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  • I am an idiot

    During th game I was ripping this team and coaching staff apart. And while I still think the defense is dooming this team, Eli Manning has proven that he can bring his team back not matter how dire the game looks, and we do have someone special on defense, and his is 23 and amazing JPP.

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    Re: I am an idiot

    If it was just our defense I'd be concerned; but almost every game around the league these days is a shooting match. We're not alone in this, our defense is probably as good as most, it's just that the rules are making it harder to play defense these days. If a DB or LB puts a hand on somebodies shoulder pads without even changing their route, they get flagged for illegal contact. Eli is tearing up other defenses just as bad as ours is getting torn up late in the game. I think it's pretty much a league wide phenomena.

    And yes, JPP is going to be an incredible player. He's going to come with a wicked price tag somewhere down the road too. Going to cost a lot of cap room to keep him around.