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Hypothetical Questions Regarding Peyton Manning

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  • Hypothetical Questions Regarding Peyton Manning

    If Eli Manning is not playing with the Giants, what are the chances for the following?

    1. Will the Jets have a better chance with Peyton?
    2. If the Giants are in the running, would the Giants have a better chance than the Jets? And do you think Peyton would choose the Giants among all these teams?

    Just curious what people think, if people think this has something to do with Eli and/or the organization recruiting him. Over a decade ago, Peyton chose to stay in college rather than join the draft and get signed by the Jets. And I wonder if it were the Giants then instead of the Jets, if he'd made the same decision then.

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    Re: Hypothetical Questions Regarding Peyton Manning

    The answer to your first question is no. He definitely wouldn't go to the Jets regardless of Eli being here or not. They're a circus right now. There's no way he plays for a team like that, especially seeing as it seems the upper crusts of management seem to almost encourage it.

    Yes, I think the Giants would have a better shot than the Jets. We have stable ownership that seems to have a strong grasp of football operations (including knowing when to be hands on and when to let those they have hired to do their thing). We have an excellent GM and coaching staff. I think he'd strongly consider coming here.

    Would he pick us over any of the other teams? Honestly, I don't know. Organizationally we're a good fit. My only questionswould be would Peyton want to have to deal with the NY media and would he want to deal with the winds at the stadium later in the year?