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Any Super Bowl DVD Comments?

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  • Any Super Bowl DVD Comments?

    I didn't get to watch it yet. I rented it on my iPad I just haven't had the time to check it out yet.

    Anyone have any comments on it yet?

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    Re: Any Super Bowl DVD Comments?

    I always like NFL Films' work but I don't think it struck the same magic chord as the XLII edition. Still good but I really liked David Robidoux's dramatic orchestral compositions in XLII and virtually none of it is reused this time around and the new suite of music is less dramatic.

    Also don't think it perfectly captured the ride, I'd give it a 7/10 whereas XLII was 10/10. Good but not great.

    I still get chills 4 years later watching the XLII disc whereas this one left me feeling like they missed something.

    Maybe it's just that XLII was so story-book impossible.
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      Re: Any Super Bowl DVD Comments?

      I was really happy with it. Scott Graham's voice doesn't have the same kind of John Facenda-like mystique that the late Harry Kalas' voice had, but it was a damn good job that NFL Films did here.

      I was afraid that they were just going to recycle the "Sound FX" footage that they showed on the NFL Network for the Super Bowl, but thankfully they didn't. The regular season was a little too quick, but no real complaints there since they gave plenty of attention to the wins and just enough to the losses so they didn't dwell on them.

      If there was one crucial element that was completely missed by this, it was the mention of all the injuries. They could have at least spent a couple of minutes to talk about the amount of players that were either done for the year or for extended amounts of time.

      The David Robidoux music choices, for the most part, were solid. I loved that he used the "One for All" music in the XLII DVD, but I was thrilled to hear "Changing Season" and "January Reign" during the post-season segments.

      I'd give the XLII DVD a 9/10 with the XLVI DVD an 8/10. It gets bonus points for including the Lombardi presentation.


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        Re: Any Super Bowl DVD Comments?

        Thanks guys. I can't wait to check it out.

        I am going to buy the DVD soon too. I really can't wait till the Americas Game DVD comes out.


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          Re: Any Super Bowl DVD Comments?

          I don't know if they're going to release the 2011 America's Game on DVD anytime soon. They haven't released the 2006-2009 episodes on their own and they only released the 2008 Steelers episode as part of the 6-pack with the other five Steelers episodes.

          But they may stream it on like they did with the 2007 episode.