back from IR and make a

    For the most part, I thought that the o-line did a good job
    with what they had. Like I said earlier, protection was good but it definitely
    has to get better. Also the Giants can not afford to be dead last in the running
    game. The running game is the bread and butter and what the Giants are known for
    that the organization needs to get the o-line going and get some guys in there
    that will help make it happen.

    When you saw the o-line go up against the
    one of the best defensive lines in the league with San Fran they had a hard time
    holding them back. Again a game where you can see that maybe age is against

    My grade for this position is a C+. I think that is fair.
    Like I said it is time for new blood. The shuffling will not work for too much
    longer and they need to work on a line that can block and protect. I am not
    saying that they are bad but things have to get better." (written by Alyssa
    "G-Men Girl" Franklin)

    ďNever argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.Ē MB Rule # 1

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    good start with the grades c-for o-line is fair! ELI is A+,RB-C,WR-A,TE-C+


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      I agree with and enjoy the comments about the WRs, but I refuse to acknowledge any grade below A+/maximum possible grade. We are not a 4-WR, 5-WR offense where another WR can be legitamently be brought in for grading. Eli did not have a flashy TE like Gronkowski, A. Hernandez, or J. Graham to pass to (Ballard was just fine). Eli did not have a consistent running game to lean on for the regular season (last ranked rushing offense).

      Eli had these 3 amazing wide receivers as work-horses (yea i just put workhorses and wide receivers together) from start to end, put up career numbers and won the Super Bowl....


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        I would have to agree with those grades.