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  • This game will come down to...

    We must let them get a little bit of a ground game going. Simple and clean, we can't just shut down the ground game and make Romo throw on us 40+ times. I know when he throws that much he actually has a bad record, but without KP in the back there's more of a deep threat with slow Grant. I say we let them have a little on the ground to keep them honest and not light us up over the top with Dez/Austin/Witten. Call me crazy if you like, but I think we NEED to give them at least a bit of a ground game, only force the pass in the red zone that way Grant doesn't have to cover a deep field (yes he has proven weak in redzone coverage though).

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    Re: This game will come down to...

    Its going to be a shootout and come down to who has the ball last...just check out the recent regular season meetings in Dallas. Theres an obvious trend here and defense isn't one of them.
    2010- 41-35 win
    2009 33-31 win
    2008- 20-8 loss
    2007- 45-35 loss
    2006 36-22 win


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      Re: This game will come down to...

      This game will come down to........... whoever wins the turnover battle. If we can force 3 turnovers we win. I dont think dallas can hang with us in the trenches especially defensively where i see us doing major damage tonite. As long as we give Diehl some help for Ware ( I know he moves around alot ) I think we will pull it out. Takin our Gmen and the points.