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    After reading the transcripts of Ross, Reese, and TC, all have an incredibly positive reaction to this guy.
    I know you all are gonna say "what are they supposed to say?"

    But, it seems to me that they had this kid really highly rated. He seems to fit our system (style of play, and TC's ethics). I cant recall such positivity from the coaching staff on any draft pick previous.

    I think he can really develop. Not only in his blocking and fumbling issues, but to possibly become the go to guy in this offense. He is only 20 yrs old (will be 21 by start of season) and only really has 1 yr as a starter.

    Note- I was a Doug Martin homer before this pick, and initially thought this was a reach, but after reading more about Wilson, there really isnt much to not like about him.

    Go GMEN!