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I'm going to my first Giants game in NY.

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  • I'm going to my first Giants game in NY.

    I have only been to one Giants game in my life time because they don't usually come close to North Carolina(where I live). I went to the MNF game vs. the Redskins back in '09. They're finally coming to play the Panthers this year so I will be attending that game week 3 on Thursday night. I'm also going to the Buccaneers game week 2 in NY. For all you that live in NY, what are some things I can do while I'm there before the game and what are some good places to eat?

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    Re: I'm going to my first Giants game in NY.


    First of all, definitely show up at the stadium a few hours early. You can tailgate, and there is also the Legacy Club which is sort of a team museum to see.

    As for what to do in NYC, there is so much to do that you have to help us out -- what kinds of things do you like to do and what kind of food do you like to eat?

    If you're just looking for generic touristy things to do, there's the big museums (Natural History, Modern Art, Guggenheim, Intrepid which now has the shuttle Enterprise, etc.), Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building observation deck, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, World Trade Center memorial, Central Park, walk the Brooklyn Bridge... If you're bringing a wife/gf you can take one for the team and do a Broadway show. The circle line cruise around Manhattan is great, especially at night. If you like baseball it will be the home stretch of the season and you can catch Yankee and Mets games. There is so much great food but I always like to start with a good steak at Peter Luger's just over the bridge in Brooklyn...
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      Re: I'm going to my first Giants game in NY.

      New Jersey has some great pizza (tomato pie) joints.