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    I'm not real impressed with Goff his stats for 09 and 10 are 69 solos in 32 games, had only 2 pass/defended, Then, unfortunately, is out with a season ending knee injury and he now starts looking for a possible other home. Real loyalty there.
    Chase comes off his couch after WE CUT HIM, and says he always wanted to stay a Giant. He comes in cold immeditely gets a key interception reading the play well and in 5 games has 20 solos and 2 pass/defended. He plays smart and we aren't even talking about his playoff performances and his game saving INT in the SB where he read Brady and hustled to make that play. Coughlin said he one of the most enthusiastic players he has. He runs the sidelines when he's off the field inspiring his team mates.
    Don't think we'd do too badly with him next year while we bring up the younger guys and he will fit the cap very nicely. BTW he played good football on ST and was very physical !

    Sorry last post was sent too early.

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    I love Chase, and would love to see him back on the team. It's going to be a huge numbers game with so many young LB in camp competing. Williams, Paysinger, Herzlich and Jones all got cheated out of OTA's and a full training camp by the strike. And those guys came in and played pretty well considering they were learning on the fly. And Chase came back right about the time when Fewell stopped running so many blue smoke and mirrors coverage schemes and actually started letting his guys play football. And Chase came in when the team started to get healthy again. So, I think training camp and the preseason is going to be pretty intense this year. There will be some tough decisions made, and an older player who's going past his peak will have a tough time making it if they aren't heads and shoulders above a younger play who's getting better all the time.

    Just have to say good luck to all of them, and hope we put the best group on the field we can, regardless of who that may end up being.


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      Well put. Hope our LB situation works out. I think we have the talent on the roster. I think I'd like to see Chase help coach up the young guys. He's a talented Giant player and acts like one.