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Kraft cautions against a cap spike in 2014

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  • Kraft cautions against a cap spike in 2014

    In 2014, the new TV deals kick in. As a result, the NFL’s broadcast-related revenues will jump. It has caused many league observers to assume the salary cap also will jump.

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft doesn’t think that will be the case.

    “I don’t really see that happening,” Kraft said Thursday during an event at Gillette Stadium, according to Mike Rodak of “I don’t think what happened in 2006 will happen in the future here, because if you understand the labor agreement and the long-term part of this, there will be a smooth growth.”

    Kraft added with a smile, “Anyone who assumes huge jumps, I hope they’re in our division.”

    Players may not be all that thrilled with the concept of “smooth growth.” The new CBA ties the players’ share to nearly half of all revenue, with the players’ cut growing as the total pie continues to expand. Apparently, even with the new national TV deals, the total growth won’t be particularly dramatic.
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    Re: Kraft cautions against a cap spike in 2014

    Thanks for posting gmen. Since John Mara was involved with the cba resolution along with Kraft, it would seem plausible that Reese is already aware of how the "smooth growth" trajectory will be defined.


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      Re: Kraft cautions against a cap spike in 2014

      You can bet Woody over on the Jets wants a spike... more cap room to make more stupid decisions!

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