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Offense and JPP won this game for us!!!

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  • Offense and JPP won this game for us!!!

    Most of the fans can blame Gilbride all they want, but it was great playing calling by our OC and a good gameplan to give Diehl some help. Even tho the offense squandered some opportunites in the redzone early, they never gave up and came up with some huge plays.

    Jason Pierre Paul singlehandley carried this defense...I never seen a young defensive line this dominant since Jevon Kearse's rookie season...this guy plays with a nonstop motor and has more mental toughness than the rest of the starting defense combined.

    This secondary is absolutely trash...U can blame Fewell's scheme all u want....but no defensive coordinatoor will win with this secondary. These guys are seriously overrated starting with Antrel Rolle and Aaron Ross. Its unbelievable that Romo missed that pass...the football gods was with us tonight. JPP stepped up when Osi and Tuck decided to take a week off. This team will have to score at least 35 a game.

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    Re: Offense and JPP won this game for us!!!

    Sadly I have to agree. Thou it took to long IMO to get DD help. Still a bit to predictable on offense but they made the plays and calls when they really needed it. Ross was targeted brutally tonite. And Tuck was no where to be found. Not sure if he's injured but he needs to step up bad. JPP will be double and tripled teamed so the rest need to really step up. Not sure how you fix the secondary at this point. But this needs to improve ASAP, thank goodness for Eli and JPP.


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      Re: Offense and JPP won this game for us!!!

      You know it's bad when i even know what the next play being called is.

      JPP did win the game. Bye, bye Osi!!!
      Good teams win games, Great teams cover the spread!