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    "When we last saw Justin Tryon, he was holding
    on to Reggie Bush's leg
    long enough to allow his teammates to come down and
    finish the tackle on the Miami Dolphins' punt returner. It was a great play that
    became even more impressive when it was revealed the next day Tryon had made the
    tackle with a severely broken arm that ended his season.

    received praise from Giants coach Tom Coughlin
    for his toughness, but what
    the former fourth-round pick really wants is a chance to find extended success
    in the NFL. Tryon, who was re-signed this offseason, talks about getting another
    opportunity to do so in this edition of our Giants
    summer questionnaire

    I don’t think we got the chance to talk to you after you made that
    tackle with a broken arm. How were you able to do that?

    I ran down there and was hoping to just knock him out of bounds because he
    was near the sideline. It just came down to having a whole lot of hope and just
    trying to make that play.

    You got props from Tom Coughlin after that one. Did he say anything
    to you?

    I appreciate that, man. Not really him, but a lot of guys told me he honored
    me and stuff like that. That was cool. But at the end of the day, we have a job
    to do, and that’s what I was trying to do.

    When you were here for a couple of weeks, you seemed to be playing
    aggressively for a guy that didn’t have a lot of time to acclimate to the
    system. Was that your mindset, to err on the side of aggressiveness despite the
    limited practice time here?

    I have so much passion for this game that I do not play passive ever. I’m a
    very aggressive player when I’m out there. With all these rules now, this that
    and the other, you have to be careful, but I’m still going to bring what I bring
    to the table. And that’s me playing aggressive, trying to jump routes, not
    playing passive out there. I like to get in guys’ faces when we’re able to.

    That sounds like what Perry Fewell tries to promote. Has he
    communicated that to you?

    Not really, but I guess that’s just the style he knows his players have. That
    is one of my biggest strengths, is me playing physical, getting in guys’ faces
    and pressing. I can play off (the receiver) but my go-to style is press

    You had success here last year but in a very limited time frame. Did
    that make you want to come back to see what you could do over an extended

    Yeah, in speaking to my agent, he asked me what I felt here about the
    organization and the system. I said, ‘Mike (Hoffman), I’m feeling great here.
    The defense, it all ties into what I do best. So I’m cool, I don’t care about
    the competition (at corner) because I know if I do what I do, I’ll be fine.’
    Guys asked me if I’m worried about the competition? No, because if I handle
    myself, I’ll be okay."




    "Victor Cruz caught up with Hakeem Nicks the other night at the ESPYs and Cruz
    noticed that Nicks was walking on his own, without any crutches.

    “That’s definitely a good sign,’’ Cruz said on Friday at a Time Warner Cable
    event at the Queens Theatre.

    Nicks fractured the fifth metatarsal in his right foot back on May 24 and the
    Giants set a recovery time of three months until he could get back in the

    “He told me he’s gonna take training camp to continue rehabbing and continue
    getting his foot back right but I definitely expect him to be ready by Game
    One,’’ Cruz said.

    That sounds about right and as a result, Cruz suddenly is the one established
    receiver for Eli Manning to throw to once training camp kicks off July 26 at the
    University at Albany. One year ago, Cruz did not have a single NFL reception and
    was preparing for a camp battle merely to survive the roster cuts. In two weeks,
    he heads north as a young star, a Super Bowl champion with a franchise record
    for receiving yards in a season, owner of a magnetic salsa end zone dance, an
    incredible local-kid-makes-good tale, a bright smile and, seemingly, a
    burgeoning career awaiting him.

    “I wake up every morning, a part of me is just grateful I’ve been able to
    accomplish everything I’ve been able to accomplish this year and this
    off-season,’’ Cruz said. “I just wake up and I’m like ‘Man, a kid from Paterson
    [N.J.] that came up and has been able to cross all those barriers and now he’s
    coming into camp as a guy that’s a staple in the Giants offense now.’ It’s all
    good stuff, it’s good timing, I’m not too stressed out going into camp this

    This year is also different from last year in that Cruz, amid the post-Super
    Bowl hubbub, admits he hasn’t worked out as often. “I think last year I actually
    got more time because of the lockout, I spent a lot more time working out and
    training,’’ Cruz said. “This year, among all the things I’ve been doing as far
    as off-the-field stuff I’ve been able to manage three, four days a week for me
    to go in and work out.

    “It’s not so much finding time, just making sure I get there on time. All
    these events are great but I make sure I plan time and set time aside for myself
    to work out and get ready for my real job, which is playing football.

    “None of this stuff is going to hinder what I do on the field, just stuff
    that comes along with what I wanted to be. It was always my dream to be shooting
    commercials and photo shoots and stuff like that. I just did things I only
    dreamed of doing. As far as on the field stuff that’s going to take care of
    itself. I haven’t gone Hollywood at all, at least I don’t think so.’’

    His mindset heading into camp, Cruz says, is not the same as it’s been in the
    past. His goal is to sharpen his skills while also helping the other receivers
    on the team, as there’s no longer the need to open eyes in order to stick

    “This year I just want to go in and maintain my same play and make sure I’m
    staying sharp on the plays, staying sharp on my football as well as getting some
    of the young guys acclimated and getting them ready to go,’’ Cruz said.
    “Somebody’s got to fill that third role, whether it be an older guy like Ramses
    [Barden] or a younger guy like [Reuben] Randle or Jerrel Jernigan. Those guys
    have to be ready so it’s kind of double-duty, making sure I’m good to go, making
    sure I’m sharp and making sure the younger guys are getting in the

    As far as not having to fight for a roster spot, Cruz said “It’s gonna be a
    little weird, but coach Coughlin always tells us no matter what year we’re in
    always treat training camp like you’re a 19-, 20-year-old kid trying to make the
    team. I think that’s how I’m gonna approach it, making sure I’m still at the top
    of my game, still competing, still getting after it just like all the other
    guys, because that’s the only way you can get better. If you’re just sitting
    back and you’re timid and ‘I don’t want to go out there and show too much
    because I’ve already done this’ that’s either when you get hurt or you don’t
    prepare yourself for the upcoming season.’’



    "Brandon Jacobs has spent plenty of time this summer with his former Giants
    teammates and Wednesday night was no exception, as he attended the ESPYs in Los
    Angeles. If the Giants had won the Best Team award, Jacobs said he would have
    gone up to accept along with Eli Manning and Justin Tuck, among others.

    Clearly, Jacobs has no hard feelings toward the players he left behind now
    that he’s a member of the 49ers. But the bruising running back has never been
    reticent about his dissatisfaction with having to leave the only NFL team he’s

    When the Giants cut Brandon Jacobs before the date was approaching when he
    was to earn a $500,000 roster bonus there was still some hope that he might be
    re-signed to a more moderate salary. The two sides could not agree to terms and
    afterward, Jacobs expressed frustration to The Post that the difference was only
    a few hundred thousand dollars.

    Jacobs reiterated that sentiment Wednesday night in an interview Jim Rome on
    CBS Sports Network’s show ROME. Asked if leaving the Giants was strictly a money
    issue, Jacobs said “It was just money, that’s all it was, a couple hundred

    Jacobs was asked “For a couple hundred thousand bucks, wouldn’t you want to
    stay there? Wouldn’t they want you there?’’ His response? “You would think

    Jacobs did not exactly break the bank in his one-year deal with the 49ers, as
    he can earn as much as $2 million if he hits all his incentives on a contact
    that will pay him $1.575 million. Jacobs gets to face the Giants Oct. 14 in San




    "The underdog card is one that is constantly over-played in sports. A team can
    dominate all season and still find a reason to declare themselves the
    "underdog", even if it's unwarranted. Every year it seems the New York
    find themselves the as one, even coming off a Super
    Championship season. It may sound like overkill, but despite all the
    success last season, NFL "analysts" and talking heads, like every year,
    continue to give the G-Men no respect.

    This offseason, it all began with the release of the Las Vegas odds for teams
    to reach the Super
    . Vegas clearly believes the Giants' odds to repeat as champs are
    unlikely, giving them the tenth best odds in the NFL and fifth best in the NFC at 18-1. Their division rival Philadelphia Eagles
    rank ahead of the Giants with the fourth best odds at 12-1, and the Dallas
    Cowboys are tied with the Giants at 18-1.

    Even the experts at ESPN are riding the Eagles' and Cowboys' band wagons. On
    NFL Live, Damien
    Woody and Marcellus Wiley both predicted that the Eagles would win the NFC East,
    with the Cowboys coming in second, and the Super
    Champion Giants in third, missing the playoffs. Their reason was that
    the Giants had only a 9-7 regular season, ignoring the fact that the Eagles or
    self-declared "dream team," finished 8-8 and the Cowboys also finishing 8-8.
    When asked who the MVP of the NFC East would be, both Damien and Marcellus replied that
    Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo
    would be the division's most valuable player. Two time Super
    MVP Eli
    was left completely out of the conversation.

    On ESPN's Sports
    Center, former player and now NFL analyst Mark Schlereth was asked what order the teams
    in the NFC East
    would finish. His order was exactly the same as Damien Woody's and Marcellus
    Wiley's with the Eagles finishing first, the Cowboys second, and the Giants
    third. The host even acknowledged the fact that the Giants are being given no
    love and they now have plenty of motivation to prove everyone wrong.

    Adam Rank of is
    another Giants doubter. In his "Pick 6" he makes six predictions regarding the
    upcoming season. His number two prediction states that the Giants will improve
    their record but will not make the playoffs.

    "The New York
    finished with a 9-7 mark in 2011 but reached the playoffs after
    winning the NFC East.
    It was a fitting development, because Giants fans moaned after their 10-6 club
    missed the playoffs in favor of the 7-9 Saints Seahawks in
    2010. Look for history to repeat itself this year as the Giants improve their
    win total but just miss the playoffs."

    His number one prediction is that the Cowboys will win the NFC East,
    being the only NFC East
    team to make the playoffs.

    "The Dallas Cowboys would have won the NFC East last season if Miles
    and Tony Romo
    could have connected on a critical third-down play late in the fourth quarter of
    a Week 14 home loss to the Giants. That game was part of a 1-5 fade down the
    stretch. This year, though, the team will close with five home games out of the
    final seven, a favorable set-up that should help propel the Cowboys to the
    postseason. No wild card for the Giants, though, as three teams from the NFC North will
    make it."

    Michael Stewart of Football Nation gives the Giants slightly
    more credit, predicting they will finish second in the division behind the
    Philadelphia Eagles.

    "The New York
    will be defending champions entering the 2012 season and for that
    achievement, the schedule makers have given the Giants the toughest schedule
    within their division (119-89). Many NFL experts suggest that the Giants did not improve
    enough from last season to make a difference in 2012. I have to disagree a notch
    as players such as Terrell Thomas, Marvin Austin,
    Justin Tuck, Ahmad Bradshaw
    and Osi Umenyoira were
    either missing for the entire season, missed major playing time or played hurt
    throughout the season."

    "My final prediction for the Giants is a 9-7 record, which could perhaps be
    10-6, if everything goes their way. However; they will still most likely fall
    short and not make the playoffs."

    And Finally ESPN's KC Joyner believes that even though the Giants are the
    defending Super
    victors, the Eagles will win the division.

    "Prior to the 2011 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles' "Dream Team" was
    considered by most to be the NFC East favorite. This summer, the Giants are the
    defending Super
    champion, and as such are probably considered by most to be the
    division favorite. But the truth of the matter is the Eagles should be favored to win the

    The players are well aware of what the pundits are saying and are fully
    prepared to shut them up. Justin Tuck already guarantees a playoff

    "Tell your colleagues," Tuck said, "we ARE going to make the

    Captain Eli
    also chimed in.

    "(We are) taking kind of the attitude that we still have something to prove,"
    Manning said. "They called it a fluke and we got hot at the right time, but we
    were still not a great team. That should be the mindset (now). We have to be
    more consistent. We have to be better throughout the whole season and not have
    these streaks of good play and bad play."

    The Giants have been in this position before and actually prefer to play as
    the underdog. The team feels that playing with a chip on their shoulder helps
    them perform better, which has proven true in the past.

    The NFC "Beast" is
    always a very difficult division, maybe the toughest in the NFL, and every
    team faces a very grueling schedule. It is certainly feasible to see either the
    Giants, Cowboys, or Eagles coming away with the division. However, it seems
    among the so called experts, there are many more Giants doubters than there are
    believers. The bulletin board material keeps adding up as the offseason
    progresses, providing the Giants' coaches and team leaders with plenty to
    motivate their teammates. The Giants are faced with yet another season trying to
    prove the "haters" wrong. Perhaps Justin Tuck put it best.

    "When you get to the top of the mountain you don't want to go back down it,
    you want to stay there."



    "Following some late-May criticism about being overweight, New York
    Giants tight end Martellus Bennett told the media he's a lot closer to being Atlas than Professor Klump. Still, at
    291 lbs., there has been a growing concern over Bennett's conditioning and
    workout habits. And despite several Instagram pictures that appear to show
    Bennett in incredible shape, the talk about his weight has not subsided. Now, in
    an effort to finally put the chatter to rest, Bennett teamed up with NOC and
    Velocity Sports Performance to produce a training video that depicts his workout habits and
    proves that his weight is a non-issue.

    "I've been criticized pretty much all my life. The perception of me is that I
    don't work hard, but I bust my *** every day," Bennett said in the video. "Get
    used to seeing #89 do great things."

    Throughout the video, Bennett can be seen taking part in a variety of
    workouts that appear to be extremely intense. Moreover, he looks to be in
    tremendous shape and anything but overweight.

    "Everything goes back to being on the field at some point," he said. "There's
    no wrong way to eat a Reese's Pieces and there's no wrong way to

    To view a more complete training video featuring Bennett and Velocity Sports
    Performance (over 32 minutes long), check out the NOC YouTube page."


    "Back in mid-June, Green
    Bay Packers
    head coach Mike McCarty went on a rant about how the New York Giants didn't really beat his team, but that the
    Packers failed to show up and play. It was obvious that the loss had left an
    incredibly bitter taste in his mouth and being humble in defeat was not a part
    of who he is. Wide receiver Greg
    has not followed in his footsteps, however; acknowledging on
    Thursday that they were beaten by the superior team.

    “It hurts. It was a disappointing end to the season,” Jennings said. “But
    obviously, we lost to a better team at that point. We didn’t play up to our
    standard, but I can’t knock what the Giants did. They came in our house, beat us
    on our turf, got it done.”

    Jennings is the first Packers player to step up and truly acknowledge the
    Giants since the divisional playoff game. Primarily, players from Green Bay
    have been full of excuses and denial, blaming the loss on anything and
    everything other than the fact that they were defeated by a better team.

    After coming off a Super Bowl victory the previous year and a 15-1 regular
    season record, the Packers had every reason to believe they were the best team
    in the NFL.
    Unfortunately, games are not won on paper and it was clear from the get-go they
    were not prepared for the red hot Football Giants. Nevertheless, Jennings insists he's over
    the loss and ready to move on, saying “Over it. Got to be. Have to be. It’s

    The Giants are over last season, too. They're ready to get back out on the
    field in an effort to repeat and become the "worst team to ever repeat as Super
    Bowl champions."


    "Forbes recently revealed that the New York
    franchise was worth upwards of $1.3 billion. Former running back Brandon Jacobs has a net worth of $21 million … and
    the cost of his "fast ***" Nissan GT-R? Approximately $100,000,
    which does not include a long list of mortifications that could potentially
    double that number. Yet, somehow, the two sides parted ways over what amounts to
    pocket change for them.

    "It was just money, that’s all it was, a couple hundred thousand [dollars],"
    Jacobs told Jim Rome on Thursday.

    With such an insignificant amount of money between the two sides, you'd think
    they would have been able to come to some sort of medium. At least Jacobs did,
    saying "you would think [they'd make it happen]" for such a small amount of
    money. Instead, Jacobs was allowed to hit free agency where he signed a one-year
    deal worth up to $2 million with the San
    Francisco 49ers

    Jacobs also recently revealed that had he returned to the Giants, he would
    have changed his number from #27 to #29 to honor former Los Angeles Rams running
    back Eric Dickerson.

    In seven years with Big Blue, Jacobs rushed for 4,849 yards and a franchise
    record 56 touchdowns. He also hauled in 80 receptions for 730 yards and an
    additional four touchdowns. In 2007 and 2011, he helped the team bring home
    championship rings, defeating the New England Patriots in both Super Bowl XLII
    and Super Bowl XLVI."



    "We come to the fullback position today as we go position-by-position to
    determine our 2012 Big Blue View Preseason All-NFC East team. There aren't a lot
    of legitimate nominees for this spot.

    Here are the fullback nominees:

    , Giants
    -- The popular Hynocaurus played fairly well as a rookie
    for the Giants last season after being undrafted coming out of the University of
    Pittsburgh. Hynoski is a 6-foot-1, 266-pound blocking back who caught four
    passes in 11 games last season. He hopes for an increased role in the offense in
    2012, but his primary role will always be to clear a path for the guys behind
    him. Pro Football Focus gave Hynosky an overall grade of -0.4 for his rookie

    , Cowboys
    -- The
    6-foot, 250-pound Vickers is a six-year veteran who spent last season with the
    Houston Texans.
    Vickers is a veteran blocking back who carried the ball once and caught four
    passes last season.

    , Eagles
    -- Havili is a 6-foot, 230-pound player drafted in the
    seventh round by the Eagles in 2011. He spent last season on Philadelphia's
    practice squad.

    Big Blue View Preseason All-NFC East Team

    Center -- David Baas, Giants [47 percent of the vote]
    -- Chris Snee,
    Giants [70 percent of the vote], Evan Mathis, Eagles [26 percent of the vote]
    Left Tackle
    -- Tyron Smith,
    [39 percent of the vote]
    Right Tackle -- Todd
    , Eagles [53 percent of the vote]
    Tight End -- Jason Witten,
    Cowboys [88 percent of the vote]
    Wide Receivers -- Hakeem Nicks,
    Giants; Victor Cruz,

    Who is your choice for fullback on our 2012 Big Blue View
    Preseason All-NFC East Team?


    Lawrence Vickers, Cowboys



    Stanley Havili, Eagles



    Henry Hynoski, Giants


    9 votes"



    "Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's Friday and while the news items are few
    and far between football-wise, we're less than two weeks away from the start of
    training camp. I like the way that just rolled off my keyboard. Let's see what
    else we could find this morning....

    Coughlin: New York Giants HC Wins ESPY for Best Coach : New York

    ESPN is currently airing a countdown show and have revealed
    a couple of winners for categories that will not make the live telecast. LeBron
    James won the ESPY for Best NBA Player, and New York Giants
    head coach Tom Coughlin has won the ESPY for best coach.

    It's a good thing Andy Reid and/or Jason Garrett weren't nominated, or TC
    would have gotten snubbed.

    DreamWorks theme park could be coming to New Jersey | Fox

    Shrek might find a home in the swamps of northern New Jersey.
    The Hollywood studio that created the green ogre and the wisecracking zoo
    animals of "Madagascar" announced Wednesday it had agreed to license its
    characters, storytelling and technology for a theme park at a long-stalled and
    vacant megamall in the Meadowlands.

    of children learn football from former NFL guard Rich Seubert | The Marshfield
    News-Herald |

    Participants of the third
    annual Rich Seubert
    Youth Football Camp enjoyed spectacular weather Wednesday as they learned
    football fundamentals from the Super Bowl champion and 10-year veteran of the
    New York Giants. About 270 children participated in the event this year, which
    featured multiple stations to teach blocking, tackling, catching and other
    football skills and introduce them to the sport.

    event gets assist from NHP - The Island Now: News

    The two-day
    Ferraro Brothers Hockey Showcase at the Dix Hills Arena is being supported by
    New Hyde Park sports insurance agent Richard Salgado’’s Coastal Advisors LLC and
    Umberto Creo’s Umberto’s Pizzeria in New Hyde Park. Salgado is providing
    insurance coverage of the event and Creo’s restaurant is providing pizza for the
    aspiring hockey stars and their friends and family. Salgado and Creo have a
    ongoing relationship with the New York Giants NFL football team. Salgado, who is
    an agent to several Giants players, has been delivering pizzas to the Giants
    training complex during Friday practices for the past several seasons. One of
    Umberto’s managers personally delivered pizzas to the Giants on the Friday prior
    to their Super Bowl victory over the New England
    earlier this year.

    Those guys need to keep delivering pizza to every game, even if they play in

    Michael Vick launches new athletic wear line — V7 duds for kids, adults to be
    sold at Modell’s stores - NY Daily News

    "You know, I get a lot of
    people telling me every day they're New York Giants fans, but they're Michael Vick
    fans too," Vick told The News. "I just hope when they're not rooting for the
    Giants, they're rooting for me."

    Wow, there are so many things I want to say, but I'll leave it to you

    Cowboys win the NFC East and other predictions -

    will improve their record, but won't make the playoffs The New York Giants
    finished with a 9-7 mark in 2011 but reached the playoffs after winning the NFC
    East. It was a fitting development, because Giants fans moaned after their 10-6
    club missed the playoffs in favor of the 7-9 Saints Seahawks in 2010.
    Look for history to repeat itself this year as the Giants improve their win
    total but just miss the playoffs.


    ranks TV's most memorable moments - Times Union

    The Super Bowl is
    annually the most-watched TV event, with this year's game between the N.Y.
    Giants and New England Patriots setting an all-time record with 111 million
    viewers. The memories don't seem to linger, however: the top-ranked Super Bowl
    Sunday event in Sony's study came in 2004 and had nothing to do with football.
    It was Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction (No. 26)."


    "It is time for us to move to one of the glamour positions as we choose our
    Big Blue View Preseason All-NFC East Team. Today, we turn our attention to wide

    I know you can only vote for one guy, but I will take the top two overall
    vote-getters. The age of each nominee is in parenthesis.

    Hakeem Nicks,
    Giants (24)
    2011 stats: 76 catches, 1,192 yards (15.7 yards per catch), 7 touchdowns.

    Nicks has 202 catches in three NFL seasons. The only question with him is how
    healthy he will be at the beginning of the season after breaking his foot during
    preseason workouts.

    Victor Cruz,
    Giants (25)
    -- 2011 stats: 82 catches, 1,536 yards (18.7 yards per catch), 9

    Can Cruz keep the magic he found in 2011?

    , Eagles (24)

    -- 2011 stats: 63 catches, 859 yards (13.6 yards per catch), 5 touchdowns.

    Hate on the Eagles all you want, but you have to be able to recognize that
    Maclin is a tremendous player.

    , Eagles (25)
    -- 2011 stats: 58 catches, 961 yards (16.6 yards
    per catch), 4 touchdowns.

    Maybe not as consistently productive as some of the guys listed above, but
    every bit as dangerous.

    Dez Bryant, Cowboys (23) --
    2011 stats: 63 catches, 928 yards (14.7 yards per catch), 9 touchdowns.

    Maybe Bryant is a bit of a knucklehead, but he is incredibly talented. How
    good can he be if he ever actually reaches his potential? Really, really

    Santana Moss,
    -- 2011 stats: 48 catches, 584 yards (12.7 yards per catch), 4

    Best days are behind Moss, who has 639 career catches in 11 seasons.

    Who should be the wide receivers on our Big Blue View
    Preseason NFC East All-Star Team?


    Dez Bryant, Cowboys



    Victor Cruz, Giants

    199 votes


    Santana Moss, Redskins



    Jeremy Maclin, Eagles



    DeSean Jackson, Eagles



    Hakeem Nicks, Giants

    797 votes

    1027 votes"



    "We kick off our daily position-by-position training camp preview with a
    look at the Giants’ quarterbacks.

    The Players: Eli Manning, David Carr, Ryan Perrilloux

    The Storylines: So what does a two-time Super Bowl MVP do
    for an encore, you ask? Well if it’s Eli Manning, you look to get better, of

    How much better can he get? Well, if you’re wondering why Aaron Rodgers, Drew
    Brees and Tom Brady were ranked ahead of Manning in the NFL’s Top 100 Players poll, I’ll give you
    one possible reason that I’d be willing to bet is on Manning’s “to-do” list for
    this year: his 61% completion percentage. That number is lower than last year’s
    league-leader Brees (71.2%); Rodgers (68.3%); Brady (65.6%) and 10 other
    quarterbacks who logged at least 500 drop backs last season.

    Want another stat that Manning would surely like to improve? How about his 16
    interceptions, which were nine less than he posted in 2010, but still ten more
    than what Rodgers threw, and four more than what Brady tossed in 2011.

    Yes, of his peers ranked ahead of him, Manning has the ring, but that doesn’t
    mean that he can’t get better, something Manning has gone so far as to

    Keep an Eye On: Forget about last season, when Ryan
    Perrilloux was shuffled on and off the practice squad. Although he probably
    won’t make the 53-ma roster – injuries will likely force the Giants to keep an
    extra body or two at some positions, which we’ll talk about as we work through
    this series.

    During the spring practices, Perrilloux showed he has a very strong arm,
    throwing many passes on a rope with accuracy. The problem he had, and something
    that will bear watching once the preseason games begin, is his decision

    During the spring practices, Perrilloux often times didn’t scan the entire
    field, at times rushing his passes (which was why suspect some of his shorter
    passes lacked touch when it was necessary). If he was rushing his passes
    despite not being pressured, how much worse will things be once he starts
    playing in games and gets legitimate pressure?

    The answer to that question should go a long way toward determining
    Perrilloux’s future in the NFL.

    Predictions: Nothing to see here, folks. For as long as he’s
    healthy, Manning will be the starter, and Carr, the backup. Perrilloux,
    meanwhile, will likely go back to the practice squad if he clears waivers."


    "In today’s blog bit, we hear from fullback Henry
    , a guy who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty if it means
    winning football games.

    Q. Most guys come into camp, have OTAs and minicamp, have training
    camp, and then play in games. You, of course, didn’t have that sequence last
    year because of the lockout. In looking back, how much did missing the spring
    affect you last year?

    A. Well, I definitely think that this year,
    having had the OTAs, it’s made a big difference, just from a confidence level.
    Without the OTAs and minicamps, I went into the beginning of last season just
    cold, not knowing anything, and having to stay up until three in the morning
    just to learn my plays, and then be up by six to go to meetings and practice.
    Now that I have OTA and with the experience from last season, I have all the
    experience under my belt, I think I’m going to go into training camp this year
    with so much more confidence than I did last year.

    Q. What was a good lesson you took from being thrust into that kind
    of pressure cooker last year that you feel you can apply moving forward?

    A. I never watched so much film or studied my playbook as much as I
    did last summer. The good thing about last year is that I had more time on my
    hands whereas in college, I had to take time out for studying. Everything was
    strictly football last year, and whatever defense came out, I had an idea before
    the ball was even snapped what they were going to show, if there was going to be
    any pressures or blitzes coming and all that.

    Q. Is there more pressure on you now, in year two than there was last
    year when you were fighting to make the team?

    A. I don’t look at it
    like there’s pressure. There are so many guys out there that would love to play
    football professionally, and they can’t. So, I look at it like every day is a
    blessing. I look at this year not as pressure but with determination. Pressure
    is something you have when you’re not having fun. I have fun when I play
    football, and I just give my all on every snap.

    Q. Of the following three traits — confidence, strength, and
    knowledge of the playbook – which one do you think is going to be the foundation
    for your year-two growth?

    A. I think they all will balance
    themselves out equally. I feel confident in all my assignments to the point now
    where I’m trying to understand what the offensive line has to do, what the
    receivers are doing against certain coverages – I’m extending my knowledge
    because I know everything I need to know for my position. I feel stronger now
    than I ever have in my life, and I feel more conditioned than I ever have.

    Q. Some players planned to train in clusters during the downtime. Is
    there an advantage for you to do that at your position?

    A. Well, the
    best way to train is getting involved in live action, which of course will come
    with training camp and the preseason, and which took place during the OTAs and
    minicamp. I have been working out on my own – I saved all my games from last
    year. Every other day, I watch a different game and see what I could have done
    better as far as pad level, angles, ball fakes, whether it’s hard action or slow
    action — just finding little details and making a list of things that I can
    improve on this year.

    Q. Now that there’s a year’s worth of film on what you can do, do you
    anticipate that opponents might play against you differently this year than

    A. I think teams are definitely going to account for me more
    in the passing game now. A lot of times last year, they really did’t count on me
    being a factor. When that happened to me, I think proved that I could make plays
    with the ball in my hands. So I think teams are going to take that into account
    and give me more of a look. But if they do that, if they cover me, then someone
    else is going to be open, so it works hand-in-hand.

    Q. So, for as much as you’d like to get the ball in your hands,
    you’re willing to sacrifice the yards?

    A. Oh yeah, I really don’t
    care about yards or anything like that. All I really want to do is win football
    games. If that means having to block 50 times a game, that’s fine. If I have to
    be a decoy to help someone else get open, that’s fine, too. All I care about is
    helping the team win games. I’d rather win a Super Bowl any day than gain a
    1,000 yards. Winning a Super Bowl is the best feeling in the world."




    "Yesterday’s question….2011 was a banner year for the
    Giants’ receiving corp. Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks both eclipsed 1,000 yards
    receiving – a first for the Giants – but neither scored enough TDs to land
    themselves in the Giants’ top 10 for a single season.

    Who holds the franchise single-season record for receiving

    The answer….Homer Jones, with 13 in 1967. Jones was one of
    the most explosive players in the to ever play for the Giants. His career YPC of
    22.6 (214 receptions) is by far the best in team history. A 20th round draft
    pick in 1963, Jones was a unknown entity to most NFL fans, because the Giants a)
    fell on hard times right after his rookie season, and b) the blackout rule
    robbed many Giant fans from seeing him play on a weekly basis.

    Jones was traded to Cleveland after the 1969 season for RB Ron Johnson and DE
    Jim Kanicki. He played one year for the Browns and retired in 1971 after being
    dealt to the St.Louis Cardinals.

    Here are the other players to register more than 10 receiving TDs in a season
    for the Blue:

    2 Plaxico Burress 2007 12
    3 Del Shofner 1962 12
    4 Hakeem
    Nicks 2010 11
    5 Del Shofner 1961 11
    6 Plaxico Burress 2006 10
    7 Earnest
    Gray 1980 10
    8 Kyle Rote 1960 10
    9 Bill Swiacki 1948 10
    10 Frank Liebel
    1945 10


    "Tom Coughlin was voted Best Coach/Manager of the Year at the
    ESPY Awards Wednesday night, and whattya know….no one was shocked.

    The 65 year-old head man of the New York Giants is finally getting his due.
    Just one year after being voted the coach players would least likely want to
    play for, Coughlin is at the top of America’s most popular sport.

    Coughlin was not in LA for the ceremony, which has reached overkill status
    the past few years, but his captains were. From Dan Salamone of….

    “I think coach Coughlin does a great job of getting us prepared each
    season,”Eli Manning, who was nominated for Best Championship
    Performance, said before the show on ESPN. “And it’s tough – you go through
    injuries, ups and downs, but he keeps us focused. He keeps our confidence up no
    matter what happens, and we have a great chemistry of guys. We come in, we work
    extremely hard, we get prepared, and they treat this game and their profession
    very seriously. And those are the guys you want to have as teammates because you
    know week in and week out they’re going to be reliable and step up in game

    No one is more positive and harder-working than Coughlin. He is a dynamo. His
    age is never at issue to anyone who’s been around him. The team just extended
    his contract for three years, but if they had extended it for ten, no one would
    have blinked."





    "One of the more intriguing NFL rumors to surface recently surrounds
    wide receiver Victor Cruz, and the
    York Giants
    . Cruz virtually came out of nowhere last season and
    had one of the best seasons ever for a Giants wide receiver. The twenty-five
    year-old receiver from Paterson, NJ caught 82 passes for 1,536 yards and 9 TD’s
    in his first year as a Giants starter. He entered the year as the team’s fourth
    receiver behind Hakeem Nicks,
    Mario Manningham, and Domenik Hixon. However, an ACL injury to
    Hixon in Week 2 against the St.
    Louis Rams
    thrust Cruz into a more prominent role and he did not
    shy away.

    Cruz is entering the final year of his
    contract that will pay him $500,000 this year before he become an unrestricted
    free agent. However, Cruz is not stressing a new deal. He has complete
    confidence that his agent, Malik
    , will be able to negotiate a fair deal with GM Jerry Reese. Reese stated earlier in the
    offseason that he would like to sign Cruz to a new, long-term contract but that
    it would not be a priority. Cruz, meanwhile, has not threatened to hold out if
    a deal isn’t done, nor has he been vocal about his contract at all.

    Cruz, while I’m sure he would like the financial
    security, has run counter to what most of his peers in the NFL do in similar
    situations. Instead of complaining to anyone who will listen, being coy, or
    threatening to hold out, Cruz has answered all contract questions the same way,
    telling them he is letting his agent handle the negotiations.

    Cruz’s unflappable demeanor on and off the
    field has endeared him to Giants fans and Giants coaches alike. Whether it is
    doing a salsa dance on a stage somewhere, staying cool
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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