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    "At this time last year, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was worried
    about just making the team.

    Eighty-two receptions, 1,536 yards, nine touchdowns, one Super Bowl victory
    and a whole lot of salsa dancing later, the New Jersey native is in high

    Earlier this week he was at the ESPYs in Los Angeles. On Friday he sat in
    front of hundreds on the stage of Queens Theatre in Flushing to discuss his new
    book, Victor Cruz: Out of the Blue as part of Time Warner Cable's "Enjoy Queens
    Better" campaign.

    Even with all of the fan fare, Cruz isn't worried about any kind of Super
    Bowl hangover.

    "None of this stuff is going to hinder what I do on the field. It's just
    stuff that comes along with what I always wanted to be," Cruz said. "It was
    always my dream to be shooting commercials and (doing) photo shoots."

    "I just did things that I always dreamed of doing. As far as on the field
    stuff, that's going to take care of itself. I haven't gotten Hollywood at

    Hollywood or not, the Patterson, NJ native's position with the defending
    Super Bowl champs has certainly changed, and expectations going into training
    camp for Cruz and the Giants are high.

    "It's going to be a little weird," Cruz said. "But coach Coughlin tells us
    that no matter what year we're in to always treat training camp like you're a
    19-20 year old kid trying to make the team. I think that's how I'm going to
    approach it."

    If Cruz's approach yields similar results to last season, there will be a
    whole new distraction to deal with: contract negotiations.

    Cruz enters 2012 in the final year of a rookie contract that will pay the
    All-Pro wide out just $490,000.

    "I'm going to go out there and just take care of what my job is and that's go
    out there and play football," Cruz said. "Whenever the contract comes, it

    Going from just hoping to have a paycheck to negotiating just how many zeroes
    will be at the end of it in one year is quite a turnaround for Cruz, but he's
    not letting the bright lights or all of the recent success take his mind away
    from what he wants next.

    "Win another super bowl. That's the plan," Cruz said. "I kind of got spoiled
    winning one in my second year, but I want to win another one. That's the only



    "Victor Cruz caught up with Hakeem Nicks the other night at the ESPYs and Cruz
    noticed that Nicks was walking on his own, without any crutches.

    “That’s definitely a good sign,’’ Cruz said on Friday at a Time Warner Cable
    event at the Queens Theatre.

    Nicks fractured the fifth metatarsal in his right foot back on May 24 and the
    Giants set a recovery time of three months until he could get back in the

    “He told me he’s gonna take training camp to continue rehabbing and continue
    getting his foot back right but I definitely expect him to be ready by Game
    One,’’ Cruz said.

    That sounds about right and as a result, Cruz suddenly is the one established
    receiver for Eli Manning to throw to once training camp kicks off July 26 at the
    University at Albany. One year ago, Cruz did not have a single NFL reception and
    was preparing for a camp battle merely to survive the roster cuts. In two weeks,
    he heads north as a young star, a Super Bowl champion with a franchise record
    for receiving yards in a season, owner of a magnetic salsa end zone dance, an
    incredible local-kid-makes-good tale, a bright smile and, seemingly, a
    burgeoning career awaiting him.

    “I wake up every morning, a part of me is just grateful I’ve been able to
    accomplish everything I’ve been able to accomplish this year and this
    off-season,’’ Cruz said. “I just wake up and I’m like ‘Man, a kid from Paterson
    [N.J.] that came up and has been able to cross all those barriers and now he’s
    coming into camp as a guy that’s a staple in the Giants offense now.’ It’s all
    good stuff, it’s good timing, I’m not too stressed out going into camp this

    This year is also different from last year in that Cruz, amid the post-Super
    Bowl hubbub, admits he hasn’t worked out as often. “I think last year I actually
    got more time because of the lockout, I spent a lot more time working out and
    training,’’ Cruz said. “This year, among all the things I’ve been doing as far
    as off-the-field stuff I’ve been able to manage three, four days a week for me
    to go in and work out.

    “It’s not so much finding time, just making sure I get there on time. All
    these events are great but I make sure I plan time and set time aside for myself
    to work out and get ready for my real job, which is playing football.

    “None of this stuff is going to hinder what I do on the field, just stuff
    that comes along with what I wanted to be. It was always my dream to be shooting
    commercials and photo shoots and stuff like that. I just did things I only
    dreamed of doing. As far as on the field stuff that’s going to take care of
    itself. I haven’t gone Hollywood at all, at least I don’t think so.’’

    His mindset heading into camp, Cruz says, is not the same as it’s been in the
    past. His goal is to sharpen his skills while also helping the other receivers
    on the team, as there’s no longer the need to open eyes in order to stick

    “This year I just want to go in and maintain my same play and make sure I’m
    staying sharp on the plays, staying sharp on my football as well as getting some
    of the young guys acclimated and getting them ready to go,’’ Cruz said.
    “Somebody’s got to fill that third role, whether it be an older guy like Ramses
    [Barden] or a younger guy like [Reuben] Randle or Jerrel Jernigan. Those guys
    have to be ready so it’s kind of double-duty, making sure I’m good to go, making
    sure I’m sharp and making sure the younger guys are getting in the

    As far as not having to fight for a roster spot, Cruz said “It’s gonna be a
    little weird, but coach Coughlin always tells us no matter what year we’re in
    always treat training camp like you’re a 19-, 20-year-old kid trying to make the
    team. I think that’s how I’m gonna approach it, making sure I’m still at the top
    of my game, still competing, still getting after it just like all the other
    guys, because that’s the only way you can get better. If you’re just sitting
    back and you’re timid and ‘I don’t want to go out there and show too much
    because I’ve already done this’ that’s either when you get hurt or you don’t
    prepare yourself for the upcoming season.’’







    "Victor Cruz’s rise from undrafted free agent to elite receiver
    in the N.F.L. is inspiring. But he may be best known for his salsa end-zone
    celebration, which had the ultimate showcase during the Giants’ Super Bowl
    victory in February. It is even mimicked
    by his avatar
    in the Madden 13 video game. This is a busy month for Cruz,
    25. His autobiography, “Out of the Blue,” written with Peter Schrager, will be
    released Tuesday, and training camp opens July 26.


    Why did you decide to write a book now?


    I felt like I’ve been through so much in my life, and there are only short
    versions out there or some aspects in newspaper stories and elsewhere. I just
    wanted to tell the full story and not half of it or a piece of it or what’s
    happening now. I wanted to start from the beginning and go all the way through.
    And my mom was asking me to write a book as well.


    What message do you want readers to get from “Out of the


    It’s a book for adults and kids. It’s for anyone who was through a tough time
    or is in a tough time and think that they have been through so much and can’t
    pull themselves out of it. But if they read my book, they’ll know that I’ve been
    through a tumultuous time and things that you would think that would keep me
    down. And through all of that, I persevered and survived and made good out of a
    sometimes bad situation.


    In the book, you discuss the other athletes from Paterson, N.J.,
    including Larry Doby and Jason Perry, and how they motivated you. Do you hope to
    provide the same motivation to young athletes?


    I hope so. That’s always the goal, especially being from Paterson. I hope a
    lot of the kids and the teachers, even from local schools, can pick up the book
    and because my face is on it, it will be something that will inspire the kids to
    read. I think they won’t find the book boring but inspiring. I hope my story
    really gets kids — not just in Patterson but everywhere — motivated and gets
    them excited about reading a book and reading about my life.


    How are you and the Giants going to prevent a letdown this


    Just by understanding that we were 9-7 in the regular season and we had some
    tough games and we had a lot of mistakes. And we know that there is plenty of
    room for improvement and plenty of room for growth within our wide receiving
    corps and our entire team in general. And I think we are all still hungry. We
    know that we are young and we know that we will be able to make another push for
    it again this year if everybody stays healthy and everybody stays focused.


    Will the team miss Mario Manningham?


    Just from a personality standpoint and a friendship standpoint, we are going
    to miss him. But we understand that this is a business. And things like that
    happen. Guys get traded. Guys join new teams. It’s just part of the game. But we
    got some younger guys that we have to test a little bit, and they have to step
    and learn the position and learn what they have to do to get better.


    Do you expect defenses to pay more attention to you?


    I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and understand that the double team
    is going to come and not be shocked by it. I’ll alternate my routes accordingly
    and still be able to do the same things I’ve been doing. Hopefully, when I get
    double-teamed, that just means my teammates are open and they can make the best
    of their one-on-one situations and there is room for everyone else to get


    Were you surprised to learn about the New Orleans Saints’ bounty


    I was a little bit surprised, obviously, just hearing about the things that
    happened. I just want to know at the end of the day that all N.F.L. players and
    coaches are good-character people and the league will get to the bottom of


    You’ve attended enough social events this off-season to make Donald Trump
    envious. Of all the events, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume
    Institute Gala, an Audemars Piguet anniversary event with Tom Brady, and the
    Grammy Awards, which one did you enjoy the most?


    I would have to say the Cartoon Hall of Fame Awards. Just because it was all
    for kids and they were so excited. It was just a good time. I did a skit with
    Shaq and it was a fun time.


    What person were you most excited to meet after the Super Bowl


    Jerry Rice. I was like a little kid. I could barely say three words. He knew
    who I was. It was just a surreal moment for me. The guy is the best wide
    receiver to ever play the game and for him to know who I was and wish me luck
    was amazing. It was a great experience for me.


    Where is the strangest place you’ve been asked to salsa?


    I’ve been asked to dance in the supermarket. Sometimes, I think they’re are
    joking around, but they stand there with a serious face like, We really want you
    to do it. And I’m like, There’s no way I’m doing it right now. It’s crazy.


    Would you go on “Dancing With the Stars”?


    I was asked last year, halfway through the season. But I had to decline at
    the time. I just wanted to focus on football and focus on my craft. We would
    have to see what happens if I’m asked again. I’m not sure.


    Who is the best dancer to salsa with you?


    I would have to say my grandmother. She was the one who taught me. She’s the
    best person that I know that dances salsa.


    What’s on your iPod?


    Wale, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa. A lot of hip-hop.


    Which athlete in another sport do you admire?


    Derek Jeter. He’s another New York athlete, and he has perfected his craft
    for a long time. He’s well respected ? in the area and all over the world.
    Everybody knows his name. He’s a guy who worked really hard at his craft, and he
    even when he’s down and out, he comes back and has a tremendous season. I’m just
    excited to watch him He’s one of the guys I look at every day.


    What’s your favorite nightclub in New York City?


    A place called Tenjune. It’s nice club. It’s one I go to from time to time
    and I have fun there.


    Favorite restaurant?


    The Spotted Pig."

    GIANTS 101


    "The history of a thirty-eight year-old Tim Mara purchasing a New York football
    team for five-hundred dollars (some debate it was two-thousand five hundred) in
    October of 1925 is well-known to the educated Giants fan. So is the fact that a
    thirteen year-old Wellington Mara (along with brother, Jack) was given
    ownership four years later in 1929.

    The history of the franchise and the Mara's is rich, but one person
    that deserves mention and recognition is the ever-present matriarch and
    protector: Ann (Mumm) Mara. Mrs. Mara remains a very visible fixture with her
    boys in blue.

    Many give the credit to Mara for having the Giants sideline on the
    sunny side, when in actuality that dates back to Tim Mara’s wife Elizabeth in
    1925 at the Polo Grounds—as recalled by Wellington himself:

    “We were sitting on the Giants side of the field, and it was chilly.
    My mother complained to my father that we were sitting in the shade. 'Why
    couldn’t we sit where we’d be nice and warm?’ So, the next game, and from then
    on, the Giants were in the sun.”

    Tradition is huge with Big Blue as is maintaining a certain level of
    continuity with the team as well as with the family; the Mara's never changed
    this line of thinking. There’s no way Mrs. Mara didn’t remind Wellington of this
    “sunny side” during the building and eventual opening of Giants Stadium in 1976
    and again to John Mara
    regarding the New Meadowlands Stadium/MetLife in 2010.

    Ann Mara’s
    very first time on the field wasn’t until 2001, believe it or not, and it was at
    home at Giants Stadium—after the 41-0 drubbing of the Minnesota Vikings en route
    to Super Bowl XXXV. From then on, she never looked back. She got a taste of
    that bonding and continued getting to know her “children”—eventually celebrating
    again with them.

    In 2008, after the New York Giants beat the Green Bay
    Packers in Lambeau in OT in the NFC Championship Game, Ann Mara
    let her fiery side show.

    "Let me tell you about Green
    ," she said. "This is before we even got to the stadium on Lombardi Ave.,
    before it was Lombardi this and Lombardi that. This was at the hotel the night
    before [in Appleton, Wis.]. They even had a Lombardi Steakhouse, with a letter
    from my husband framed on the wall. All this Lombardi around you, no matter
    where you turned, and all I could think was, 'Vinny used to sleep on our
    couch!’… 1040 Park Ave. We didn't know at the time we had an immortal sleeping
    on the hideaway."

    Gotta love mama Mara! She doesn’t back down and she shows that she,
    too, has the heart of a Giant. She was even hyped up a week prior post-NFC
    Divisional win versus the Dallas Cowboys.

    "What do I know?" she said, before she goes to Arizona for Super Bowl
    Week. "I was happy enough after we beat the Cowboys. I thought that was our
    championship game…All those Sundays, all the way back to the Polo Grounds. Who
    could have known there could still be a few more like this?"

    A few more, indeed. The 2011 Giants season gave her more to
    celebrate—and more to show her loyal side over. This past January, Mrs. Mara got
    on the field after the NFC Championship win versus the San Francisco 49ers and
    poked at former NFL quarterback
    (now FOX broadcast analyst) Terry
    and shouted:

    “Hey! Excuse me!” she said during an interview with Giants wide
    receiver, Victor Cruz. “You never pick the Giants!” while waving her finger at
    him—forcing the HOF QB to apologize and recover: “I’m sorry,” Bradshaw said then
    (turning to the cameras), “I'm getting hammered for not picking the

    Mrs. Wellington Mara is very much like her team and head coach
    Tom Coughlin has confessed such.

    “I know that in many ways, many times Mrs. Mara’s attitude is
    reflective of the way that we would hope our team plays. She has great energy
    and tremendous interest and she is so interested in the team playing well and
    doing well.”

    Much like the head coach, Ann Mara doesn’t let injury stop her either. She had a
    fall and she broke her right shoulder after receiving Communion at Mass hours
    after the Giants win in Candlestick Park.

    “…But other than this,” she said, looking at her right shoulder in a
    sling, “I’m fine now. I’m just sore, and black and blue.”

    That didn’t stop her from flying to Indianapolis and watching her New York
    Giants win and hoist another Lombardi Trophy. She was right there, too,
    hoisting away."



    "As New York
    Giants’ training camp is officially set to open July 26, the preamble to the
    jawing has begun. With NFL club camps opening, the 2012 season will soon be
    following—which means the banter becomes even more real.

    Recently, not-yet-signed Washington Redskins’ rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin
    III, targeted Big Blue.

    “…I’m really excited about the possibilities for us within the NFC East
    and outside of that division, but you gotta take it one game at a time and if
    the New York
    Giants pop up on that schedule, you better believe those guys are gonna be
    pumped and ready to go—maybe a tad more than they would be for another team, but
    every team’s important…”

    Ya don’t say, RGIII? According to Head Coach Tom Coughlin, “Respect All and
    Fear None” is the Giants approach and that doesn’t appear to be on the agenda to
    change for 2012. Griffin just doesn’t know. Yet.

    More quotes and quips will be sure to arrive in the coming month as a deluge
    of questions asked will for sure be an attempt to catch a player in an offseason
    interview lull and net a juicy headline-worthy piece. It happens every year: see
    “Dream Team”.

    So far, the Dallas
    front has remained complimentary of the World Champion Giants. LB
    DeMarcus Ware remarked that he wanted his team to emulate Big Blue.

    “I really don’t like to talk about the Giants, but their team camaraderie,
    where they had the adversity right at the beginning, and then all of a sudden,
    it really kicked in,” Ware said. “The last maybe eight games, the blood sweat
    and tears really kicked in, the guys started feeling it and they had that
    swagger about themselves. It’s not on the coaches at all, it’s all about the
    players. It’s just being there for the man beside you.”

    Cowboys Owner/GM/Coach, Jerry
    was actually first to praise his NFC East adversary earlier this year.

    "I don't want to take anything away, but the big difference was Eli came up
    here and started what seemed like a pretty significantly — not improving is the
    word for it — but the quarterback play with Eli was the huge difference," Jones
    said. "They're a real inspiration and, frankly, what I hoped that we were going
    to be — and that is a team that had good days and bad days and really took off
    on a run," Jones said of the Giants defense. "They did, and we

    The Philadelphia Eagles have thus far to comment. Training
    camp is usually where Head Coach Andy Reid
    gets his PC commentary in. This is also where, in the past, the players have run
    away with a bit of their own itinerary. The disdain is always going to be there
    towards the G-Men; it’s only a matter of time and who passes the bulletin board
    material on to the press.

    Needless to say, along with reports about how each team and players appear
    for the upcoming NFL season,
    injuries and pending player signings, we should also expect a bit of particulars
    for us here to prepare ranting diatribes on. It’s almost time to put the kicking
    tee down for kickoff, Giants fans. Anyone else hear AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”?"


    "Last offseason, the New York
    suffered a slew of devastating injuries to several key players. Among
    those players were cornerbacks Terrell
    , Prince Amukamara, and Brian Witherspoon. This left the team
    short-handed at a key position, and it necessitated General Manager Jerry Reese
    to search the free agent scrap-heap for an unsigned, yet capable player to come
    in and become a contributing member to the defense.

    In came Justin
    , the 2008 fourth-round draft pick of the Washington Redskins, who had
    recently been released by the Indianapolis Colts. He was signed by the Giants
    after Week four, and made his debut the next game against the Seattle

    Tryon actually played well in dime packages for the team last season.
    However, in only his third game with Big Blue, heseverely broke his arm against
    the Miami Dolphins. Tryon hurt his arm fairly early in the contest. However, he
    exacerbated the injury while making a valiant effort to tackle Dolphins' punt
    returner Reggie Bush.

    "I ran down there and was hoping to just knock him out of bounds because he
    was near the sideline. It just came down to having a whole lot of hope and just
    trying to make that play," Tryon said.

    Tryon received praise from his coaches and teammates for the play,
    but he still had to sit out the rest of the team's eventual Super Bowl run
    because of his injury. After the Week 8 matchup against Miami, Giants head coach
    commented about Tryon's broken arm.

    "The gunners, as you know, in that situation have not always come through for
    us, and this kid did. The other thing I appreciated and I take my hat off to him
    is I was standing close by as the doctors were showing him and talking to him
    about his injury, he didn’t want to hear about it. He said, ‘When can I play?
    Can I play again? Just put a cast on it and I’ll play.’ That was something to
    hear a young man talk like that, how badly he wanted to play.”

    On the field, Tryon is an undersized corner (5'9") that plays very
    aggressively. He's not afraid to get into the face of an opposing wide receiver
    at the line of scrimmage. However, he lacks the speed and acceleration to make
    pays on the ball if a receiver does break free of his initial coverage . That
    being said, Tryon has proven to be an asset on special teams and if he makes the
    53-man roster, he would surely have significant responsibilities in that

    Heading into training camp this season, the Giants currently have four
    cornerbacksthat are a lock to make the roster, but Tryon is not one of them.
    With projected starters Corey
    and Terrell
    , along with recent draft picks Prince Amukamara and Jayron Hosley,
    the team will most likely take one more player to fill out the depth chart.

    If healthy, Tryon should be the favorite to win the final cornerback spot.
    However, Antwaun Molden and Michael
    are going to be stiff competition. Molden, in particular, played in all
    16 games for the New
    Patriots last season, and recorded two interceptions. However, Tryon
    does not seem too worried about the competition.

    The defense, it all ties into what I do best. So I’m cool, I don’t care about
    the competition (at corner) because I know if I do what I do, I’ll be fine.’
    Guys asked me if I’m worried about the competition? No, because if I handle
    myself, I’ll be okay.

    It should be interesting to watch how the battle at cornerback plays out
    during training camp. Not only is there competition to fill out the bottom of
    the depth chart, but even the identities of both the second starting cornerback
    and nickel cornerback are still not officially determined. Stay tuned to Giants
    101 for further updates regarding the team's situation in the defensive


    "The underdog card is one that is constantly over-played in sports. A team can
    dominate all season and still find a reason to declare themselves the
    "underdog", even if it's unwarranted. Every year it seems the New York
    find themselves the as one, even coming off a Super
    Championship season. It may sound like overkill, but despite all the
    success last season, NFL "analysts" and talking heads, like every year,
    continue to give the G-Men no respect.

    This offseason, it all began with the release of the Las Vegas odds for teams
    to reach the Super
    . Vegas clearly believes the Giants' odds to repeat as champs are
    unlikely, giving them the tenth best odds in the NFL and fifth best in the NFC at 18-1. Their division rival Philadelphia Eagles
    rank ahead of the Giants with the fourth best odds at 12-1, and the Dallas
    Cowboys are tied with the Giants at 18-1.

    Even the experts at ESPN are riding the Eagles' and Cowboys' band wagons. On
    NFL Live, Damien
    Woody and Marcellus Wiley both predicted that the Eagles would win the NFC East,
    with the Cowboys coming in second, and the Super
    Champion Giants in third, missing the playoffs. Their reason was that
    the Giants had only a 9-7 regular season, ignoring the fact that the Eagles or
    self-declared "dream team," finished 8-8 and the Cowboys also finishing 8-8.
    When asked who the MVP of the NFC East would be, both Damien and Marcellus replied that
    Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo
    would be the division's most valuable player. Two time Super
    MVP Eli
    was left completely out of the conversation.

    On ESPN's Sports
    Center, former player and now NFL analyst Mark Schlereth was asked what order the teams
    in the NFC East
    would finish. His order was exactly the same as Damien Woody's and Marcellus
    Wiley's with the Eagles finishing first, the Cowboys second, and the Giants
    third. The host even acknowledged the fact that the Giants are being given no
    love and they now have plenty of motivation to prove everyone wrong.

    Adam Rank of is
    another Giants doubter. In his "Pick 6" he makes six predictions regarding the
    upcoming season. His number two prediction states that the Giants will improve
    their record but will not make the playoffs.

    "The New York
    finished with a 9-7 mark in 2011 but reached the playoffs after
    winning the NFC East.
    It was a fitting development, because Giants fans moaned after their 10-6 club
    missed the playoffs in favor of the 7-9 Saints Seahawks in
    2010. Look for history to repeat itself this year as the Giants improve their
    win total but just miss the playoffs."

    His number one prediction is that the Cowboys will win the NFC East,
    being the only NFC East
    team to make the playoffs.

    "The Dallas Cowboys would have won the NFC East last season if Miles
    and Tony Romo
    could have connected on a critical third-down play late in the fourth quarter of
    a Week 14 home loss to the Giants. That game was part of a 1-5 fade down the
    stretch. This year, though, the team will close with five home games out of the
    final seven, a favorable set-up that should help propel the Cowboys to the
    postseason. No wild card for the Giants, though, as three teams from the NFC North will
    make it."

    Michael Stewart of Football Nation gives the Giants slightly
    more credit, predicting they will finish second in the division behind the
    Philadelphia Eagles.

    "The New York
    will be defending champions entering the 2012 season and for that
    achievement, the schedule makers have given the Giants the toughest schedule
    within their division (119-89). Many NFL experts suggest that the Giants did not improve
    enough from last season to make a difference in 2012. I have to disagree a notch
    as players such as Terrell Thomas, Marvin Austin,
    Justin Tuck, Ahmad Bradshaw
    and Osi Umenyoira were
    either missing for the entire season, missed major playing time or played hurt
    throughout the season."

    "My final prediction for the Giants is a 9-7 record, which could perhaps be
    10-6, if everything goes their way. However; they will still most likely fall
    short and not make the playoffs."

    And Finally ESPN's KC Joyner believes that even though the Giants are the
    defending Super
    victors, the Eagles will win the division.

    "Prior to the 2011 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles' "Dream Team" was
    considered by most to be the NFC East favorite. This summer, the Giants are the
    defending Super
    champion, and as such are probably considered by most to be the
    division favorite. But the truth of the matter is the Eagles should be favored to win the

    The players are well aware of what the pundits are saying and are fully
    prepared to shut them up. Justin Tuck already guarantees a playoff

    "Tell your colleagues," Tuck said, "we ARE going to make the

    Captain Eli
    also chimed in.

    "(We are) taking kind of the attitude that we still have something to prove,"
    Manning said. "They called it a fluke and we got hot at the right time, but we
    were still not a great team. That should be the mindset (now). We have to be
    more consistent. We have to be better throughout the whole season and not have
    these streaks of good play and bad play."

    The Giants have been in this position before and actually prefer to play as
    the underdog. The team feels that playing with a chip on their shoulder helps
    them perform better, which has proven true in the past.

    The NFC "Beast" is
    always a very difficult division, maybe the toughest in the NFL, and every
    team faces a very grueling schedule. It is certainly feasible to see either the
    Giants, Cowboys, or Eagles coming away with the division. However, it seems
    among the so called experts, there are many more Giants doubters than there are
    believers. The bulletin board material keeps adding up as the offseason
    progresses, providing the Giants' coaches and team leaders with plenty to
    motivate their teammates. The Giants are faced with yet another season trying to
    prove the "haters" wrong. Perhaps Justin Tuck put it best.

    "When you get to the top of the mountain you don't want to go back down it,
    you want to stay there."



    "Pro Football Focus has been running a series of three-year efficiency ratings
    for a variety of positions and circumstances. One of PFF's most recent studies
    was a look at offensive tackle pass-blocking effiency.

    It will come as no surprise to New York Giants
    fans that PFF rates David Diehl of
    the Giants as the least efficient pass-blocking tackle in the NFL over the past
    three seasons. PFF divided total pressures (sacks, hits, hurries) allowed and
    divided that by snaps played at tackle. Diehl came up with an NFL-worst
    plass-blocking efficiency rating of 92.30.

    Showing a sense of humor, PFF wrote that the Giants' tackle has an
    "impressive ability to give up pressure." That, I am sure Giants' fans already

    Here, though, is something you might not have known. Sean Locklear,
    signed by the Giants as a free agent to provide veteran depth at both tackle
    spots, is ranked 11th-best in pass-blocking efficiency the past three seasons
    with a 95.51 rating.

    Locklear, if you are wondering, has spent most of his eight-year career
    playing on the right side -- where Diehl is the starter for the upcoming


    "Good morning, New York Giants
    fans! Here is a little Saturday morning reading material for you.

    book tackles Revis, Cro, Cowboys - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

    He had
    heard plenty of trash talk last year, but being put down by Jets cornerbacks Darrelle
    and Antonio
    resonated with Giants receiver Victor

    rallying around Peyton's comeback - Yahoo! Sports

    Eli, meanwhile, smiles
    at the sight of his older brother back on the field, actively running high
    school-age campers through drills along with the college quarterbacks who serve
    as counselors.

    ''I've seen him play football since I was 7 years old, so
    the last 25 years he's been a great role model and someone to follow - his work
    ethic and how he handles himself and how he plays the game at such a high
    level,'' Eli said. ''I'm excited to see him back in uniform, see him back
    playing. Obviously he went through a tough year last year.''

    Witten responds to Amani Toomer comments - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

    "I think he's an elite league quarterback," Witten said of Romo.
    "Many people have said that. I think that's great that Amani said that, but at
    the end of the day, Eli is a Super Bowl champ. He's won two out of the last five
    years. They're doing a lot of good things right up there. They're the poster
    boys of how you do it and not let adversity get in the way because of where
    they're at."

    release receiver Williams after disappointing 2011 season - NFL -
    News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy

    The Seattle Seahawks
    have cut wide receiver Mike Williams after two up-and-down seasons that first
    reignited his career before injuries slowed him in 2011.

    Football Draft Guide: How to Outsmart the Competition -

    of the most common mistakes in fantasy drafts is the selection of the "best
    player available."

    York Giants coach watches his son's career develop - Evening Sun

    New York
    Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty walked into the NFL teams film room
    two years ago and saw himself, from his playing days at Delone Catholic High, on
    the screen."


    "Let's turn to running back today as we continue to go position-by-position to
    name our Bog Blue View Preseason All-NFC East Team.

    Here are your nominees.

    LeSean McCoy,
    -- McCoy ran for 1,307 yards in 2011, averaged 4.8 yards per carry
    and led the NFDL with 17 rushing touchdowns. He has has back-to-back 1,000-yard
    seasons and, entering his fourth season, is a tremendous player. He was named
    All-Pro for his work last season.

    , Giants
    -- Ran for 659 yards in 12 games last season, roughly
    half of the 1,235 yards he accumulated in 2010. The Giants' running game needs
    to get better and Bradshaw needs to be part of that.

    , Cowboys
    -- A
    third-round pick a season ago, Murray ran for 897 yards in 13 games (only seven
    starts) for Dallas. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry and had a 253-yard game
    against the St. Louis Rams.

    Roy Helu, Washington
    -- Ran for 640 yards (4.2 yards per carry) and caught 49 passes
    as a rookie in 2011.

    David Wilson,
    -- Might as well put the Giants' first-round draft choice on the list
    since we are projecting.

    Big Blue View Preseason All-NFC East Team

    Center -- David Baas, Giants [47 percent of the vote]
    -- Chris Snee,
    Giants [70 percent of the vote], Evan Mathis, Eagles [26 percent of the vote]
    Left Tackle
    -- Tyron Smith,
    [39 percent of the vote]
    Right Tackle -- Todd
    , Eagles [53 percent of the vote]
    Tight End -- Jason Witten,
    Cowboys [88 percent of the vote]
    Wide Receivers -- Hakeem Nicks,
    Giants [77 percent of the vote]; Victor Cruz,
    Giants [19 percent of the vote]

    Who should be the running back on our 2012 Big Blue View
    Preseason All-NFC East team?

    • [/list]

      224 votes | Results










    "Clint Sintim was supposed to provide big
    time edge rushing for the New York
    He was a 3-4 outside linebacker at the University of Virginia and was supposed to be a pass
    rushing linebacker/defensive end for the Giants, much in the same vein as
    Matthias Kiwanuka. Two torn ACL’s
    later, his career is
    very much in doubt.

    Sintim has only started one game in his
    career, and has recorded just one sack. With all the depth the Giants have now
    at linebacker, there is some question as to whether or not he’s going to make
    the team. He won’t crack the starting lineup unless there are injuries. Jacquian Williams and Marc Herzlich are ahead of him on the depth chart as
    Greg Jones can play in the middle
    which Sintim can’t. It seems like he doesn’t have a clear fit on the the

    As the Giants have shown for years, you
    can never have enough pass rushers. The thing that Sintim has going for him is
    that skill. After two ACL surgeries, you have to wonder whether some of that
    ability has left him. Sintim led all NCAA linebackers in sacks with 11 in his
    senior year and that ability led Jerry
    to drafting him with a second round pick.

    For all the reasons above, this training camp
    is very important for Sintim’s career. He’s gone from second round pick, to
    basically on the bubble as to whether or not he’s going to make the roster. If
    he “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1