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    "The contract strife that has clouded the relationship between the Giants and defensive end Osi Umenyiora for
    the past few years seemingly has come to an end.

    The Giants announced today that the club has reworked Umenyiora's contract.
    The terms of which were not disclosed but the team announced the deal was
    "restructured," as opposed to extended longer than this upcoming season.

    "I appreciate Osi’s patience and effort through this process,” Giants general
    manager Jerry Reese said in an announcement released by the team. “We talked it
    out, and it makes sense for everybody involved. We are very pleased, excited and
    looking forward to seeing number 72 on the field at Monday’s OTA.”

    Said Umenyiora, "This gives me peace of mind, definitely. We just resolved a
    situation. It really was affecting me in a bad way. Because I didn’t like all
    the negativity that was surrounding the whole situation. I couldn’t stand it,
    because if you know me, you know I’m not that type of person. I’m just happy all
    that is over with and I’ll be there. I’ll play out this contract, I’ll play this
    year and I’ll play my heart out.”

    Umenyiora's absence from the Giants' voluntary organized training activities
    this offseason has been conspicuous. There had been much speculation about
    whether he would show up for the only mandatory event of the spring, which is
    the full-squad minicamp from June 11-13.

    The mystery has now been eliminated. Umenyiora said in the team's release he
    will be alongside his teammates Monday.

    “I’ll be there,” Umenyiora said. “I can’t wait. I’m all in. Like Antrel
    (Rolle) says, 'I’m all in.'”

    The financial terms of the contract have yet to be fully revealed but someone
    informed of the communcation between the sides said the Giants were recently
    offering a bump to the final season of Umenyiora's contract. The person
    requested anonymity because the negotiations were to remain private.

    Umenyiora was scheduled to earn $3.975 million in base salary this season.
    The person said the Giants were offering to add $2-2.5 million in a signing
    bonus plus another $500,000 or so in a roster bonus and one more bonus if he
    reaches 10 sacks. The offer included an easily voidable 2013 season, which would
    allow the team to spread the cap hit over two seasons. It's unclear if the final
    agreement wound up in that range, but it's likely close to those numbers.

    The Giants' offer (which, again, is likely in the neighborhood of the final
    deal) would benefit both sides because the team would get another season out of
    a two-time Pro Bowl pass rusher while Umenyiora, 30, would basically double his
    salary this season while setting himself up for a big payday next offseason as
    an unrestricted free agent. The carrot of hitting the market next spring also
    helps the Giants, as Umenyiora will remain motivated this season to prove he
    deserves a big contract.

    Umenyiora confirmed
    to The Star-Ledger Thursday he parted ways with agent Tony Agnone
    this week.
    The timing of the firing and the contract extension indicates Agnone might have
    been a road block to this deal. (Not to mention the 3 percent fee Agnone would
    have received. On a contract of $7.5 million, that's $225,000 Umenyiora gets to
    keep. 7:00 p.m. UPDATE I'm told Umenyiora would still owe his original agent
    on the money that was negotiated back in 2006. So he'd save the fee on the $3
    million or so extra, which would equate to $100,000-plus.

    Politics aside, Umenyiora is pleased to put aside haggling over a new
    contract, which has been drawn out through the end of the NFL lockout last

    “I’m just happy, I’m happy all that’s over with,” Umenyiora said. “It’s time
    to get back to work. It was definitely frustrating (not being on the field this
    spring), but hearing
    some of the things they said, whether it was Kiwi
    or (Justin) Tuck or (Jason
    Pierre-Paul) or Antrel (Rolle) – hearing the way they supported me, it made me
    want to come back even more and be around them. Those guys really stepped up for
    me. I really appreciate it and I’m happy to be here with them."



    "Unable to get a new contract or a trade to another team to this point, Osi
    Umenyiora has parted ways with his agent of five years, Tony Agnone.

    The Giants' two-time Pro Bowl
    defensive end confirmed what Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal was picking
    up on when she noted on Wednesday Agnone was no
    longer listed on the NFL Players Association's website
    as being Umenyiora's
    agent. Agnone told Mullen he hadn't received a termination notice but Umenyiora
    claims he's fired Agnone.

    Well, so to speak.

    "Fired is too harsh a word," Umenyiora wrote, though he made it clear that's
    what's occurred. "I just came to the conclusion that this situation I don't
    think he can help me with."

    This is actually the second time Umenyiora has fired Agnone this offseason,
    according to someone informed of Umenyiora's dealings with Agnone. The person,
    who requested anonymity because the first firing wasn't reported and went
    largely unnoticed, said Agnone convinced Umenyiora to rehire him because he was
    confident he could reach a contract extension with the Giants or get him dealt

    It's possible Umenyiora could rehire Agnone again, though Umenyiora indicated
    he's unsure what will transpire.

    "I have no agent currently," he wrote, "and I'm not really looking for

    Agnone, who could not be immediately reached for comment, has been
    Umenyiora's agent since the 2007 offseason, only a few months after Umenyiora
    signed a six-year contract extension that was in essence a seven-year deal
    because he was already under contract for the '07 season. Umenyiora hired Agnone
    at the suggestion of Michael Strahan, whom Agnone also represented. (Agnone's
    firm, Eastern Athletic Services, currently represents Giants guard Chris

    Umenyiora fired his first agents and signed with EAS because, as he's said a
    few times, he believed the deal he was signing was only for five "new" seasons
    and would run through 2011, not 2012. Umenyiora and Agnone have been squabbling
    with the Giants for a few years now and have had a few standoffs, including last
    summer when the Giants granted Agnone permission to seek a trade and then told
    Agnone he was no longer allowed to do so

    Umenyiora is under contract for this season at a base salary of $3.925
    million. He recently claimed the Giants' latest offer to him contained
    only half of the $10.95 million guaranteed Mathias Kiwanuka received
    Kiwanuka is one of a few players who have
    recently come to Umenyiora's defense
    . Justin Tuck said tonight at his annual
    billiards tournament to benefit his charity "R.U.S.H for Literacy" he's hopeful
    Umenyiora will get a new deal with the Giants.

    "Osi's been a part of our success here and I just feel as though he needs to
    be rewarded for that. Hopefully, the Giants can do that," Tuck said on the red
    carpet outside Slate in Manhattan before the event began. "But you understand
    the business. You understand Jerry Reese is going to do everything in his power
    and our ownership is going to do everything in their power to put the best team

    "I'm not really picking sides on that; I'm just stating the obvious."

    Umenyiora was scheduled to attend Tuck's event, though word was he was to
    arrive later. He did not make an appearance during the red-carpet portion of the


    "Hakeem Nicks doesn't know exactly when he will be cleared to return to the
    football field after undergoing surgery last Friday to repair the broken fifth
    metatarsal in his right foot. The doctor who performed the surgery told him
    players have returned as early as four weeks. The Giants announced it will take
    him 12.

    One thing Nicks is sure of is that he will be on the field when the Giants
    open the 2012 season on Sept. 5 against the Cowboys.

    "I don't have any doubt," the fourth-year wide receiver said in a conference
    call today.

    Nicks said he's going by the 12-week timetable he was given, though he
    aspires to return sooner -- perhaps in time for the start of training camp on
    July 26 as long as the recovery isn't rushed.

    Ahmad Bradshaw, Prince Amukamara and Domenik Hixon have all suffered similar
    injuries, and Nicks said he's spoken to each of them in recent days. Hixon said
    he needed three months to recover from the same fifth metatarsal fracture before
    the start of his rookie season. It took Amukamara nearly 15 weeks to resume play
    after he suffered the injury last August.

    "You just don't want any setbacks," said Nicks, whose foot is in a walking
    boot. "If it takes me 12 weeks, that's what they're giving me so I think that's
    what we're going to go by. But my goal is always to come back earlier and we
    just don't want any setbacks. We just have to play it smart and get ready for
    the season."

    Tom Coughlin explained on Tuesday
    , Nicks said the injury occurred during the
    Giants' organized team activity last Thursday on a routine hook route when he
    pivoted to turn to the football and heard a pop. He tried to walk it off, but
    wasn't able to and was tended to by trainers. He then went inside where X-rays
    revealed a broken bone.

    Nicks flew down to his hometown of Charlotte the next day and underwent the
    surgery, a screw insertion to stabilize the bone. He was told he can begin
    biking and elliptical exercises two weeks after the procedure – or about a week
    or so from now.

    That will be the beginning of the rehabilitation process, which will be a
    gradual buildup using various exercises that avoid stress on the foot and simply
    eating healthy to stay in the best shape possible.

    "I'm going to listen to my body," said Nicks, who needed the big toe on this
    left foot repaired following his rookie season. "I'm going to be smart about it.
    If I feel something when I'm running, I'm going to tell the coach, I'm going to
    tell the trainers. If not, I'm going to keep it going. When I first get back,
    I'm not going to be able to jump in and do the whole practice."

    Nicks plans on rejoining the team next week and will make the Giants' trip to
    the White House on Friday. During the week he will participate in film sessions
    during the team's organized team activities and use the time to help himself
    with mental reps and add a veteran presence to
    a room full of players hopeful of stepping up in Nicks' absence on the field

    – even if it is just during OTAs, veterans minicamp and part of training

    Nicks will be limited to that advisory role for much of the summer, but he
    and his teammates are confident he'll be back for the season opener and won't
    skip a beat.

    "We will have time," Eli Manning said Thursday. "Hakeem has always been a
    fast healer. So hopefully he gets healed up quickly and can get back for
    training camp – for a good bit of that where we can get our timing down. He is a
    guy who knows the offense. He knows what he is doing. It won’t take long for us
    to get back on the same page."



    "Maybe agents are over-rated.

    A day after Osi Umenyiora parted
    ways with long time representative Tony Agnone, the defensive end agreed to a
    restructured contract, ending speculation that he could have played his last
    game as a Giant.

    "I'm just happy, I'm happy all that's over with,"
    Umenyiora said in a release sent out by the team. "It's time to get back to
    work. It was definitely frustrating (not being on the field this spring), but
    hearing some of the things they said, whether it was Kiwi or (Justin) Tuck or
    JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) or Antrel (Rolle) – hearing the way they supported me,
    it made me want to come back even more and be around them. Those guys really
    stepped up for me. I really appreciate it and I'm happy to be here with

    "I appreciate Osi's patience and effort through this process,"
    said GM Jerry Reese, who had worked out a new deal with Mathias Kiwanuka earlier
    this spring. "We talked it out, and it makes sense for everybody involved. We
    are very pleased, excited and looking forward to seeing number 72 on the field
    at Monday's OTA."

    Umenyiora has not participated in the team's drills
    with his status uncertain. Terms of the contract, which has been discussed since
    last year's lockout, were not disclosed but Umenyiora was clearly relieved to
    remain a Giant.

    "This gives me peace of mind, definitely," Umenyiora
    said. "We just resolved a situation. It really was affecting me in a bad way.
    Because I didn't like all the negativity that was surrounding the whole
    situation. I couldn't stand it, because if you know me, you know I'm not that
    type of person. I'm just happy all that is over with and I'll be there. I'll
    play out this contract, I'll play this year and I'll play my heart

    "I'll be there," he said with regards to Monday's LOTA. "I can't
    wait. I'm all in. Like Antrel says, I'm all in."

    Umenyiora has long been
    unhappy with the six-year, $41 million extension he signed in 2007 as other
    defensive teammates were rewarded with better deals. He had one year left, due
    $3.975 million this season, and his only other option at this point was to sit



    "Osi Umenyiora doesn’t
    have the fat new contract extension he has long coveted, and he doesn’t have any
    leverage to bargain with Giants GM Jerry Reese.

    And now, the Giants’
    disgruntled defensive end doesn’t have an agent, either.

    Umenyiora has
    fired longtime agent Tony Agnone, according
    to a report in the Newark Star-Ledger. The news was first reported Wednesday by
    the Sports Business Journal, which noted that Agnone was no longer listed as
    Umenyiora’s agent on the NFL Players Association website. Agnone said that he
    had not received a termination notice, but Umenyiora said Thursday that he and
    his agent had indeed parted ways.

    “Fired is too harsh a word,” Umenyiora
    said in an email. “I just came to the conclusion that this situation I don’t
    think he can help me with.

    “I have no agent currently,” he added, “and
    I’m not really looking for one.”

    Agnone could not be reached for comment.
    The move leaves Umenyiora to negotiate by himself.

    Umenyiora inked a
    six-year, $41 million extension with the Giants in 2007, just before teaming
    with Agnone, but as the market value for defensive ends has risen, the Big Blue
    veteran has clamored for a raise. Umenyiora’s squabbles with the Giants led to a
    brief training camp holdout last season, and Agnone was given a tiny window to
    seek a trade. None of his proposals satisfied Reese.

    Agnone and
    Umenyiora, who is set to make $3.925 million in 2012, the final year of his
    deal, have been angling for a trade or extension. Umenyiora claims Reese offered
    him less than half the $10 million guaranteed that recently extended linebacker
    Mathias Kiwanuka received.

    Agnone may be gone, but Umenyiora is drawing
    increasing locker room support. Kiwanuka backed Umenyiora Wednesday, and on
    Thursday, safety Antrel Rolle joined in.

    “We need him,” Rolle said on
    SiriusXM Radio. “We have a very, very good defensive line without Osi, without a
    doubt. But with Osi in that line, we have an outstanding defensive

    Linemate and close friend Justin Tuck also said — very cautiously
    — that he hopes for an accord. “Osi’s been a part of our success here, and I
    just feel as though he needs to be rewarded for that. Hopefully, the Giants can
    do that,” Tuck said at an event for his charity, “R.U.S.H. for Literacy.” “I’m
    not taking sides. Just stating the obvious.”



    "Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora confirmed to The Post that he has fired
    agent Tony Agnone.

    Umenyiora has been unhappy with his contract in recent seasons and held out
    last year, and has not showed up at OTAs thus far.

    "It means nothing as far as a new deal but we both decided that a new
    approach might be necessary at this time," Umenyiora wrote in an email to The

    Last year, the Giants gave Agnone permission to seek a trade, but could not
    find any takers with the high asking price of a first-round round pick. The
    Giants have offered the disgruntled lineman an extension, but Umenyiora said it
    is only worth half of what the team guaranteed Mathias Kiwanuka ($10.95 million
    over three years) in an extension agreed to this offseason.

    Umenyiora could take over any future negotiations himself.

    "I have no plans on hiring a new agent at this time," he said.

    Agnone has been Umenyiora’s agent since the 2007 offseason, a few months
    after Umenyiora signed a six-year extension.

    "I'm stepping aside so the Giants can do the right thing and take care of
    him," Agnone said in an email."



    "Another Giants precinct is reporting in and throwing his support to Osi

    Already, teammates Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka have made public
    declarations that they believe the Giants should ante up and pay Umenyiora, who
    is again locked in a contentious contract squabble with the team he’s helped
    gain two Super Bowl victories in the past four years. Now add safety Antrel
    Rolle into the “Pay Osi’’ camp.

    “My concern with Osi is one thing and one thing only,’’ Rolle said Thursday
    on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I’m hoping that he comes back. We need him. We have a
    very, very good defensive line without Osi, without a doubt. But with Osi in
    that lineup we have an outstanding defensive line. That’s the difference. He’s a
    playmaker all the way around. He gives Eli Manning more opportunities to do what
    he does best, which is go out there and run an effective offense.

    “Osi is a very, very critical and key part of our team and I’m just hoping
    that things work out. I truly do believe he deserves what he’s asking for but,
    you know, that’s not my decision to make and I don’t get involved in any of that
    talk. They have a great relationship. They have a great relationship no matter
    what is said, no matter what is being portrayed. Jerry Reese and Osi have a
    great relationship but, you know, business is business and sometimes business
    can get a little sticky. I think we all understand that.”

    Tuck on Thursday night reiterated that he doesn’t feel he knocked the Giants
    when he said Umenyiora deserves a lucrative new deal. “It was an obvious
    statement,’’ Tuck said at his Celebrity Billiards Tournament for his Tucks
    R.U.S.H for Literacy charity initiative he started along with his wife, Lauran.
    “Osi’s been a great part of our success here and I just feel as though he needs
    to be rewarded for that and hopefully the Giants can do that. You understand the
    business, you understand Jerry Reese is gonna do everything in his power and our
    ownership is going to do everything in their power to put the best team forward.
    I’m not really picking sides on it, I’m just stating the obvious.’’

    Umenyiora has steered clear of any and every Giants team event, as he’s
    skipping the off-season workout program and the voluntary OTAs. He was expected
    to attend Tuck’s billiard’s tournament at Slate NYC on 21st Street and Tuck is
    hoping that Umenyiora accompanies the team for the June 8 visit to the White
    House to meet President Obama.

    “Maybe,’’ Tuck said of Umenyiora’s attendance in Washington, D.C. “I’m
    working on that, too.’’

    To date, Tuck’s efforts for literacy in children has raised over $1 million
    and donated more than 45,000 books in the New York City, New Jersey and Central
    Alabama communities.

    “Me and my wife are very passionate about education and kids,’’ Tuck said.
    “We felt as though in order to have a great education you have to have a
    background, you have to have a foundation. You ask anybody about foundations of
    educational success it starts with reading and writing.’’






    "The injured Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks delivered some encouraging news
    Thursday when he told reporters that he planned to rejoin the team next

    Nicks plans to be with the team when it visits the White House on June 8,
    though the timetable for his return to football activities remains fluid. Nicks
    is confident, however, that he will be recovered from his broken foot in time to
    play in the Giants’ season-opening game Sept. 5 against the Dallas Cowboys.

    “I don’t have any doubt,” he said in a conference call with reporters.

    Nicks, who had surgery last Friday to repair the fifth metatarsal in his
    right foot, which he fractured May 24, is in a walking boot. He said he was
    “walking around pretty good.” The Giants have said the rough timetable for his
    recovery is 12 weeks, and while doctors told Nicks that he could come back as
    soon as four weeks after the injury, he plans to adhere to the team’s protocol.
    He is proceeding as if he will be able to take part, in some fashion, in the
    Giants’ training camp, which begins July 26.

    “That’s my mentality,” he told reporters. “I like having that mentality.
    Obviously, if I feel something when I’m running, I’m going to listen to my body.
    I’m going to be smart.”

    Nicks is still at home in Charlotte, N.C. He said he was generally a fast
    healer. He plans to help with some of the team’s younger receivers after he
    travels to New York next week. Then comes the team’s visit with President Obama
    and soon enough Nicks hopes to be back to full participation.

    “My first day, I’m not going to jump in and do the whole practice,” he said.
    “I’m going to work my way into it, into a full practice. Our trainers do a good
    job of working me back into it.”

    GIANTS 101


    "Remember that false bravado New York
    head coach Rex Ryan was slinging around the Big Apple only a year
    ago? Guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory for Gang Green, having curtains hung up
    in MetLife Stadium to cover murals of the New York
    ' past success and relishing a 17-3 preseason victory over Big Blue in
    which he received that ridiculous Snoopy Trophy? Well, that's all out the window
    now and a humbled Ryan admitted on Thursday he'd like his team to be a lot more like the Giants.

    "I want to win, I want to be special. Just like the Giants were last year, I
    want to be special. So that's what's driving me," Ryan said.

    How the "mighty" have fallen. Less than two years removed from ripping the
    Giants apart for an entire chapter in his book, referring to the Jets as the
    "Big Brother" in this town, Ryan now envies the Giants and their accomplishments
    … wishing nothing more than to experience a tiny bit of their success.

    "I admit it, I made a mistake by saying all that stuff before," said

    Alas, the Giants' motto proved true once again: "Talk is cheap. Play the
    game." They won it all with the Jets sitting at home watching. And ironically,
    their run to Super Bowl XLVI truly began with a 29-14 victory over Gang Green in
    week 16 … a game that ended with Ryan and running back Brandon Jacobs going

    We'll miss Ryan running his mouth, but then again, something tells us this
    more subdued head coach persona will likely be short lived."


    "Less than 48 hours after it was reported that the New York
    and Osi
    were actively discussing a new deal, the two-time Pro Bowl
    defensive end has fired his long-time agent, Tony

    "Fired is too harsh a word," Umenyiora wrote. "I just came to the conclusion
    that this situation I don't think he can help me with."

    As it turns out, this is the second time Umenyiora has fired Agnone this
    offseason, although the first time went largely unnoticed and he was eventually
    hired back. However, after again failing to land Umenyiora a new contract or a
    trade elsewhere, the Chief has decided to go in a different direction.

    "I have no agent currently," Umenyiora wrote, "and I'm not really looking for

    Agnone was originally hired by Umenyiora in 2007 at the urging of Michael
    Strahan, whom was also represented by the agent. This came shortly after Osi
    signed a six-year contract extension which he believed was only a five-year
    extension running through 2011.

    Unless Umenyiora plans to represent himself or is quick to find a new agent,
    it could mean that contract talks between the two sides come to a dead stop."


    "Rome wasn't built in a day, and the New York
    and defensive end Osi
    aren't likely to come to an agreement on a new contract in that
    amount of time either. However, it's all about progress and that's exactly
    what's occurring between Big Blue and the Chief. ESPN's Sal Paolantonio
    that despite the significant gap between the two sides, they have
    continued actively discussing a new contract for the former Pro Bowler.

    Umenyiora has received a lot of support from his teammates recently, with
    many of them speaking out publicly. It began with Justin Tuck and continued with Mathias
    on Wednesday.

    "He has been under contract in a bad deal for years now and anybody who looks
    at the situation would say, ‘Well, this should have been taken care of a long
    time ago,’” said LB Mathias
    . “For whatever reason, it hasn’t. So I understand his

    The endorsements haven't been lost on Osi, who says it's made this entire
    situation that much more difficult for him.

    “What I’ve heard from Kiwi, and Tuck and JPP, I’ll never forget as long as I
    live,” Umenyiora said. “That’s exactly why we are champions. Because
    we have each other’s back. These days you hardly see that kind of loyalty from
    anybody. I appreciate it, and honestly it makes things that much harder for me.
    Because those are the people I need to be around.”

    Osi has been absent from the voluntary Organized Team Activities (OTAs), but
    will be expected to attend mandatory veteran mini-camp which begins on June
    12th. Whether or not the two sides can bridge the gap in contract talks between
    now and then may play a large role in him showing up or choosing to be



    Excerpt: "Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's Friday and there are some news items
    flowing out of "OTA No. 3" as they are calling it. It's mostly the same stuff
    though--players defending Osi Umenyiora
    during his contract holdout, talk about Hakeem Nicks'
    foot and whether or not he will be ready for the September 5 opener, Victor Cruz
    making kids cry with his salsa dance, Rex Ryan wanting the Jets to be the
    Giants....whoa, wait a minute. What were those last two items? I thought you'd
    want to read more, so here are all of those stories...." Read more


    "Injured New York Giants
    wide receiver Hakeem Nicks,
    who broke a bone in his foot during an OTA a week ago, said "I don't have any
    doubt" when asked if he would be ready
    for the team's Sept. 5 season opener
    against the Dallas Cowboys.

    The original prognosis for Nicks is that his recovery will take 12 weeks, and
    Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has said he is uncertain when Nicks will

    "I definitely feel like I'll be ready to go when it's time to be ready to
    go," Nicks said on Thursday during a conference call.

    "We just don't want no setbacks. The team wants to take it 12 weeks, that's
    what we're giving it, so that's what we're going to go by. My goal is always to
    come back earlier, we just don't want no setbacks. We have to play it smart and
    be ready for the season."

    Nicks caught 79 passes for 1,192 yards and seven touchdowns last season,
    averaging 15.7 yards per catch. He is entering his fourth season."


    "Reading the transcript of Perry Fewell's remarks after Wednesday's OTA I
    was struck by how much the New York Giants
    defensive coordinator talked about the depth and versatility of the linebacking

    Fewell's response when asked how he would envision using his
    linebackers gave you the idea that he really doesn't know the answer right now.

    "I think it's important to see where guys fit with other guys... if we can
    play different combinations. That's kind of what we would like to do. That gives
    us an array of coverages, of pressures, of defenses that we would like to run.
    We'll try some different combinations that we will experiment with during the
    OTAs," Fewell said. "We're experimenting a little bit because with the addition
    of Rivers, obviously, we've gotten more athletic and we think we're a little
    better at linebacker now."

    Here is my best guess at what the linebacker depth chart looks like right
    now, with Fewell having revealed that second-year player Greg Jones is being
    moved to the outside and Adrian Tracy
    will play defensive end.

    Weakside (WILL) -- Michael Boley,
    Keith Rivers,
    , Spencer

    MIddle (MIKE) -- Chase
    , Mark
    , Jake Muasau
    [Rivers may eventually fit in here as well].

    Strongside (SAM) -- Mathias
    , Greg Jones, Clint Sintim
    [The Giants might also have the option of moving someone like Herzlich out here,
    but that has not been mentioned].

    All 10 of these guys are not making the roster. It should be very interesting
    to see how this shakes out, and which combinations Fewell and head coach Tom
    Coughlin utlimately decide are their best ones."


    OTA # 3 PRACTICE REPORT (5/30/12)

    "First the good news. No one had to be carted off the field today, though
    early on, there was a brief scare when cornerback Brandon Bing
    headed to the sideline after apparently tweaking something in his right leg.
    Bing was quickly worked on by the trainers and thrown back in the saddle, not
    missing a beat.

    So let’s move on then to the attendance report. Missing in action today were
    cornerback Corey Webster, defensive end Osi
    , defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, tight end
    Jake Ballard, tight end Adrien Robinson, and
    receiver Hakeem Nicks. Webster and Rogers was the only player
    whose absence was unknown, though remember that OTAs are voluntary.

    Safety Kenny Phillips, defensive end Justin Tuck, left
    tackle Will Beatty, cornerback Prince
    , and cornerback Terrell Thomas were all held
    out of the team portion of the practice. Tuck was seen in the locker room with a
    large wrap on his left shoulder, so that might be the reason for his limited

    Beatty, we learned, has been having back issues, while Amukamara continues to
    work his way back from a foot injury after finally being cleared to run on grass
    this week. Lastly, Thomas continues to take it slow in his recovery, doing a
    little bit more each time but not overdoing it.

    Tight end Travis Beckum was also a spectator. Beckum told me
    that last week, he began running in a pool and was encouraged by his progress.
    He hopes to be able to begin running on grass in another couple of months.
    However, as far as being ready for the start of the season? Let’s just say
    that’s an aggressive goal at this point though it’s one that Beckum is working

    Linebacker Clint Sintim (knee) was off on an empty field
    working with a trainer while the rest of the team was on another field going
    through warm ups. It goes without saying that Sintim has missed a lot of time
    and if he’s not yet cleared to go full speed in these practices, which are
    limited by the new CBA, then that has to be a concern, though Sintim continues
    to remind people to not count him out of the equation. However, it would seem
    that the team’s decision to extend Mathias
    a likely spells the end of Sintim, the former
    second round draft pick in 2009 who’s entering the last year of his contract
    this season.

    One of the things that I find to be particularly interesting in these
    workouts is comparing my observations with what the coaches have to say
    afterward. Today we were given access to all the position coaches, so I spent a
    lot of time trying to gain that insight.

    Let’s start with receiver Domenik Hixon, who with Hakeem
    Nicks out, stepped in with the starters and who had a productive day. I don’t
    think Hixon dropped a single catchable pass thrown his way all day, and he
    showed nice burst coming off the line. He also continued to look well in making
    his cuts – if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t think that Hixon was
    trying to come back from his second straight knee injury.

    That’s no accident, according to Hixon, who told the media afterward practice
    that he doesn’t even think about his knee nor does he talk about it unless
    someone asks him about it. Citing “mind over matter,” Hixon recognizes the
    opportunity before him and has clearly taken an early lead, at least in my

    Coughlin has noticed as well. “Same old Domenik. Make plays, make plays, make
    plays. Very, very steady, very consistent, never makes a mistake, always in the
    right place — lots of good things. It makes me very anxious to make sure he gets
    through the spring and feels real good about himself. He’s a tough guy. He
    doesn’t back down from anything. Again, he’s a great example.”

    On the other side of the coin is Ramses Barden, who’s
    entering his contract year and who is hoping to finally put it all together this
    season. The former third round draft pick from 2009 has spent the last year and
    a half battling an ankle injury, but he’s finally healthy and has been a
    consistent participant in the off-season program.

    However his performance, at least bin my eyes, hasn’t been as consistent. His
    routes aren’t as crisp as they probably should be at this point, and it seems
    that he wants to make every reception worthy of a highlight reel.

    For example, on a post, he managed to get a step against two defenders and
    all he had to do was reach up and grab the ball out of the air. Instead, he left
    his feet, and in doing so, he slowed down his stride that allowed the defenders
    to catch up with him. If Barden is going to continue to try to add flourish to
    every reception, he’s not going to have much in the way of yards after the

    I’ll give you one more example. On a ball that was thrown just below his
    numbers, all he had to do was cup his hands to cradle the ball against his
    chest. Instead, he bent down to catch it, losing momentum in the process.

    Not surprisingly, when asked about Barden after practice, Coughlin said,
    “Some days are very, very good, and others are not as good,” he said. “He knows
    that, and he’s working hard on that. Hopefully it’s all going to catch up with
    Ramses this spring and this fall.”

    Coughlin did allow that the time Barden has spent away from the game due to
    his injuries and rehab puts Barden even further behind. “It never helps, the
    pressure of preparing and being evaluated on the field every day– those are all
    good things in our business.”

    Over to the offensive line, James Brewer took the snaps for
    Will Beatty at left tackle with the one’s, though he rotates with others and
    gets his share of snaps at right tackle, where he thinks his best chance to
    contribute lies.

    After practice, Brewer spoke about how much more comfortable he is these days
    and confirmed that he’s also been getting snaps at right tackle (sharing with
    Sean Locklear) depending on the day.

    Brewer noted that having an actual off-season to work with his teammates and
    now his coaches has made a big difference.

    “It’s a huge difference, not only with the OTAs, but what we did before the
    OTAs,” he said. “We had a lot of meetings just with the linemen and stuff, and
    it’s crazy how, like, we were able to slow it down.”

    Brewer noted that last year, he was handed a thick playbook and left to sink
    or swim. Now that he has the benefit of working on –site and receiving
    instruction from the coaches, he’s been able to make the kind of progress he
    wants, though he admitted tat he still has a bit more work to do before he
    scratches the surface.

    “We need him to develop, to come along, to improve,” said Coughlin. “He has
    to understand the work ethic that those guys with lunch buckets come to the
    office with every day. He’s got a little ways to go there, but he’s made
    progress, and I think for him, it will be another little step right here. But
    come fall, we’re going to need him to be as intense as he possibly can be and to
    understand what has to happen at this level for him to succeed and to be a part
    of it.”

    Here are just a few more observations…

    –Tight end Martellus Bennett, who took part in the drills,
    was revealed to be dealing with a tight hamstring, which is probably the reason
    why he hasn’t done a whole lot in the way of running pass patterns, and when he
    has, he’s looked stiff.

    –Linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka had a very productive practice.
    He sniffed out a reverse to Victor Cruz and was right there to stop the receiver
    stone cold. Kiwanuka also showed great athleticism and timing in his drop

    – I thought quarterback Ryan Perrilloux had a mixed showing.
    At times, he threw with confidence. Then there were others were he appeared to
    be unsure about what he was looking at and the ball lacked zip, such as the pass
    that Stevie Brown picked off that was intended for Brandon Collins.

    –Fullback Joe Martinek, who looked hesitant in the first
    OTA, looked much more at ease in this workout as far as executing his
    assignments. While his technique wasn’t always spot on – it looks like he’s
    going to have to watch his pad level — he did a nice job as a back out of the
    backfield, especially on swing passes. It will be interesting to see if he shows
    more speed after the catch, as on a couple of receptions, he hesitated and was
    forced out of bounds by defenders who were closing in.

    –The starting fullback, Henry Hynoski, caught one pass and
    started up field, showing some nice footwork in twisting and moving away from
    defenders. My gut feeling is that Hynoski’s role will be very similar to how
    Green Bay uses its fullback, John Kuhn. While Hynoski admitted to having a
    few more rough spots to smooth out in his game
    , it’s going to be fun to
    watch him this year.

    –Linebacker Keith Rivers, who’s working with the second
    string team now on the weak side, broke up a pass tight end Christian






    "According to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger, New York Giants
    defensive end Osi Umenyiora fired his agent Tony Agnone.

    Umenyiora didn’t want to say he fired Agnone, but he did confirm that he’s no
    longer his agent.

    Osi doesn’t feel like Agnone can help him work out his contract dilemma with
    the Giants.

    “Fired is too harsh a word,” Umenyiora wrote, though he made it clear that’s
    what’s occurred, per the Star-Ledger. “I just came to the conclusion that this
    situation I don’t think he can help me with.”

    Umenyiora says that he doesn’t have an agent and is currently not looking for

    “I have no agent currently,” wrote Umenyiora, “and I’m not really looking for


    "Osi Umenyiora has been complaining about his contract for
    years and this offseason is no different. Umenyiora, who is heading into a
    contract year, is in talks with the Giants, but they remain far apart. Umenyiora
    likely wants to be paid among the best defensive linemen in the league and the
    Giants simply won’t spend that on a situational player.

    Umenyiora fired his long time agent, which is not a good sign for
    negotiations. He may hold out from the Giants’ mandatory minicamps in mid-June,
    but he has never held out from a game. He probably won’t get a deal done before
    the season so he’ll probably play out the season and then try for a new deal
    next offseason. He may have to get it elsewhere."





    "Under Pressure: Victor Cruz

    After missing most of his rookie season with a hamstring injury, New York
    Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz had a breakout season in 2011. He caught 82
    passes for 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns in the regular season and then added
    21 receptions for 269 yards and a touchdown during the Giants' title run.

    Three issues, however, could potentially stand in his way of repeating last
    year's performance:

    First, Cruz's role in the offense could change with the departure of Mario Manningham in
    free agency coupled with Hakeem
    ' broken foot. Instead of playing his natural slot position, Cruz will
    get a chance to work on the outside. Playing on the edge isn't necessarily more
    difficult in Kevin Gilbride's offense, but it is a change from what he's
    accustomed to doing and could take away from the big-play ability he had in

    So far, so good, though, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride
    said Wednesday:

    "It took him a while to get going (in 2011). He didn't start the year real
    well and then all of a sudden, in that Philadelphia (Eagles) game, he made two
    phenomenal plays for us," Gilbride said. "But truly in the beginning of the
    year, every play was an adventure. He was either going to be right or awfully
    wrong but got better and better and better at eliminating the mistakes...That's
    what's nice about now. It's like he hasn't missed a beat."

    Secondly, during his breakout season, Cruz's compelling back story elevated his "Q" rating to the point at
    which he hired a marketing firm (IMG) to handle all his demands. Cruz already
    demonstrated restraint and focus by turning down an opportunity to appear on
    "Dancing With The Stars". Based on his OTA participation and performance,
    off-field distractions haven't been an issue.

    A third issue is Cruz's contract, which paid him the league minimum
    ($450,000) in 2011 and will do so again in 2012 ($540,000). The 25-year-old
    hasn't hidden his desire for a new and much larger contract. He fired his
    original agent (Abu Toppin) and hired Malik Shareef this offseason.

    Cruz repeatedly has said that he won't be a training camp holdout, which could be due to
    Cruz not having earned enough income from football to pay the daily fines the
    Giants can levy against him if he did hold out. Another part of the decision to
    not hold out of camp is Cruz knowing that he's under club control for the next
    two seasons. Cruz will be a restricted free agent in 2013 and could receive the
    franchise tag in each of the next two offseasons.

    Being one of the most productive and most underpaid players on a Super Bowl
    team in the largest media market in the world could have been a recipe for
    disaster this offseason. Thus far, Cruz has navigated around the distractions as
    adeptly as he did opposing secondaries in 2011. Cruz will need to continue to do
    so to maintain his production and show the front office and coaching staff that
    he deserves the new contract he seeks."


    "When Hakeem Nicks was diagnosed
    a week ago with a broken fifth metatarsal in his right foot, the Giants wide
    receiver didn't have to look far for an expert opinion.

    His teammate, running back Ahmad
    , has a doctorate, or something darn close to it, in foot and ankle
    issues. Among Bradshaw's myriad of injuries, three were identical to the one
    Hicks sustained. And he has the screws in his feet to prove it.

    "Two times on the right foot," Bradshaw said. "Once on the left."

    No wonder after Hicks' break was revealed, he sought out Bradshaw for

    "I told him it heals quick," Bradshaw said. "I told him it was not that

    Nicks' response?

    "It looked like it took a lot (of weight) off his shoulders," Bradshaw

    Bradshaw's confidence in Nicks' recovery is resolute. He believes there is
    "no doubt" Nicks is back on the field during training camp. For now, the Giants
    continue Organized Team Activities and look forward to mandatory minicamp in two
    weeks without half of their dynamic receiving tandem.

    On a practice field Thursday, Eli
    threw passes to starting receiver Victor Cruz and several candidates
    who are looking to prove themselves. "Maybe," coach Tom Coughlin said, "we have
    another Victor Cruz here."

    The coach likely would settle for Domenik
    staying healthy. He's torn his right ACL the past two years but
    remains a Coughlin favorite.

    "Same ol' Domenik," Coughlin said. "Makes plays, makes plays, makes plays.
    Very, very steady; very consistent. He never makes a mistake."

    Because of those knee injuries, Hixon has caught four passes over the past
    two years.

    "It makes me very anxious to make sure that he gets through the spring and
    feels real good about himself," Coughlin said.

    Among the other candidates to replace Nicks are Ramses Barden, whose most
    consistent trait in three previous seasons has been his penchant for
    inconsistency, Jerrel Jernigan and
    rookie Rueben Randle.

    Randle's best work so far, according to Coughlin, has come on the punt team,
    where his natural talent and instincts shine. Cruz said he is encouraged that
    Randle will pick up the offense quickly, partly because "he asks the right

    The Giants' receiving corps has been further compromised in recent months by
    the departure in free agency of Mario
    to the 49ers. Randle was told after the draft that he would
    compete for the No. 3 receiver job. At the moment, the opportunity is much
    grander than even that.

    The regular season remains more than three months away, so the lack of proven
    starters at receiver is hardly alarming for two reasons.

    One: No one's keeping score yet. And, frankly, you could argue some of the
    other guys need the work. Hixon said the biggest difference without Nicks is the
    number of practice reps for the rest of the group.

    "They went up for everyone," he said.

    Two: Eli Manning inspires
    confidence that he will be able to help young receivers develop, and
    quickly. Reference Cruz's franchise
    record-setting season in 2012.

    "He is responsive to the circumstance," is how Coughlin describes Manning.
    "Whatever our team's needs are, he is going to do the best that he can to help
    regardless. So he has bought complete ownership of his team. He continues to get
    better himself and to help everybody around him get better."

    There is no doubt, however, that the Giants are better with Nicks than
    without him. Manning will predict that Nicks' conditioning and commitment to the
    playbook wil
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    without an agent maybe it'll be easier to deal with Osi! lol.



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      thanks Roanoke!

      without an agent maybe it'll be easier to deal with Osi! lol.


      Somehow I think not. Osi doesn't seem to want to negotiate, he just wants what he wants. Understandable, perhaps, but that's not how it goes.
      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1