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    Let me start this off by saying I'm a Michigan State fan, so I loved watching this kid play in college. From hearing Coughlin's post-practice comments and some comments by beat-writers, apparently he's impressing in camp, at least to the extent that he's adapting to his outside position, and still has the versatility to be a back up at MLB. I know most of you thought that Jones was the one on the bubble before camp, so i was curious if you guys still feel that way. I honestly hate looking at the linebacker position because there are so many guys that i see as starters or backups, i really don't know who i would want cut.

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    Honestly I see Jones vs Herz-Cules as being one of the best battles during the training camp/pre-season, cause as much as I like Chase he's not our long term solution.

    College biases aside, I see Herz stepping up and taking the role. Jones seemed to be too slow to do any good in the pass game
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      i entirely agree in terms of herz vs jones. i would be shocked if herz wasnt the full time mike by week 8. in terms of jones, i think he could be a solid "6th man" in basketball terms for the linebacking corp, along with williams.


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        Can't wait to see how they do in the game in Jacksonville, should give us an idea of how they are coming along!


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          Jones is a football player and I mean that in the best way. He also contributed nicely on special teams which is a necessity for backup LB, DB and WR.
          That said, I didn't see the necessary speed in him last year to think that he can help us on the outside. With the way the league is going (think Patriots and Niners etc) Linebackers are being called upon to defend the pass against bigger faster players. I don't think that is Jonesy's strong suit. Still I love him because he knows how to find the ball and make some plays. I think he finds a way to stick with us.
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