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    "A lump ballooned in the young man’s throat as he gripped the steering wheel
    of his white-top Pontiac Bonneville convertible and pulled out of the training
    camp parking lot, leaving his teammates behind.

    Bob Anderson bought the ride off the rotating show-room podium with his
    first-ever NFL deal — a $5,000 signing bonus and a $25,000 contract. It wasn’t
    bad for a Jersey guy three years removed from West Point who busted his knees
    jumping out of aircrafts with the 101st airborne at Fort Campbell in

    The Giants picked him in the ninth round of the 1960 NFL Draft and after his
    required military service was over, Wellington Mara called him to his 16th-floor
    office and made him a football player. It was 1963.

    By 1964, though, he was cut in the middle of two-a-days. Head coach Allie
    Sherman had the ball boys call him in and before long he was headed home, the
    car serving as his badge for a short-lived pro career.

    “Allie said, ‘You just don’t figure into our plans,’?” Anderson, an Elizabeth
    native, recalled. “I said okay, then he said ‘What do you want me to tell the

    Anderson’s next life, the one at Xerox, and eventually as a PR man for the
    New Jersey Turnpike was about to begin. He left professional football having
    played in just one game. He registered just one carry — for a loss of 2 yards —
    against Philadelphia Eagles on a humid afternoon in Franklin Field. He remembers
    it vividly.

    Now, over the phone from his Florida home, he talks about preserving the
    moment because on Thursday, more than 200 young men will be drafted and will
    sign NFL contracts just like he did.

    Some will be like Irving Fryar, a Jersey kid who played in 255 NFL games, the
    most of anyone born in the Garden State. Some will be like South River’s Joe
    Theismann. They won’t play as long but they’ll be remembered forever, a trail of
    gaudy statistics behind him.

    And some will be like Bob Anderson. One game, one carry and one sweet memory
    of the pulling guard tripping in front of him, leaving him dead to rights in the

    “You think you’re a kid for the rest of your life,” Anderson said, laughing.
    “I just turned
    74 on March 31 and I look back and say where did the time go?
    Mentally, I still think I can play.”

    There are 549 New Jersey-born men who have played a game in the NFL. Nine of
    them played in more than 200 games, and 109 of them appeared in 100 or more.
    Twenty-eight of them, though, played in just one. Seven of those were selected
    in the NFL Draft, according to Pro-Football Reference.

    The one-gamers become teachers, entrepreneurs, coaches and restaurant owners.
    They slip into the fabric of their communities. They live with the moments they
    have and the perspective a 22-year-old awaiting draft day wishes he did.

    “I remember being in the locker room, standing on the sideline, peeking over
    at the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, looking across the field at Tom Landry, you
    kind of pinch yourself,” said Marty Horn, who played in a game for the Eagles
    during the 1987 strike season.

    He was sacked on his first passing attempt by Ed “Too Tall” Jones, who
    grabbed him by the back of his shoulder pads and swung him to the ground.

    His children’s friends still ask him about it.

    • • •

    Though it was a blur, Mount Holly native Kevin Landolt knows it was raining
    in Jacksonville the day the Jaguars beat down the 49ers. He was a fourth-round
    draft pick out of West Virginia, a defensive linemen contained to the backup
    kickoff team until opening day 1999 when he got his shot.

    He had been level-headed through the draft process and found an agent that
    thought the same way. He knew when it was time to go after two seasons and one
    official game in the NFL record book.

    He has two kids now, eight months and two years, though they’re not old
    enough to understand the significance of that day. That role is reserved for the
    wrestlers he coaches at Riverside High School down in South Jersey, and the
    people he meets through his landscaping business.

    When his younger brother Dennis — an offensive tackle out of Penn State —
    went through the draft process in 2010, there was no need to explain how
    worthwhile each second of it was.

    “You forget because it was you,” he said. “I don’t know, then I think about
    it and I’m like ‘Wow, it’s probably pretty cool for other people to ask about
    it.’ Me being used to it, it’s not as big a deal, then you think ‘Wow, it’s
    probably a pretty big deal.’?”

    • • •

    Listening to Anderson talk about the day he left Giants training camp in
    Fairfield, Conn., no sour tones drag down each story. No memories become chided
    with what-ifs.

    He got to have a smoke with Frank Gifford once, after all. He opened his own
    bar called Mr. Laugh’s on First Avenue in Manhattan with some of the contract
    money which spawned an eight-year run he’ll never forget.

    He had the gorgeous white-top Bonneville, burgundy interior, from the
    rotating podium and he had the Giants and the game in Philadelphia — one carry
    for negative 2 yards.

    “I remember (Giants running back) Alex Webster sitting next to me the whole
    plane ride down to Philadelphia,” Anderson said. “He was telling me what to do —
    just pay attention kid.

    “You know, it’s short-lived.”



    Excerpt: "In early March, Eli Manning hosted an
    “Evening With Eli,” at the New York Athletic Club in conjunction with ESPN-1050.
    For eight years, the Giants’ two-time Super Bowl MVP participated in a weekly
    segment on the radio station.

    At the dinner, both Manning and ESPN-1050 suits prominently announced they
    would happily extend their relationship for several more years. Two weeks later,
    according to radio and NFL sources, the relationship between Manning and
    ESPN-1050 was over.

    ESPN-1050 was informed Manning would not be coming back as a regular on “The
    Michael Kay Show.” Instead, he was heading to WFAN, the Giants’ flagship radio

    By all accounts, Manning did not make this decision on his own. He enjoyed
    doing his weekly spot and was compensated well. Money was not the issue. Manning
    also had no problem with the fact 1050 is the radio home of the Jets.

    And during his 1050 tenure, no one at WFAN tried to lure him to the

    Why did the situation change? Who put the kibosh on Manning continuing his
    relationship with 1050?

    All paths lead to the increased flow of bad blood between the Jets and
    Giants. It finally occurred to Giants brass that having the face of their
    franchise as a featured voice on the radio home of the Jets was a terrible

    Although the Giants walked away from last season on top of the football
    world, management is still angered over Jet brass covering those Giants Super
    Bowl logos with curtains in MetLife Stadium before Jets hosted the Giants on
    Christmas Eve. They also haven’t forgotten how Gang Green put a picture of
    Manning being crushed from behind by Calvin Pace on the
    cover of their defensive playbook heading into that game.

    “More than all that, I believe (Giants co-owner) John Mara was not exactly
    thrilled over Eli being on the Jets
    station throughout the Giants Super Bowl year,” the NFL source said.

    The radio whereabouts of Giants players is likely not on Mara’s radar, but we
    could see how the Manning-1050 alliance eventually stuck in his craw. And if he
    did ask Manning to make the radio switch, what’s Eli going to say, “No”? Giants
    ownership has made their QB one of the NFL’s highest-paid players.

    Nonetheless, the bad blood thing is still in play. After Manning jumped ship,
    ESPN-1050 tried to negotiate a deal with Victor Cruz. A source
    close to Cruz said he was told Giants players were now prohibited from being
    paid regulars “on a non-Giants station.”

    Don’t discount WFAN, tired of the buzz and ratings ESPN-1050 was generating
    with the QB (remember Kay’s “elite Eli” interview), trying to exert whatever
    pressure it could to bring in Manning."


    "There’s only one downside to winning the Super Bowl and it comes on draft day
    every year when the champs are stuck with the last pick of every round.

    Not that Jerry Reese is
    complaining. It worked out pretty well for his Giants four years ago.

    “The last time we picked 32 we picked some pretty good players that have
    helped us win a lot of football games,” the Giants GM said. “We picked Kenny
    , Terrell Thomas and
    Mario Manningham.
    We got Jon
    in that draft, too. So there are good players. You just have to look
    deep and find them.”

    Their search will begin late Thursday night at the end of the first round of
    the three-day NFL draft — assuming they don’t trade down, which is definitely a
    possibility. In his pre-draft press conference last week, Reese indicated he
    sees many “similar” players ranked from 15-32. The Giants likely will have their
    choice of a handful of them when they’re on the clock.

    In other words, they’ll have plenty of options.

    “You just wait and see if somebody is going to fall to you or if there is
    somebody you may be able to move up for, that you’re in love with,” Reese said.
    “It’s always a good problem to have when you’re picking 32.”

    Reese, of course, said the Giants’ strategy will be to pick the “best player”
    on their board. Their history, though, suggests that “need” will play a large
    part in whom they select in the first round. And even though they are the
    defending champions, the Giants still have several needs:

    The loss of Mario Manningham leaves a hole
    behind Hakeem Nicks and Victor
    . Reese has expressed confidence that Ramses Barden or Jerrel Jernigan can
    step up, but they remain unknowns. Ideally, the Giants could use a true outside
    receiver, which would allow Cruz to keep thriving in the slot. There could be
    good value at this position in the second round, but if a big target such as
    Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill drops
    into their laps, it’ll be hard for the Giants to pass.

    They are deep and shallow at this position all
    at the same time. The trade for Keith Rivers and the
    return of Chase Blackburn
    fortified them for this season, but with Goff gone they may not have a middle
    linebacker of the future. A player such as Alabama’s 6-4, 258-pound Dont’a Hightower
    could fill that bill. Of course, the last time the Giants drafted a linebacker
    in the first round was when they took Carl Banks in 1984.

    Offensive line
    The Giants were preparing to take an
    offensive lineman last year before CB Prince
    unexpectedly dropped to 19. Since then the need has only grown. RT
    Kareem McKenzie is
    gone. T/G David Diehl is a year
    older, and LT Will Beatty is still
    unproven and returning from eye surgery. Beyond the top prospects, scouts say
    there are few first-round talents among the tackles in this year’s draft. But if
    the Giants trade down, they could land a good one early in the second round.

    Running back
    The loss of Brandon Jacobs
    leaves a vacancy in the Giants’ backfield, but it seems to be one they expect to
    fill from within. Danny Ware and Da’Rel Scott likely
    will get the first shots at backing up the injury-prone Ahmad Bradshaw. The
    Giants likely will add more depth — possibly a veteran later in the spring. They
    could draft a running back, too, likely with a late-round pick.

    Tight end
    After the ACL injuries to Travis Beckum and Jake
    this was the Giants’ area of biggest need heading into the
    offseason, but they filled it by signing former Cowboy Martellus
    . They still need more bodies at the position, and many people think
    they won’t be able to resist Stanford’s Coby Fleener in Round
    1. But the Giants don’t really feature the tight end in their offense, so a
    later-round pick seems more their style.



    Position: OT College: Ohio State

    Height: 6-7
    Weight: 323

    Key numbers: He ran a slow 5.40 in the 40 at the combine and
    bench pressed 225 pounds just 19 times, but he’s got 34-inch arms. A two-year
    starter at left tackle.

    Big concern: Character issues. He was suspended
    multiple times at school, including for playing a part in OSU’s tattoo parlor
    scandal. He then reportedly tested positive for marijuana while at the scouting
    combine in February.

    Why him? Kareem McKenzie is gone, Will Beatty is
    coming off eye surgery and David Diehl will be 32 in September. So who are the
    Giants’ left and right tackles of the future? They need to answer that question
    soon, and Adams is full of potential, but may need time to develop.

    Dont’a Hightower
    Position: LB College:

    Height: 6-2 Weight: 265

    Key numbers: Captain of the
    nation’s best defense, he had 81 tackles, three sacks and 9½ tackles for loss
    last season. He started 41 games in his college career, playing middle
    linebacker and often rushing from the outside, too.

    Big concern: Not
    everyone is sold on him as a middle linebacker, and some scouts think he’ll play
    better in a 3-4. Also needed major reconstructive knee surgery in

    Why him? The Giants have been without a strong MLB since Antonio Pierce
    retired. They’re so desperate for one now they’re considering moving Michael Boley inside.
    Hightower could fill that role, giving the Giants the deepest LB corps they’ve
    had in years.

    Coby Fleener
    Position: TE College:

    Height: 6-6 Weight: 247

    Key numbers: He caught 34 passes
    for 667 yards and 10 TDs as a senior, and had 96-1,543-18 in his career. A
    former high school basketball star, he has great hands and 4.4 speed.

    concern: His durability has been a question, including a sprained ankle in the
    Fiesta Bowl that kept him from running at the combine.

    Why him? The
    Giants signed TE Martellus Bennett, but only for one year and he can’t replace
    Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum (both rehabbing torn ACLs). Fleener could be the
    most dynamic TE the Giants have had since Jeremy Shockey. He
    can play receiver, too."



    "How would the Eli Manning passing attack look if it was augmented by a Ray
    Rice clone running the ball down the throats of opposing defenses?

    No, this isn’t an exercise in fantasy football daydreaming, it’s a real-life
    scenario that could play out Thursday night. The Giants, by virtue of their
    Super Bowl triumph, have the last pick (32nd overall) in the first round of the
    NFL Draft, and staring back at them when it’s time to select very well might be
    a player often likened to Rice, the Ravens’ compact and explosive running

    “I feel like I have similar qualities to a Ray Rice,’’ Doug Martin told The
    Post. “Everybody compares me to him.’’

    It may be dangerous to make such claims, but in this case it hardly is a
    stretch. Martin was Boise State’s sparkplug back during a career that spawned
    some truly memorable highlights on that crazy blue field. As the program
    ascended, so too did Martin, a 5-foot-9, 223-pound dynamo almost universally
    hailed by scouts to become a rock-solid NFL player for years to come.

    Last year, the only running back taken in the first round was Alabama’s Mark
    Ingram, and a repeat could arise Thursday night, with Ingram’s former Crimson
    Tide teammate, Trent Richardson, the only back assured of going in the opening

    “People talk about the running back position being devalued in the NFL, how
    it’s a passing league and a team isn’t so quick to replace running backs,’’
    Martin said. “It’s not what you want to hear, but we’ll see what happens in the

    Martin is widely considered the second-best running back in the draft. He is
    strong, fast, muscular, able to break off long runs, find the end zone, and he
    has a polish to his game with an ability as a receiver out of the backfield.
    Plus, and NFL coaches will love this, he has a willingness and passion for

    Why a running back for the Giants? Brandon Jacobs signed with the 49ers, and
    the 150 rushing attempts he averaged the past two seasons must be replaced. The
    candidates on the roster are veteran D.J. Ware, second-year Da’Rel Scott (five
    NFL carries) and 2011 practice squad member Andre Brown, who if he makes the
    team will have to sit out the first four regular season games for violating the
    league’s drug policy.

    Factor in that starter Ahmad Bradshaw missed four games last season with a
    stress fracture in his right foot and runs with screws in both feet to help
    stabilize the bones.

    Martin, born in Oakland, Calif., and raised in Stockton, has no clue where he
    will end up. The last time the Giants took a running back in the first round was
    2000, when they took Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne with the 11th overall pick.
    That didn’t work out so well, and general manager Jerry Reese may be inclined to
    add a back later in the draft. If he wants to instantly add a jolt of playmaking
    to the offense, though, Martin is the guy.

    Scouts rave about Martin off the field, calling him “an asset to any team,’’
    a “hungry competitor’’ and “an unselfish team player.” His character traits are
    impeccable, which certainly is a plus in the eyes of the Giants.


    NAME: Doug Martin

    POSITION, SCHOOL: RB, Boise State

    KEY STATS: 43 TDs in three seasons, 2,559 yards past two

    WHY GIANTS NEED HIM: Brandon Jacobs is gone from a
    mostly-anemic 2011 rushing attack that averaged league-worst 89.2 rushing yards
    per game."



    "Over the last two years, the Jets have made several splashy off-season moves
    while the Giants have, in the words of the veteran linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka,
    “done it in the background.”

    But although fans of both teams may often compare one
    to the other, the Giants have been little more than indifferent bystanders to
    the Jets’ exploits. Whether it was Plaxico Burress last year or Tim Tebow this
    year, the Jets’ big-name additions have had little if any effect on the Giants’
    approach to business, team executives said.

    That is why, despite the frenzy of Tebow’s arrival
    consuming their neighbors last month, the Giants’ off-season simply plodded
    along: they completed a few re-signings of returning players, added couple of
    less heralded players in linebacker Keith Rivers and tight end Martellus Bennett
    and sustained the departures of two impact players from 2011 in Brandon Jacobs
    and Mario Manningham. Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the Giants’
    facility here was word that Eli Manning would host
    “Saturday Night Live”
    on May 5.

    With the N.F.L. draft set to begin Thursday, Giants
    General Manager Jerry Reese stifled a soft snort when asked about the Jets’
    recent moves, saying: “We really don’t pay much attention to what other teams
    are doing. We try to mind our own business.”

    The Giants’ on-the-sly routine figures to continue
    this week, too, as one of their rewards for winning the Super
    is the 32nd — and last — pick of the draft’s first round. While some
    teams, including the Jets, could look to trade up in the round, the Giants are
    more likely to trade back in the draft than forward.

    Reese hinted as much to reporters last week, saying
    that the Giants see numerous prospects with similar ratings on their draft
    board. That means that in the team’s opinion, there may be equal value, if not
    greater, in a player taken early in the second round as opposed to the end of
    the first.

    Referring to the rows of players on the Giants’ draft
    board, Reese said: “From Pick 15 down to Pick 32, there are going to be some
    very similar kind of players that we like in the row. We don’t think there are
    32 guys that should be picked in the first round, but in the first row, you have
    to pick somebody, so that’s how we have them ranked. And more than likely, the
    guys where we are, we think those guys probably should be picked in the second

    Whenever the Giants do select a player, they will
    follow the organization’s philosophy of drafting for talent as opposed to need.
    Reese even said the Giants would take a quarterback if that was the best player
    available, despite the fact that Manning is the face of their franchise.

    To Kiwanuka, that is “as crazy as it gets around

    He added, laughing, “Taking a defensive end when we’ve
    already got like 10 on the roster — that’s what getting nuts around here looks

    In terms of needs, the Giants have a few obvious areas
    of concern. Some draft experts see them selecting an offensive lineman like Ohio
    State tackle Mike Adams if an attractive one is available — a pick that would
    help them fill the hole created by the apparent departure of the veteran Kareem
    McKenzie. Although McKenzie’s locker at the Giants’ training facility had,
    oddly, not yet been cleaned out last week, he is not expected to return.

    Other draft analysts project the Giants to select a
    tight end, perhaps Coby Fleener of Stanford, which is logical enough, as Jake
    Ballard and Travis Beckum are recovering from surgery on torn anterior cruciate

    The Giants seem more optimistic about Beckum, who has
    not yet ruled out being ready for the start of the regular season. Ballard, on
    the other hand, hopes to be ready by midseason at best, though he may not play
    at all. Adding a tight end to push Bennett, then, would seem to make sense.

    The Giants could also look to add depth at running
    back in the draft, particularly with Jacobs now playing in San Francisco and
    Ahmad Bradshaw still dealing with foot problems that hobbled him last season.

    Bradshaw received injection treatment in his fractured
    right foot in February — as opposed to having a more complex operation — and
    said last week his feet felt great. But with unproven backs like D. J. Ware,
    Da’Rel Scott and Andre Brown behind him, it would hardly be surprising if the
    Giants brought in another player to compete for carries."

    GIANTS 101


    "This passed Tuesday, the 2012 NFL Schedule dropped and the banter started by both
    prognosticators as well as football fans. There should be absolutely no surprise
    that the New York
    are being “picked” to falter. The basis for the supposed reasoning is
    laughable. Again.

    Every year the expert picks change by month as no one really sticks to the
    initial statements they make – even some “homers” recant somewhat. With the way
    injuries affect teams and the roster changes/benchings throughout the season,
    some of the retractions have solid ground. Many of these withdrawn votes for
    playoff contention don’t have basis, due to the fact that looking at a team on
    paper during the offseason isn’t truly making an educated guess.

    Let’s look at the first half of Big Blue’s schedule:

      [*]Week 1 vs. Dallas Cowboys: A division rival, so never a “given” game. Dallas
      is trying to improve their secondary which has been suspect versus Big Blue, but
      the entire defense not gelling was their major problem aside from lack of true
      leadership. Too many changes may be their demise to “team” this early on.[*]Week 2 vs. Tampa Bay: Again, coaching changes as well as some rebuilding may
      have them not quite prepared, but those changes were actually additions – from
      the Giants. Former WR/QB Coach Mike Sullivan and former DC Bill Sheridan are now
      down there. They do know some Giants tendencies as well as play calls. Possible
      early trap game…but doubtful.[*]Week 3 at Carolina: A very short week and a flight can throw NY into a state
      of unpreparedness against a second-year QB that had flashes of greatness last
      season – or have them prepare as soon as Week 2’s time clock is at 0:00.
      Coughlin will have this team prepared. It’s on the players to carry out his game
      plan or fall into an all-too-easy pit.[*]Week 4 at Philly: Another division rival, but this time away from home and
      in a very hostile environment. Perfect scenario for the G-Men in their underdog
      shadow. They’re healthier than in their last November home meeting. The Eagles
      and the entire fan base are cranky with Big Blue. Again, perfect setting to ride
      north on I-95 with a “W.”[*]Week 5 vs. Cleveland: Well, most Giants fans remember the last game at
      Cleveland – trap game and then some. Derek Anderson looked All-Pro and Braylon
      Edwards still had major potential. The team never forgets ugly losses like that;
      it’s how the organization has always functioned. Close game at home with an
      eked-out win. Eli has his first comeback game of the season here.[*]Week 6 at San Francisco: Aah, the rivalry from the late 80’s/early 90’s is
      baaaaack! What kind of “help” can Manningham and Jacobs give Alex Smith and
      Harbaugh? Another close-to-the-wire slobber-knocker that will not be pretty.
      There’s some pretty severe disdain there now. Championship Playoff losses sting
      badly. If the Giants don’t fall into the baited penalty hole, win on the line of
      scrimmage and be on the positive side of the turnover ratio, the six-hour flight
      home is sweet once again.[*]Week 7 vs. Washington: Mental aspect is a huge part of football.
      Last season’s loss on 9/11 and then the poop-the-bed loss at home (the catalyst
      to “All In” and the winning streak that has yet to end) cannot remain in the
      team’s heads. The Redskins celebration over the Jints can end here. Division
      games are hard to call, period. Just go out and execute.[*]Week 8 at Dallas: Not much has changed from Week one, except possible
      further cohesion on both teams and possible injuries going into this week. Eli
      Manning seems to love playing in big D. Too bad this isn’t a primetime game;
      that almost seals the “W.”[/list]

      Through eight weeks, as the schedule is broken down Giants-style, it doesn’t
      seem so unapproachable, unattainable or unrealistic. The schedule is what it is.
      The New York Football
      Giants take each game one at a time – hard or easy strength of schedule. Let
      them worry about how to approach the road to repeat and "Strive for Number


      "If you're unable to physically attend the NFL Draft
      at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, there's an alternate option this year. Why
      not spend it with New York Giants running back and Super Bowl XLVI champion
      in Hazlet, New Jersey?

      The two-time Super Bowl champion will be hosting an NFL Draft
      party at Park East (3352 Rt. 35) from 6:00 PM EST until 8:00 PM EST on Thursday,
      April 26th.

      VIP tickets (limited to 20) for the party, which is sponsored by MJR Sports
      Management and JAG Sports Marketing, can be
      for $159.00. In addition to VIP tickets, Bradshaw will also be
      signing autographs and offering photo ops (signed) for $59.99 and $75.00

      What better way to ring in the new football season than with a champion? We at Giants 101
      hope to see you there!

      Additionally, if you'd like to read more in-depth NFL Draft
      coverage, check out the newest addition to Sports Media 101, On the Clock 101. It is
      currently in the midst of a network-wide mock draft."



      Excerpt: "Just a few news and notes items for you this morning, New York Giants

      in Off-Season, Giants Approach Draft -

      "From Pick 15 down to
      Pick 32, there are going to be some very similar kind of players that we like in
      the row. We don’t think there are 32 guys that should be picked in the first
      round, but in the first row, you have to pick somebody, so that’s how we have
      them ranked. And more than likely, the guys where we are, we think those guys
      probably should be picked in the second round."

      back may be Big Blue target -

      How would the Eli Manning
      passing attack look if it was augmented by a Ray Rice clone
      running the ball down the throats of opposing defenses?

      No, this isn’t
      an exercise in fantasy football daydreaming, it’s a real-life scenario that
      could play out Thursday night. The Giants, by virtue of their Super Bowl
      triumph, have the last pick (32nd overall) in the first round of the NFL Draft,
      and staring back at them when it’s time to select very well might be a player
      often likened to Rice, the Ravens’ compact
      and explosive running back."



      "In the second round of my Giants mock draft, I have the Giants selecting a
      wide receiver.

      Why Wide Receiver?
      The NFL has evolved into a
      pass-first league. When a team has a quarterback that’s in his prime as far as
      directing the offense and making the throws that win games, it behooves everyone
      to make sure that he has as many weapons as possible at his disposal.

      The Giants have Hakeem Nicks and Victor
      and first and second on the depth chart, respectively. That’s not
      going to change unless there’s an injury.

      While Cruz is entering the last year of his rookie contract, I would be
      stunned if he doesn’t re-sign with the giants (I do not think he’ll get an
      extension this year, however, as the team is cap-strapped).

      Mario Manningham has, of course, made the lateral move to
      San Francisco, where he’s projected to be their number three receiver. So what
      do the Giants do for their third receiver?

      They like second-year man Jerrel Jernigan, who as well as
      having potential as a receiver, can play special teams (something Manningham did
      not do, hence another reason the organization likely let him go). Jernigan of
      course got off to the rocky start as a rookie, but eventually he settled down to
      where he was given a game day uniform ahead of Ramses Barden,
      who never really pulled it together after missing the first six weeks of the
      season on PUP with an ankle ailment.

      There is also Domenik Hixon, who is trying to come back from
      a second straight knee surgery. Fans might not think all that much of Hixon as
      a receiver, but when asked to step in, he’s actually performed well. (Anyone
      remember the big game he had against Seattle a few years ago when he had to
      fill in for Plaxico Burress during his suspension?)

      i realize that it’s only natural to have some reservations about Hixon’s
      knee. While he claims that he’ll be back “better than ever,” until he actually
      tests that knee by twisting and cutting, we won’t know for sure (and I think
      he’s going to have his reps managed this spring). Certainly, we can all hope for
      the best, but at the same time, the Giants have to prepare for the worst.

      But What About?
      I mentioned Barden, earlier, and
      I think this year, the last in his rookie deal, will be a make or break season
      for him. While you can probably excuse him for the 2010 season due to his ankle
      injury, i think one would have to be reluctant in excusing him for last year,
      despite spending the first six weeks on PUP. I think it says a lot that Barden
      ultimately slipped behind Jernigan, a rookie who had no off-season, on the depth
      chart to were Jernigan was getting a uniform and Barden was not (it could also
      have to do with the fact that Jernigan played special teams and Barden doesn’t).
      Whatever the case, the 6-6 Barden has the talent, and seems to have the right
      attitude. for whatever the reason, when he’s been on the field he hasn’t been
      able to get it done, and that has to be just a bit disturbing for the team that
      drafted him thinking he had this big play making ability.

      Projected Pick: Mohamed Sanu, 6-2, 211 lbs.,

      In a perfect world, the Giants might have a chance at
      Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill, a 6-4, 215 lb. receiver who’s been projected to go
      in the first round. The reason why I don’t have receiver as the first round pick
      is that the Giants should be set with Nicks and Cruz, and I don’t think the
      Giants will draft a wide receiver in the first round, where Hill is projected to

      The 6-2, 211 lb. Sanu doesn’t seem to be a bad consolation pick if he falls
      to 32 when the Giants draft in round 2. The Big East record holder with 210
      career receptions (115 receptions this past season) Sanu averaged 10.8 yards per
      reception during his career.

      Making him even more valuable to a prospective team is that he’s not afraid
      to get his hands dirty. He has nice size and strength to fight off the jam, and
      runs well in the open field. He can also play the slot and is not afraid to
      block down field, which is often a skill many draft enthusiasts overlook when
      ranking a receiver.

      Might Sanu be gone by the time the Giants pick? Perhaps, especially if Greg
      Schiano, formerly the Rutgers head coach now the head coach in Tampa, looks to
      grab him. But if Sanu should fall down to the Giants here, I think the Giants
      would have to consider him."


      GMEN HQ






      "Clay Matthews wasn't among the millions who watched Super Bowl XLVI, but he
      was on the field for the Green Bay Packers' loss to the
      New York Giants in the NFC
      divisional playoffs.

      It still tears at him, to reexamine how Green Bay came undone against an
      underdog -- the very role they played to perfection one year earlier to win
      Super Bowl XLV. The 15-1 Packers shifted into autopilot when it mattered most
      against the Giants, and Matthews lives with it still.

      "I didn't catch the Super Bowl at all, simply because I was on a plane at
      that time," Matthews told NBC Sports Talk on Friday. "I don't know if you ever
      really get over it. I still remember losses from my childhood that you never get
      over. Fortunately we get to play the Giants again this year and hopefully have a
      little redemption."

      That rematch is set for a Sunday night showdown at MetLife in Week 12.

      Matthews gave credit to Eli
      and the Giants: "(They) had to go through everyone's backyard and
      win and that's exactly what they did -- similar to what we did two years ago. So
      we're just looking forward to getting back out there and hopefully show everyone
      what we're capable of and that's winning another Super Bowl."

      (Not everyone's backyard -- the Giants hosted the Atlanta Falcons in the
      wild-card game, but Matthews' point is made.)

      We can't expect Green Bay to equal last year's run. The Packers' schedule
      opens on a rough note, with the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints in the
      first four weeks. Scoring breathlessly won't do it alone in 2012. In the end,
      the fireworks didn't mask a defense that stood exposed in the final act, giving
      up 41 to the Lions in Week 17 and 37 in that playoff defeat to New York.

      A defeat Matthews and Co. chew on still."














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