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    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of the Super Bowl 46: Dad, are the Giants gonna win?

    Burier: Yes.

    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of Super Bowl 46: Do you promise?

    Burier: Yes. I promise.

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    Re: JPP Sports Science

    I remember watching this video not long after we drafted him & thinking " yeah, I'm ok with this pick "lol


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      Re: JPP Sports Science

      All-Pro in his 2nd year, and he's just STARTING to come into his own as a football player.


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        Re: JPP Sports Science

        i remember watching this and posting the link to it as soon as it came out, and said with his arm width span and body build combined with his athleticism, that he was similar to LT.

        a poster, forget who, actually thought he could make fun of me for doing so.

        Now that he had the season he did, and being that he's so raw, i got to say i know i was right. keep in mind i wasn't talking about on field performance either, just talking about physical build and force generated off the snap. While he's no LT, we may never see another player like him ever again, I'd have to say if I were to pick any player who COULD be on LT's level and be considered a similar player, it'd have to be JPP, even moreso than D.Ware.

        He;s so young and raw, and it was his physical build and athleticism that enabled his success. If he can develop an arsenal of moves and maintain a high level of consistency, he could very well be the next "LT" type player.

        I know it was a bold prediction at the time, but I call em as I seem em...and for the past few years i been dead on.


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          Re: JPP Sports Science

          Wow, never saw that. Thanks for reposting

          Related video was Prince. His episode was pretty cool too! Can't wait for him to have an off season and turn into a stud CB.