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    "It used to be most rookie contracts weren't completed until June or July. But
    under the new collective bargaining agreement signed last year, these deals are
    a lot less complex and thus easier to negotiate.

    Case in point: the Giants have already
    agreed to terms on a deal with tight end Adrien Robinson, the first of their two
    fourth-round picks, according to someone informed of the progress of

    The person requested anonymity because the deal isn't finalized and won't be
    official until Robinson arrives for a physical this week. He and the rest of the
    draft picks will participate in the team's rookie minicamp, which runs Friday
    through Sunday.

    The person informed of the negotiations said Robinson's contract is for four
    years and is slightly less than $2.5 million. Aaron
    Wilson of pegs it at $2.48 million
    with a signing bonus of

    Robinson is a player who didn't have a lot of production receiving-wise in
    college. He had only 12 receptions last season, though he was a solid blocker
    both on the line of scrimmage and in space.

    The Giants believe Robinson's athleticism brings with it untapped potential.
    In fact, general manager Jerry Reese called Robinson "the
    JPP of tight ends,"
    referring to the high ceiling Jason Pierre-Paul had when
    the team selected him in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

    * * * *

    On another note, Memphis OL D'Angelo McCray has not signed with the Giants as
    an undrafted free agent, as
    had been suggested
    . He will, however, attend the rookie camp on a tryout

    The Giants will officially announce all of their undrafted free agent
    signings this week. When they do, we'll let you know."





    The Giants have signed the man Jerry Reese called “The JPP of tight

    That would be Adrien Robinson, the team’s fourth-round pick out
    of Cincinnati who became the first member of the Giants’ Class of 2012 to agree
    to terms on a contract. An NFL source confirmed that he is expected to sign a
    four-year contract worth $2.48 million when the Giants’ three-day rookie
    mini-camp opens on Friday.

    The 6-4, 264-pound Robinson earned high
    praise from Reese after the Giants made him the first of their two fourth-round
    draft picks (127th overall) for his raw and relatively untapped
    potential – much like Jason Pierre-Paul had when the Giants drafted him in the
    first round in 2010.

    “We really think this guy has a huge upside,” Reese
    said after the draft. “He is a big, big man (with) long arms. He didn’t catch a
    lot of balls for them, but he is kind of a late bloomer who has really come

    “We think this guy is kind of a JPP of tight ends.We like these
    kind of people.We’re excited about him.We think he can really come on and
    develop and be a terrific football player for us.”

    Robinson could get a
    huge opportunity right away since he’ll likely open training camp as the No. 2
    tight end on the depth chart behind free-agent acquisition Martellus Bennett.
    Two of the Giants’ other tight ends, Travis Beckum and Jake Ballard, are
    rehabbing from torn ACLs suffered in Super Bowl XLVI. Both are expected to open
    camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. Ballard has said he may
    miss the entire 2012 season.

    Robinson d***led scouts with his workouts
    in the run-up to the draft after an unproductive career at Cincinnati. He had
    just 12 catches for 183 yards last season, though, and caught only 29 passes in
    his career. He wasn’t even invited to the NFL combine.

    “He did an
    outstanding job in his workouts,” Tom Coughlin said. “Doesn’t have much to show
    for his collegiate career. Not many catches. Wasn’t used that much as a
    receiver. We think he can develop.”



    "Osi Umenyiora
    believes there is a "strong chance" he'll end up in a wheelchair thanks to
    football, and he doesn't want his son to end up there, too.

    That's why the Giants defensive end took Kurt Warner's side via
    Twitter on Tuesday and agreed that football may be too dangerous for kids. He
    said Warner was right to say he preferred that his sons not play football, and
    that Amani Toomer was "dead
    wrong" for attacking Warner for that belief.

    Umenyiora added that he wouldn't stop his young son from playing football
    some day, but added "If i can avoid that for my son, i will."

    "Kurt Warner is Right to think how he is thinking about his kids and
    football," Umenyiora said in a series of unprompted Tweets. "Its an awesome game
    and has done a lot for me, but i know when im 45 there is a strong chance il be
    in a wheelchair."

    The 30-year-old Umenyiora has battled several injuries throughout his career,
    including to his hip and knees, though he said he's never had a concussion.
    Clearly, though, he's mindful of their danger which became an issue again last
    week with speculation that the suicide of former NFL linebacker Junior
    was somehow related to the concussions he may have suffered during his
    20-year career.

    In the wake of that tragedy, Warner – the former Giants, Cardinals and Rams
    quarterback – went on The Dan Patrick Show last
    week and said he'd prefer his sons play a different sport. He added that the
    thought of his boys playing a game that could do so much damage to a person
    "scares me as a dad."

    "I just wonder," Warner added. "I wonder what the league's going to be like.
    I love that the commissioner is doing a lot of things to try to clean up the
    game from that standpoint and improve player safety, which helps, in my mind, a
    lot. But it's a scary thing for me."

    Toomer, the former Giants receiver, clearly disagreed. Later that same day,
    Toomer, in an appearance on NBC SportsTalk, blasted Warner and compared him to
    "the guy at the basketball court, who once he gets done playing takes the ball
    and ruins the game for everybody else."

    "For him to try and trash the game," Toomer added, "it seems to me that it's
    just a little disingenuous to me."

    Umenyiora, in his recently activated Twitter account, clearly took Warner's
    side in that dispute.

    "Love Toomer thats my Guy," he wrote. "but he is dead wrong for attacking
    Kurt like that."



    "When Eli Manning arrived at the Giants practice facility yesterday morning, a
    few of his teammates told him he looked good in a dress. That wasn’t all.

    “A few bananas thrown at me,’’ Manning said, smiling.

    Compliments on how he looked as a drag queen and projectile bananas were some
    of the reactions two days after Manning’s eventful hosting of “Saturday Night
    Live’’ put on display some very different sides to the two-time Super Bowl MVP

    Sure enough, in one skit he donned a bright yellow feathered dress and blonde
    wig. As far as the banana, as a defendant in a courtroom he was shown texting a
    picture of himself holding that particular fruit where it shouldn’t be (think
    groin area).

    “All good-hearted,’’ Manning said of the reviews from his teammates. “They
    all say they got some good laughs out of it, so that is always good.’’

    Manning’s first appearance since his hosting gig came last night at Mulino’s
    of Westchester to help promote the 35th annual Guiding Eyes for the Blind Golf
    Classic, to be held June 10 and 11 at Mount Kisco Country Club in Mount Kisco
    and Fairview Country Club in Greenwich, Ct. Manning is a six-time host of the
    tournament, which raises money to provide guide dogs to blind and visually
    impaired men and women around the world.

    He told tournament sponsors "SNL" cast members “seemed amazed that I wasn’t
    nervous.’’ Manning said he told them, “I do live every Sunday.’’

    The writers and directors of "SNL" certainly didn’t go easy on Manning,
    putting him in several skits that thrust him far out of his comfort zone. He
    wore a black unitard in one scene, was given phrases such as “my penis’’ and
    “very elderly butts’’ to speak. He went down on a knee to “Tebow,” put on a
    heavy Swedish accent, filled the role of a square third-wheel in fake Cheech and
    Chong movies, gave kids wedgies and dunked their heads in toilets in a Little
    Brothers volunteer spoof.

    Manning admitted it was a bit surreal hosting "SNL".

    “You grow up watching it and it’s kind of one of those things, it was a
    personal deal,’’ Manning said. “I wasn’t doing it for any other reason except
    kind of as a challenge, and just an honor to walk on that stage and do that
    opening monologue and kind of walk through the band, you’ve seen so many people
    do that.

    “I kind of said, ‘I’m pretty open to do whatever.’ I’m not going to be real
    reserved, I’ll do whatever I can do to have fun.’’

    Manning said he tried to take the same approach hosting "SNL" as he did
    preparing for the Super Bowl.

    “Playing in a Super Bowl, it’s not scary, that’s the goal, that’s where you
    want to be,’’ he said. “Saturday Night Live, I kind of took the same approach —
    I’m used to doing live entertainment, I’ve been doing it for a long time. I went
    into both of them with a smile and [I was] excited, was well prepared and said,
    ‘Hey, this is going to be a great day and let’s go enjoy it.’ ’’

    In football-related matters, Manning sounded excited the Giants used their
    first two draft picks on offensive players — running back David Wilson and
    receiver Rueben Randle.

    “It’s always good when you can get good offensive guys to come join the
    team,’’ Manning said. “Looking forward for them to get into the facility and get
    where I can start working with them, get them kind of caught up with the offense
    and see how they can help us this year.’’


    "The New York
    Giants and rookie tight end Adrien
    , who was a fourth-round pick (127th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft, have agreed to terms.

    A league source tells Aaron Wilson of that the contract is pending
    a physical, but should be finalized sometime during rookie mini-camp, which
    begins this Friday, May 11th. The deal is for four-years and worth $2.48
    million. It includes a $385,652 signing bonus.

    After being drafted, General Manager Jerry Reese referred to the
    inexperienced Robinson as the Jason Pierre-Paul of tight ends.

    “We think this guy is kind of a JPP of tight ends," Reese said, later adding:
    "He is just a big, gigantic man with long arms. And he is really a good athlete.
    This guy is almost 6-5, 270 pounds. He ran 4.57. He has got those freakish
    athletic numbers. He hasn’t scratched the surface with respect – like

    If he turns out to have any of the success JPP has had, Big Blue got
    themselves a hell of a deal."


    "It seems New York
    running back Ahmad Bradshaw isn’t the only veteran looking to bring a rookie under his wing. In regards to the
    early expectations of Rueben
    , Hakeem
    told ESPN on Monday that "I've been in that situation
    before…I'm ready to teach him."

    Unlike his tutor, Randle enters the league amidst speculation of his ability
    to contribute immediately. Hailing from an LSU program that relied primarily on
    its rushing attack, Randle may still have quite the learning curve to navigate
    before he can be the dangerous big man the Giants are hoping he’ll become.

    Ready or not, Randle will be competing for a starting spot. The Giants plan to utilize Cruz as the slot receiver as often as possible
    and this opens up the second outside spot. Randle’s competition consists of Domenik
    , Ramses
    , and Jerrel

    This isn’t Hixon’s first opportunity at a starting job in New York.
    During Burress’ first suspension in 2008, Hixon stepped in opposite Toomer and
    recorded four receptions for 102 yards and a TD before leaving the game with a
    concussion. Hixon would fail to establish himself as a permanent starter in the
    2009 training camp and remained either buried on the depth chart or sidelined
    with back-to-back ACL tears for the following three seasons.

    Barden has failed to produce since his arrival in 2009. Thought to be a
    replacement for Burress’ unique body type, the 6’6 Barden found himself as a
    healthy scratch through the Super Bowl run last season. He has shown flashes of
    potential in the past, but those rays of hope were quickly dashed by injury. If
    the 6’3 Randle is able to be an immediate weapon, then Barden’s height and
    wingspan become even more expendable.

    Jernigan’s spot on this team is safe, as mid-round draft picks are typically
    given at least three years to prove themselves. However, he might not be the
    outside option that New York is currently looking for. Wielding dangerous
    speed, Jernigan has a solid chance at earning the KR/PR duties in ’12. His
    opportunities at receiver may still be limited until he can prove that he has
    the hands to be a reliable target.

    Should Randle fail to instantly compensate for the loss of Mario Manningham,
    the Giants will still enjoy the services of two star WRs; a luxury that Nicks
    did not have when he was drafted.

    Instead, the UNC alum was expected to pull his weight immediately thanks to
    the loss of an aging Amani Toomer and a penitentiary bound Plaxico Burress. He
    met the challenge by playing in 14 games, recording 47 receptions for 790 yards,
    and hauling in six TDs. His explosiveness allowed Eli Manning and the Giants
    offense to stretch the field and by season’s end, Nicks had notched 13 plays of
    longer than 20 yards and wrestled away Manningham’s starting spot.

    Manningham, who was in the second season of his professional career, had just
    begun to establish himself as a dangerous NFL receiver. Unlike Nicks, the former Wolverine was
    unable to make an impact as a rookie. Ideally for the Giants, his replacement
    avoids following in his footsteps.

    The crux of Nicks’s advice to his new protégé is to "Just play the game the
    same way you've been playing that got you to this point, Be patient with
    yourself and don't get down on yourself, you're going to make some mistakes,
    that's part of the game, that's part of being a rookie.”

    If Randle can shake off the missteps, mimic his mentor, and contribute in
    2012 he will have the rare opportunity of a starting job waiting for him."



    "While appearing at Southern Connecticut State University alongside wide
    receiver Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin
    fielded a wide range of questions on Monday night. Among them
    were inquiries about wideout Victor
    and which role he'll play on offense during the 2012-2013 season.

    Ending all the previous speculation, Gilbride said Cruz would remain the slot

    “[The slot receiver] was what Cruz was this year. He can play the outside,
    but he was much more proficient inside," Gilbride said. “You need that third
    guy. Hopefully, if not one of our returning veterans, Randle will be able to
    give us what we’re looking for.”

    In other words, it will be an open competition between Jerrel
    , Ramses
    , Domenik
    and Rueben
    for the second outside spot. And although it's not necessarily a
    scenario that benefits the 5'9'' Jernigan, whom head coach Tom Coughlin once
    jokingly referred to as "One Play JJ", Gilbride feels he has the mental tools
    required to learn and adapt to the new position.

    Gilbride also touched on the offensive line and the potential alignment,
    saying David Diehl at right tackle and Kevin Boothe at left guard will likely be
    the configuration.

    "That would certainly seem to be the most likely way to do it," Gilbride
    said. "Those are your five guys starting. If we keep Beatty healthy, he's
    already out now. You have five starters but you got to get some guys behind that
    come to the forefront in case one of them goes down."

    Finally, the offensive coordinator answered some questions on the newly
    signed Martellus Bennett, saying the tight end has everything necessary to make
    a big impact for Big Blue.

    “I think he has the chance to be a very good all-around player; blocker,
    receiver, the whole bit,” Gilbride said. “He just hasn’t done it to the
    satisfaction of the Dallas people. We look at him and we see as a guy that
    physically has the chance to be very good.”

    The Giants have done a great job amassing bodies that can fill in at a number
    of different positions, and they continued to do that through the 2012 NFL Draft.
    Ultimately, one word comes to mind: Dynamic.

    So long as the offensive line can stay healthy this season, New York's
    offense could very well field more firepower than we've seen of any Giants team
    in recent memory."



    "A report surfaced on Twitter today that the Baltimore Ravens
    have offered the New York Giants a
    third-round draft pick in exchange for Osi Umenyiora.

    We have been seeing
    speculation about Umenyiora to the Ravens ever since it was announced a few days
    ago that the Ravens would be without Terrell Suggs
    for the 2012 season due to a torn Achilles Tendon. Does any of this make any
    sense? Would this be something the Giants would actually do?

    Let's take a closer look.

    From the Giants' perspective

    We speculated prior to the 2012 NFL Draft that the Giants might be willing to
    deal Umenyiora, and reports at that time indicated the belief that the Giants
    would take a third-round draft choice for the supremely talented yet perennially
    disgruntled defensive end.

    No trade happened during the draft, of course. Were there offers? We will
    never really know. If, however, the Giants did not trade Umenyiora for a draft
    pick they could have used to stock the 2012 roster why would they trade him for
    a draft pick now? That makes no sense to me.

    By now, general manager Jerry Reese is used to Umenyiora's whining. In some
    fashion it happens every offseason, and it has really just become nothing more
    than background noise.

    The Giants hold all the cards here. Umenyiora is signed to a contract for
    another year. He can certainly complain all he wants, but if he wants to get
    paid at all he has no choice but to play out the contract he signed. If he was
    going to go all Jeremy
    and blow up his relationship with the Giants with verbal grenades he
    would have done that by now.

    The Giants' best play at this point is to simply ride out the Umenyiora storm
    and have No. 72 in uniform -- happily or unhappily -- next fall.

    From the Ravens' perspective

    Clark Judge of CBS Sports can go on and on all he wants about how Umenyiora
    is the obvious pass-rushing choice for the Ravens to target as a
    Suggs replacement. All that does is make me question how much Clark Judge
    actually knows.

    How does Umenyiora in a Ravens' uniform make any sense at all?

    Last time I checked the Ravens play a 3-4 defense. Umenyiora is a classic 4-3
    pass-rushing defensive end. He barely acknowledges the existence of the running
    game and does an adequate at best job against it when he does try to play the

    In the 3-4, defensive ends are generally not premiere pass rushers. They are
    really glorified defensive tackles, anchoring against the run and swallowing up
    blockers to allow the linebackers behind them to make plays. That is not

    How about Osi as a 3-4 outside linebacker? I don't see how that would work,
    either. The Giants love to drop linemen into coverage, but Umenyiora is almost
    never asked to do that. Justin Tuck, Jason
    , Mathias
    , even Dave
    when he was a Giant would do that at times. Umenyiora? Almost

    Heading into his ninth year in the league and with troublesome knees standing
    up and dropping into coverage is not a skill I can see Umenyiora mastering at
    this point in his career.


    Maybe there is something here. Maybe the Giants would be better off to just
    cut their losses with Umenyiora and move on. Maybe the Ravens would play some
    4-3 in passing situations to accommodate Umenyiora's skills. Right now, though,
    I am not able to wrap my head around how this move would make any



    "We have discussed the various drafts of Jerry Reese's tenure as New
    York Giants
    general manager many times. I believe the general consensus at
    this point is that the 2009 draft ranks as the worst of Reese's time with the

    CBS Sports is currently re-grading the 2009 drafts of every NFL team. Here
    is how Dana Brugler of CBS views the Giants' drop crop from that year:

    1 (29) WR Hakeem Nicks,
    North Carolina; 2 (45) LB Clint Sintim,
    Virginia; 2 (60) OT William Beatty, Connecticut; 3 (85) WR Ramses
    , Cal Poly; 3 (100) TE Travis
    , Wisconsin; 4 (129) RB Andre Brown, NC
    State; 5 (151) QB Rhett Bomar,
    Sam Houston State; 6 (200) CB DeAndre Wright, New Mexico; 7 (238) CB Stoney
    Woodson, South Carolina

    THE GOOD: Although four receivers were drafted before him, wide
    receiver Hakeem Nicks has been one of the top producers at his position from
    this draft class with 202 career catches for 3,034 receiving yards and 24

    THE BAD: After a record-breaking collegiate career, wide receiver
    Ramses Barden was a third round pick, but has produced only 15 career catches
    and zero starts as a three-year pro and is in jeopardy of losing his roster

    JURY STILL OUT: Offensive tackle Will Beatty has
    had a roller coaster career thus far, missing the final 10 games of the Giants
    Super Bowl run because of a detached retina, but is expected to return healthy
    in 2012

    Re-Grade: B

    I have only a couple of quibbles with this assessment. I think you have to
    put Clint Sintim in the 'bad' category. After all, Sintim has more knee injuries
    (two) than career sacks (one) and has to be right there with Barden as a guy who
    is anything but certain of being a part of the Giants' 2012 53-man
    roster.Probably Travis Beckum, too. I am also not sure I agree about Beatty. I
    think he is a good player and I don't worry about left tackle when he is on the
    field. Certainly, though, since he has not done the job for a full season I see
    the argument for saying the jury is still out on him."


    Excerpt: "Good morning, New York Giants
    fans! Not much Giants news to report this morning, so today's notebook is more
    of a look around the league.

    Manning: I wasn't nervous hosting 'Saturday Night Live' -

    According to Manning, though, the cast of the long-running NBC
    show was surprised that he wasn't nervous. "I do live every Sunday," he said he
    told them. "If I mess up (on stage) I just say, hey, I’m a football player, not
    an actor, no big deal. Sundays, I don’t have that excuse."

    techniques rookie WRs must develop | National Football Post

    If you want
    to produce, then these two techniques are crucial."








    "New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora has already provided a
    multitude of classic tweets after creating his Twitter account last week, but
    the implications from his latest tweet have most scratching their head. Osi has
    dealt with his fair share of injuries during his career, there is no doubting
    that, but come on man, get real.; PADDING-BOTTOM: 20px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #c0deed; MARGIN: 5px 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 20px; PADDING-RIGHT: 20px; PADDING-TOP: 20px" id="bbpBox_199845940142686208" class="bbpBox">
    Its an awesome game and
    has done a lot for me, but i know when im 45 there is a strong chance il be in a

    Osi Umenyiora

    A wheelchair? How many other former NFL players do you see rolling around in
    wheelchairs only a decade or so after retiring? Not many. I could be making a
    dangerous assumption there, but it cannot be that many, if any. Osi’s first
    major injury came in 2008 when he tore his ACL in a preseason game and was lost
    for the season. He came back in 2009 but was obviously not at full strength. A
    hip injury he played through plus that knee slowed him down and he had one of
    his worst seasons as a pro.

    He came back with a vengeance in 2010, tying the NFL record for sack/fumbles
    he shares with former Miami
    Jason Taylor. After that season is when you started hearing
    Osi tell the media about how much he’s sacrificed his body for the Giants. He
    used this as a major argument as to why he deserves a long term contract

    This latest tweet reeks of this. He is trying to subtly tell fans how much
    he’s given to this team. Give me a break. You’re not the only one to play
    through injuries. I love Osi as a player, he’s obviously one of the best pass
    rushers in the NFL, but there is a way to go about these contract negotiations.
    This ain’t it.

    I wish Osi could see the Giants’ side of this. He was obviously due to make
    some serious cash before 2008, but when you sustain a serious knee injury like
    that, it’s in the team’s best interest to make sure you can play at a high
    level. Now that Osi has been playing well for two years (though he missed seven
    games in 2011), he deserves to get paid. But by which team is the burning





    "253 draft picks transformed the NFL in a matter of days. Around the League
    will examine the aftershocks by asking one post-draft burning question for all
    32 teams. The AFC is done; let's kickstart the NFC with the defending

    With David Wilson and Rueben Randle, do the
    Giants have the best skill position talent in the NFL?

    When the New York Giants won their first
    Super Bowl under Tom Coughlin, they were known for the offensive line and their
    defensive line. The pass rush remains fearsome, but the identity of this team
    has changed. Eli Manning has become one
    of the best quarterbacks in football, in part because he's surrounded by
    incredible skill position talent.

    Giants general manager Jerry Reese is known for drafting talent over need,
    but he combined the two with No. 32 overall selection running back David Wilson
    from Virginia Tech. Wilson should be a serious upgrade over Brandon Jacobs, who was
    in decline and couldn't help on passing downs. Wilson is a dynamic, three-down player just like Ahmad Bradshaw. His
    addition will give Tom Coughlin options.

    LSU wideout Rueben Randle was taken late in the second round, but we wouldn't be surprised
    if he played starter snaps sooner than later. Imagine: Hakeem Nicks on one side,
    Randle on the other, and Victor
    playing out of the slot. Randle is a deep threat who should effectively
    replace Mario Manningham. Last
    year's third-round pick, Jerrel
    , will be fighting for snaps.

    The Giants don't need their two rookies to be stars right away. They have
    plenty. They just need Wilson and Randle to fit in as contributors to what might
    be the deepest group of explosive skill position talent in football. Coughlin
    and Manning have a lot of toys to play with this year, and they can all take it
    the distance."








    "With rookie camp set to begin this weekend, we're taking a look at Scouts Inc.'s
    breakdown of each New York Giants' draft pick leading up to Friday's camp. I'll
    give you my own first-impression analysis of the guys when I see them up close
    this weekend.

    Here's Scouts Inc.'s breakdown of fourth-round pick
    Adrien Robinson. Tomorrow we look at the Giants' other
    fourth-round pick Brandon Mosley.


    What he brings:
    “Robinson could be a steal at this point, due to his combination of
    size, soft hands and top-end speed. He still needs development in terms of
    technique and as an in-line blocker, but has the tools to develop in those
    areas.” -– Scouts Inc.

    How he fits: “Everybody
    anticipated that the Giants would address this position in the draft because of
    two key injuries to veterans to Jake Ballard and Travis
    . Though they brought in Martellus Bennett from
    Dallas there is no assurance they will have their guys back from injury in time
    for training camp. Robinson has an excellent skill set and a chance to develop,
    but he's not there yet. He won't add a lot in the passing game.” –- Scouts Inc.

    Ohm’s take: Jerry Reese was downright giddy about
    landing Robinson in the fourth round, dubbing the guy the “JPP of tight ends.”
    The Giants believe they have a raw and athletic gem ready to be developed by
    tight ends guru Mike Pope. With Ballard and Beckum recovering
    from torn ACL injuries, Robinson should get a chance to show what he can do in
    camp. With Bear Pascoe possibly continuing his multi-role of
    blocking tight end and H-back, Christian Hopkins and Robinson
    could see Beckum’s snaps in the offense while Beckum rehabs. And if Robinson is
    truly the Jason Pierre-Paul of tight ends, he'll display
    flashes of his potential this season before making a major impact next season
    after he learns and develops in 2012.

    Tell us below what you think of
    the Robinson pick."


    "With rookie camp set to begin this weekend, we're taking a look at Scouts Inc.'s
    breakdown of each New York Giants' draft pick leading up to Friday's camp. I'll
    give you my own first-impression analysis of the guys when I see them up close
    this weekend.

    Here's Scouts Inc.'s breakdown of third-round pick
    Jayron Hosley
    . Tomorrow we look at fourth-round pick Adrien


    What he brings: “Hosley's an instinctive
    corner that displays good, short-area quickness, and top-notch ball skills. He
    needs to get stronger in jump-ball situations and improve as a tackler.” –-
    Scouts Inc.

    How he fits: “There are a lot of question
    marks at the corner position in this defense, although if everybody is healthy,
    and they play up to expectations, they're not that bad. They want to play a lot
    of man-to-man coverages on the backend and Hosley could contribute immediately
    versus multi-receiver packages as he has good instincts and ball skills.” –-
    Scouts Inc.

    Ohm’s take: If he is indeed as tough and
    physical as Jerry Reese says he is and is able to learn
    Perry Fewell’s defense well enough, Hosley could potentially be
    a nickel back. We don't know if Terrell Thomas, Bruce Johnson, Brian
    Witherspoon, Michael Coe
    and Justin Tryon will return
    to their old form this season after suffering season-ending injuries last year.
    Prince Amukamara also needed an injection in his foot which was
    broken last year. If all goes according to plan, Corey Webster,
    Thomas and Amukamara will be the top three corners with Hosley challenging for
    the fourth or fifth spot with a crowded unit that also includes Antwaun

    Hosley also could be the starting punt returner this


    "Rueben Randle can start preparing for sessions with Professor

    "I'm looking forward to helping him with anything, as far as off
    the field or on the field," Hakeem Nicks said Monday at an
    event at Southern Connecticut State University. "I've been in that situation
    before. It's something I know he'll be excited about and eager to learn the
    offense and I'm ready to teach him."

    The Giants drafted Randle in the
    second round and he's expected to come in and produce right away, just like
    Nicks did back in 2009. There's an opening on the outside opposite of Nicks, and
    Randle is going to have a chance to earn that role. Nicks had 790 yards in his
    rookie year.

    Nicks' biggest advice to the rookie receiver from LSU is to
    not put any pressure on himself as he prepares for his first year. As he tries
    to help Randle, Nicks is looking forward to being a leader this season, as he
    will be the longest-tenured starting receiver.

    "Just play the game the
    same way you've been playing that got you to this point," Nicks said. "Be
    patient with yourself and don't get down on yourself, you're going to make some
    mistakes, that's part of the game, that's part of being a rookie. Everything
    isn't going to come right away, but when it does, then you're good."

    Randle, registering at 6-2 and 208 pounds, caught 97 passes for 1,634
    yards and 13 touchdowns in his time with LSU, and earned comparisons from Giants
    general manager Jerry Reese to Nicks. Reese mentioned the two
    receivers being similar speed wise and how they play, although Randle has a
    little more size to him.

    "That's a compliment, even for a young guy to
    be compared," said Nicks, who caught 76 passes for 1,192 yards and seven
    touchdowns last season. "I'm looking forward to playing with him and being out
    on the field with him."

    Nicks liked what the Giants were able to
    accomplish in the Draft, mentioning the numerous additions to the offense as
    well as adding a cornerback in the third round. After the offense shined during
    the playoffs, Nicks believes the Giants can carry that strong play into this

    "I think we can definitely maintain it throughout the year,"
    Nicks said. "It's up to us, the sky's the limit. We just have to continue to
    remain humble and keep playing within the team and the system and I think we'll
    be OK."


    "With the departure of Mario Manningham and Brandon
    this offseason, the Giants have openings at backup running back
    and No. 3 receiver.

    Offensive coordinator Kevin
    is hopeful the team's top two draft picks, running back
    David Wilson and wide receiver Rueben Randle,
    can help fill those voids.

    "That's what we drafted them for," Gilbride
    said Monday night.

    He added: "You got your fingers crossed, you never
    know, but they look like they have enough physical skills to come play."

    Gilbride, along with receiver Hakeem Nicks, talked
    about winning the Super Bowl to an audience at Gilbride's alma mater, Southern
    Connecticut State University. Gilbride played for and coached the Owls, and the
    pair answered questions from the audience.

    The offensive coordinator
    specifically said he believes Randle will give the team the outside threat
    needed with Nicks and Cruz receiving double teams. As it stands, Nicks will be
    the primary receiver on the outside, while Cruz is in the slot.

    slot receiver) was what Cruz was this year," Gilbride said about Cruz being the
    team's slot guy. "He can play the outside, but he was much more proficient

    That leaves a spot on the outside to be filled, be it by Randle
    or by a returning player like Ramses Barden or Jerrel
    . Gilbride said Jernigan, who has slot receiver qualities, is
    going to have to learn how to be more of an outside receiver with Cruz having
    the slot duties.

    "You need that third guy," Gilbride said. "Hopefully,
    if not one of our returning veterans, Randle will be able to give us what we're
    looking for."

    question mark surrounding the Giants offense is the status of the offensive line
    and how the line will reshuffle. With Kareem McKenzie, the
    former right tackle, now a free agent, and left tackle Will
    returning from an eye injury, there will once again be some
    shuffle among the unit.

    Gilbride said the team hasn't made a decision,
    but moving Dave Diehl to right tackle and keeping Kevin
    at left guard is the most likely configuration.

    would certainly seem to be the most likely way to do it," Gilbride said. "Those
    are your five guys starting. If we keep Beatty healthy, he's already out now.
    You have five starters but you got to get some guys behind that come to the
    forefront in case one of them goes down."

    Diehl started last season as
    the left guard before moving to left tackle after Beatty went down. Boothe slid
    in as the left guard when Diehl shifted about midway through the season.

    The offensive coordinator also mentioned drafted tackles Brandon
    and Matt McCants as replacements and depth, and
    is hopeful that one of the young players on the offensive line will emerge this
    season. He believes that improved play from the offensive line can galvanize a
    32nd-ranked rushing attack.

    "There were too many changes and injuries
    with the guys so we never really meshed," Gilbride said. "We got better as the
    season went on and the playoffs we got it going a bit. Right now, to be honest,
    we're throwing the ball so well that it opens up opportunities for the running

    NEW TIGHT END: The Giants will have a new
    starting tight end this year in Martellus Bennett, the former
    Cowboys they signed as a free agent. While Bennett didn't put up glowing
    statistics as the backup in Dallas, the Giants see a lot of potential.

    "I think he has the chance to be a very good all-around player; blocker,
    receiver, the whole bit," Gilbride said. "He just hasn't done it to the
    satisfaction of the Dallas people. We look at him and we see as a guy that
    physically has the chance to be very good."

    OSI?: A fan
    asked Gilbride about what will happen with defensive end Osi
    , and not surprisingly, Gilbride said he does not know. He
    said the Giants want him to stay but Umenyiora is not happy with his contract,
    and it remains to be seen how it all is resolved.

    : Gilbride stayed up to watch Eli Manning on
    Saturday Night Live and gave his quarterback a passing grade.

    "I enjoyed
    it," Gilbride said. "For me to stay up until 1 o'clock, it has to be pretty






    "The NFL is telling retirees about a medical study that says former players live
    longer than men in the general population.

    While player safety issues related to brain trauma and
    other football-related injuries dominate the headlines, the study by the
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found 334 deceased
    men in a sampling of 3,439 former NFL players. Estimates for the general
    population anticipated 625 deaths.

    Players in the study participated in the NFL for at least
    five seasons from 1959 through 1988 and were observed by NIOSH through 2007.

    The study is a follow-up to a 1994 report the institute
    did at the request of the players' union to "investigate concerns that players
    were dying prematurely." The latest findings, which contradict that idea, were
    published earlier this year in the American Journal of Cardiology and on NIOSH's
    blog. The NFL sent a newsletter from NIOSH about the study's finding to about
    3,200 pre-1993 retired players on Tuesday.

    The results come as NFL veterans by the hundreds— from
    both recent years and decades ago— are suing the league because of long-term
    health effects, many with head injuries they sustained playing football. The
    league maintains that player safety was and is a major priority.

    The latest study found that players had a much lower rate
    of cancer-related deaths, with 85 dying from the disease as opposed to a
    projected 146 based on estimates from the general population. One reason for
    that could be low levels of smoking among athletes, but NIOSH did not attempt to
    contact former players about their smoking habits.

    Larger players, particularly defensive linemen, had a
    higher level of deaths from heart disease, 41 as opposed to an expected 29.
    There were 498 defensive linemen studied.

    Offensive and defensive linemen, of course, are likely to
    have a higher body mass index, a measuring factor for obesity.

    Overall, though, the study showed that the risk of
    players dying of heart disease was

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Interesting comments by Osi about being in a wheel chair by age 45. It really shows how viloent the game is.


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      Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOASSIP: TUESDAY. MAY 8, 2012 - 1:40 P.M.

      I have some doubts that Osi will end up in a wheelchair, but to say he is over reacting is denying the ferocity of the game. It is violent.


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        Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOASSIP: TUESDAY. MAY 8, 2012 - 1:40 P.M.

        [quote user="ashleymarie"]I have some doubts that Osi will end up in a wheelchair, but to say he is over reacting is denying the ferocity of the game. It is violent.[/quote]

        Maye overstating the possibility/probability. Something has been driving Osi for the past two years. If he honestly believes this is likely to be his fate, it could be what's been pushing him to get a new deal.

        Whether we think it's going to happen or not, Osi saying it makes it real enough for him.
        “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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          Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOASSIP: TUESDAY. MAY 8, 2012 - 1:40 P.M.

          Premonitions are nothing to sniff at. In the 49ers play off with our Giants, I had a strong fear that our team was in harms way, especially Eli, regarding concussions and broken bones. It didn't happen but the fear I had was real.


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            Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOASSIP: TUESDAY. MAY 8, 2012 - 1:40 P.M.

            [quote user="ashleymarie"]Premonitions are nothing to sniff at. In the 49ers play off with our Giants, I had a strong fear that our team was in harms way, especially Eli, regarding concussions and broken bones. It didn't happen but the fear I had was real.[/quote]

            Fear of injury had Tuck all messed up for a period of time last season
            “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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              Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOASSIP: TUESDAY. MAY 8, 2012 - 1:40 P.M.

              thanks Roanoke! [B]



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                Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOSSIP: TUESDAY. MAY 8, 2012 - 3:21 P.M.

                Thanks RF !
                " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.