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Attention: Opposing fans

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  • Attention: Opposing fans

    Welcome to the New York Giants forums.

    This is just a heads-up to those of you who have come here to talk with Giants fans about our team and/or an upcoming game you may have with our team. There will be no other warnings, so please pay attention and heed this advice if you'd like to continue posting here.

    We have a Rivals forum if you'd like to engage in FOOTBALL RELATED smack talk. If that is your only purpose for being here, please turn around and go into the Rival Central forum. This is Talk About Giants Football, where we hold discussions about our team without interference from opposing fans looking to start trouble. If you'd like to join in our conversations here in TAGF, feel free, but it KEEP IT CIVIL. Otherwise, your account will be closed without warning and you'll be sent on your way. We have a Zero Tolerance policy on starting trouble, regardless of team affiliation, and opposing fans are generally on a shorter leash than our regular posters, so please think before you post. You are a guest in our house. Please act accordingly.

    Thank you