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I think Toomer needs to stop.

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  • I think Toomer needs to stop.

    Not because he is not entitled to have his own opinion, but this morning on Sirius he sounds confused. He is right that when it comes to numbers, Romo is better than Eli. He should also know as a former player the game is not won by stats alone. He sounds like someone who plays fantasy football and not a former player.

    What I agree with, and it's not debatable, is that Romo does have better stats than Eli. That's just a fact. Romo is not a bad QB. He, like most QB's, takes the heat for when his team fails.

    Now what I disagree with is the stats are the tell all story. Toomer tries to defend Romo by saying he had different coaches. What about Eli playing as a rookie and not having years to ride the bench and learn? What about the fact the Giants where a big run 1st team and then their great RB retires and throws Eli under the bus on the way? Since the Burress incident Eli has become a better QB with rookie WR's.

    Where Toomer sounds really off is when he said that Romo is the better QB statistically but he would rather pla with Eli. Ok, but then when asked who he would draft he said Romo based on the stats. What? So you would rather play for Eli but draft Romo? So then his co host, I believe it's Ross Tucker, says "so your saying Romo is the better QB." That is where Toomer starts eating his foot and brings up stats again.

    Maybe I'm just venting. I really don't care about rankings or Pro Bowls. If Eli is never considered a top 5 QB I won't care. Sometimes you have to question what people say though.

    By the way, I also don't like all the talking by the Giants. I like Canty a lot, but I don't like the comparing who is a better clutch QB. Let things be. We all know Eli is clutch and cool under pressure no matter what stats might say as to who is better. Let's just quietly watch him continue to grow and enjoy when he makes people eat their words.

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    Re: I think Toomer needs to stop.

    You know, it's sort of mean to say, but if you listen to Toomer regularly on Sirius, he doesn't come across as the brightest guy in the world . . . . . especially this morning (I agree that he sounded confused).

    I don't put a lot of stock in his opinions . . . .


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      Re: I think Toomer needs to stop.

      There is already a 5 or 6 page topic on this. I merged your other thread into that one, so please stop creating new threads. Its not neccessary.

      The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd - Bertrand Russell