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Will Hill and Paysinger

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  • Will Hill and Paysinger

    Somewhere in the mix I thought these two got lost in the chatter. I know hill is reaching Seawright/ Mix status but difference is coaches are hyping him not just fans and he is running with 1's in practice. Looked great as an in the box safety. Nice tackle behind the line and 4 tackles in limited duty. Think he is a shoe in for Grants spot with J Will hurting and Sash out. Kid looks impressive.

    Paysinger wasn't flashy but made all the plays he was supposed to. Standard tackles but again he made them.

    Other quick thoughts from week 1 preseason.

    Hard to ignore hendricks dominating 2's and 3's at tackle.

    Marshall and Broha played well with 3's at end.

    Tracy will replace tolly with ease and may even be better (trattou better get healthy quickly)

    Herzlich has to be starting MLB - guy is flying.

    Only a matter of time for bennett to take pascoe's job - great debut.

    Hosley looked very good at cb - love it if he could be nickel and move rolle back to safety in those spots but its a tough position to learn and not sure he will get ther this year.

    No one really took over for the third spot at wr - barden had a nice catch - jernigan has a TD if he doesnt get mugged (ugh replacement refs) and randle flashed nicely with 2's and 3's.

    Punt returns - well hosley was first up and looked great even though it got called back - but JERNIGAN AND HOSLEY if you muff one more punt coughlin will go back to his old tricks and find a vet to just catch the damn thing (hence blackmon ross and mcquarters). I think Hosley will win in the end.

    HELLO DAVID WILSON - sorry but its only a matter of time with this kid. I know its one preseason game but if you couldnt see the flash inside and out of tackles then your not seeing it right. I said the same thing of JPP early on - he is just faster and quicker then everyone out there - just needs to learn the playbook - it wont all be this year but soon. AND FINALLY we may have our return man.

    I thought Austin looked rusty (to be expected) but not much push - Huge man though.

    Robinson is also a big boy - not much from the project yet though.

    Prince got caught peeking twice - and lined up inside when he should not have (nice to know the mistake was mental - can be corrected) but with webster on other side guys are gonna pick on him - has to be up to the challenge - hell that was gabbart and thomas not romo and dez or vick maclin.

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    Hill is making this team. Herzlich looked very good. Austin looked tired at one pint and got pushed around a couple of times but he did have a great push on that play where they had a sack and fumble recovery.


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      Pretty good read on the young guys last night. Really like what we saw with Tracy. Bennett will be the man once he gets even more settled in. Herzlich will be taking over the MLB spot really soon. You have to be excited about what this team can do.The NFC will be a tough one to get out of, clearly the elite teams play in the NFC.


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        Marshall stood out to me. he attended the same school as JPP


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          Tracy needs to show that he can hold up against the run, because he was getting blown back on running plays last night.

          Looked good as a pass rusher though . . . .
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            Originally posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
            Tracy needs to show that he can hold up against the run, because he was getting blown back on running plays last night.

            Looked good as a pss rusher though . . . .
            Sounds an awful lot like Osi
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              Tracy certainly has a nice speed rush and is fast to the qb but did over pursue on some run plays. Things he must correct, but as a 4th DE and a pass rush specialist he will hold up nicer then TOLLY who never played the run at all, in fact I think he will completely our play him as a pass rusher as well.


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                Didn't really see much from Paysinger and a couple of times he got blown right off the play. Will Hill on the other hand was very physical and always disrupting the offense.
                No one remembers who came in second.


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                  Lead the team in tackles with 6 in limited time - at least half of them were near LOS. And I believe he helped sniff out a screen pass. He played well with 2's.