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Why can't this defense get any stops!!!

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  • Why can't this defense get any stops!!!

    For the life of me I just don't get it. Everyt ime the offense puts points on the board the defense finds a way to give them right back. If it wasn't for the overthrow we would have lost the game.

    Do they not believe in what Fewell is doing?
    Are they not intelligent enough to understand what they are doing?
    Are they just as good as we might think they are period?

    Good win but the Team won't go anywhere with a defense like this.

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    Re: Why can't this defense get any stops!!!

    I think alot of it falls on Fewell. He is supposed to be this great defensive mind but he never makes in game adjustments.


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      Re: Why can't this defense get any stops!!!

      Im not sure anymore. You cant blame it on the rookies either. Rolle and Cweb blew a coverage to Dez. The other week it was Rolle and Ross... These guys are vets. They should at least be able toknow the system even if they dont stop em.

      Perry sucks blitzing though. The few tiems he does it are at ridiculous times. the 3rd and 10 we should of blitzed hard. Instead he sends the 4, they get shut down by the 6 blockers, Romo has a day and an hour to throw and hits Robinson deep. Not a good stratagy IMO and he does not adjust.