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  • Compensation Picks 2013

    Just curious: We lost 5 players so far that had significant playing time. I'm sure that is one of the variables that goes into the exotic formula to derive compensatiory picks.

    At this point, how many players have we acquired via FA to counter balance the number of players we lost? Was it 3, TE Bennet and two DBs (one from skins, one from Pats)? If that is the case, would we get two comp picks next year?

    Also If one of these two DBs doesnt make the roster then does that change the number to two FA acquisitions and the number or potential compensatory picks next year would be 3?

    Appreciate any help with this.

    I'm just curious to know at this point how many potential comp picks we might accure next year?

    31 Ross, Aaron CB 6'0" 190 5 Texas
    82 Manningham, Mario WR 6'0" 185 4 Michigan
    27 Jacobs, Brandon RB 6'4" 264 7 Southern Illinois
    15 Thomas, Devin WR 6'2" 221 4 Michigan State
    71 Tollefson, Dave DE 6'4" 266 5

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    Re: Compensation Picks 2013

    Its not one pick per player, they like total it up and then give out picks that way.

    Guys who sign for vet minimum generally dont lead to comp picks or loss of comp picks either way.


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      Re: Compensation Picks 2013

      OK, thank you for clarifying that for me.