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seasons the giants had an easier path to sb

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  • seasons the giants had an easier path to sb

    1. '10 if gmen won that eagle game theyd have the #2 seed & would have bye, then beaten seahawks, then bears or eagles at home..would've then been favored in sb over steelers

    2. '08..if plax didnt get hurt they'd beat eagles then arizona in cold giant stadium..then beat steelers in sb

    3. '88 had a great team but lost to jets last game of season cause mckonkey who never fumbles muffed a punt with a few minutes left in game with giants leading..they would've gad #1 seed throut playoffs but loss playoffs knocked them out entirely..

    4. '93 simms & taylor's last season..down by 3 last game of season against cowboys reeves played conservatively and kicked game tying fg..sent game into ot..giants won toss but against the wind..first possesion their center williams got holding penalty, dallsas got great position and kicked game ending fg..dallas #1 seed giants played at sf and lost..if gmen beat dalls theyd have #! seed and all games at giant stadium where sf hated playing..shouldve been giants mopping bills in sb instead of cowboys

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    Re: seasons the giants had an easier path to sb

    that '93 game has always pissed me off.that was a game where we played not to lose instead of playing to win.fn Reeves.remember that long pass from Simms to Hampton on the sidelines? then after that it was all conservative.and to top it off,I was watching that game with my buddy the Cowboys fan.