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My first round thoughts. (Giants and others)

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  • My first round thoughts. (Giants and others)

    Sorry if this is the wrong place because it features talk about other teams also.. But I need to write about the draft and Giants fans are the best audience.
    Right off the bat, Andrew Luck is awesome.. but I'd rather Griffin as the face of my franchise any day of the week. Guy is like Cam Newton (personality wise) but doesn't seem to be faking it. Wish I could like him but he is the enemy now. Dallas did an amazing job to get Claiborne. Scary corner. Hopefully Eli can pick on the rookie tho. I think anyone who says Cleveland gave up too much for Richardson is crazy, when you see what you like, go get it (Like Accorsi did with Eli) also like that Cleveland got Weeden, think he can make all the throws and make them a similar story to Cinci last year. Shocked New England traded up, and I didnt love the moves (where does Hightower fit?).
    Glad the Jets took Coples, I wouldn't have minded him because I think he could excel in the right locker room.. and its in the Meadowlands.. Just the wrong team. Thought the only major reach was San Fran taking Jenkins just eh I was terrified of them getting Hill and having him learn from Moss. Glad the Eagles took Cox. Good pass rush potential but they are still going to be soft up the middle. Floyd to the Cardinals was brilliant, him and Fitz could be scary.
    Do the Rams want Bradford to fail? Get him a WR, they better get Stephen HIll.
    And the Giants.. I LOVE THIS PICK. The speed, the power, the workouts, the film, most of all the character. I love everything. Once I saw the story of him wearing a suit to the combine I was sold. Can not wait to see this kid help revive the running game. Today my dream picks are Massie and Ladarius Green (te)
    (Sorry.. feel free to delete or move this post. I tried to tie as much as possible into the Giants but like i said just kinda wanted to rant.)

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    Re: My first round thoughts. (Giants and others)

    Oh yeah, Mclellan to the Bears. 3-4 player all the way. Mercilus is better suited for them like John Clayton said on Mike and Mike


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      Re: My first round thoughts. (Giants and others)

      So far, so good. It willbe fun today to see who
      else we pick.
      I also hope for OT and WR or TE