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What happened to those 14 play 8 minute long drives?

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  • What happened to those 14 play 8 minute long drives?

    when we were most successful, the offense could methodically drive the ball down field for scores but while milking the clock and taking up half the quarter on one drive.

    Our offense scores more now and does more, but I think the best way to help the defense would be to work to those longer drives so our defense cant even be put in a position to give up 35 points if they opposing offense doesn't even have 7 drives.

    its obviously the lack of a run game and OL that can consistently let those rbs get 4 plus almost every rush. When your having the success we've had through the air because our run game isn't working, itd make sense we dont hold the ball as long as you can connect on those deep passes that eli is money at and leading the league in i believe 20 or 40 yard passes.

    If this team is going to do anything, and I believe they will, this running game will become more focal as well as the attention on the OL to makte sure they are doing there job. Bradshaw back seemed to give the run game a shot int the arm as Jacobs playedt well too.

    also it would help the defense. we got eli in case it isnt working but a run gameopens up the pa and brings the safeties up to open up the field.

    he can be decisive and make all the throws but the run game helps the d and passing game, and to burn clock