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Our only weakness

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  • Our only weakness

    Is offensive line.
    Here were our needs after losing some players to free agency and how we addressed them (assuming that we get significant production out of picks 1-3 in year 1, but picks 4-7 are a year or two away):

    Tight end: signed Bennett
    #2 Running back: drafted Wilson
    #3 Wide receiver: drafted Randle
    Cornerback depth: drafted Hosley
    Linebacker depth: traded for Rivers
    Offensive line:

    Assuming everyone stays healthy, our only weakness is offensive line. And if Beatty, Brewer, and Petrus develop as Reese expects them too, we'll be fine there too. I think we have a solid chance of repeating.

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    Re: Our only weakness

    If the team focuses on working on the OTs, then the team should be fine. The team has really loaded up on WRs and TEs, and is really showing dedication to solidifying the D, while focusing on the play makers for Eli. I think that if we can solve the Tackle play, then the team should be in excellent shape.

    And Osi has to get on board, because he is a huge distraction at this point.


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      Re: Our only weakness

      If we can somehow conquer the annoying injury bug....


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        Re: Our only weakness

        We'll see. Baas was getting better at the end of the season, I believe in Snee, the FO seems to believe in Brewer and plus they just signed a T in FA (forgot his name), and Boothe and Petrus will make for good guards. LT could be a problem, but lets see how Beatty does and maybe, just maybe, we can get buy with Diehl at LT for 1 more year (which scares me).

        I don't remember if the FO said that Mosley would be tried at LT, but I'm excited about him.


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          Re: Our only weakness

          [quote user="NYGRealityCheck"]If we can somehow conquer the annoying injury bug....[/quote]

          No doubt. I would not want the team to be tested like it was last year. It was amazing how players were able to fill holes and play championship football. It is a true testament to the coaching staff.