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  • poor perriloux

    i know i spelt his name wrong but i feel bad for the kid, you try completing a pass with that offensive line letting multiple defenders in unblocked. flaraty is going to have his hands full with that bunch

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    I thought he played well in a pressure situation and moved the ball down the field really well. The real problem was the O-line and and are secondary.


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      Eww I dunno. He made a lot of bad reads as well as several mental mistakes late in that game. It is still early, so hopefully he improves


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        I wonder how he would have played with our starting O-line and receivers... he did pretty well with Wilson in his backfield at least. He's no Eli Manning, but he's serviceable...

        I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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          What bothered me was, I watching the game with my dad & towards the end he said "I wouldn't worry about it, more than half of these guys won't make the team".....that's usually what I tell myself in preseason.....then I look, Mccants,Mosley & brewer....all guy that we actually drafted, looking absolutely horrible......



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            Don't worry. He will never make the regular season roster for the Giants. He's just an extra body to get through the preseason games. Absolute worst case scenario, Giants will sign a FA experienced QB to play in the regular season.


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              I am not worried about McCants and Mosley because they are rookies and where drafted for their potential and and have allot to learn. But brewer on the other
              should be further along then they are, so it is a little disappointing to see him get beat so bad.