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  • Locklear

    I tried watch the LT position friday nite and the times I saw Locklear in it seemed as he was doing a pretty good job.Did anyone else see the job he was doing?
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    Looked mostly good to me, BUT... he was going against a rookie on the first team.

    Here's my count on Locklear:

    Locklear starts game at LT vs. Andre Branch (a rookie 2nd round draft pick).
    1. run up middle- blocks his man outside
    2. run up middle- adequate block
    3. 3rd down pass play- adequate pass block
    4. 1st down pass- blocks his man well
    5. run up middle- #75 tries to block at the 2nd level. He does not even get in the LB's way. horrible.You can't even call it a whiff.
    6. run- adequate block
    7. pass play- DE nearly runs around his block. DE comes very close to Eli but Eli gets rid of it.
    second possession
    8. pass- effective pass block
    9. pass- same
    10. screen right- effective block
    11. pass- effective
    next possession
    12. run- good sustained block
    13. pass- #75 is pushed back into Eli on a bull rush. Not good.
    14. pass- effective block
    15. run off-tackle- effective seal block
    16. draw- shoves DE out of the play
    17. goal line draw- lined up outside his man. Defender 'swam' away. Ware scores.
    next possession: against the number twos now.
    18. run right- weak blocking angle, Locklear let go before getting called for holding.
    19. Carr boot leg- TV coverage so poor we can't see what anyone on the line did.
    20. run- went to 2nd level & handled the LB nicely, springing Ware.
    21. pass- handles his man. Bennett scores.
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      i was a big fan of his signing and have warned people not to sleep on him from day 1. a few yrs ago he was a good starting RT and he's also posted good PPF rankings.
      With the way they started Lockler at LT and kept DD at RT, it tells me a couple of things. 1-They plan on Beatty being healthy and the LT 2-If Beatty cant go, they dont want DD at LT replacing him. 3-Lockler has shown the coaches he is dependable enough to be trusted in a jam to be the starter at LT on opening preseason day being a FA signing, which also tells me he is legit competition with DD for the RT spot...

      even if Lockler ends up as the swing tackle/depth, I have confidence he will perform when called upon