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Anyone else curious about Brewer?

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  • Anyone else curious about Brewer?

    The whole Petrus-Diehl fiasco (in regards to one playing Guard light years better than the other) has me wondering if Brewer is also ready to play but Coughlin hasn't started him due to veteran loyalty. It's possible that he's still a raw prospect who needs more lessons but I think it's a legit question to ask. We know now that Petrus is a solid player and seemed to have been ready to step up for awhile. There's also the fact Osi and Tuck are starters over JPP when everyone is healthy and then last year with O'Hara getting the nod at C when he wasn't at 100%.

    I ask you this: Do you think that a lot of these young guys (Scott, Jernigan, Brewer, etc) are still too raw or is Coughlin too loyal to his depth chart and a bit hesitant to explore?

    I know KMac had a decent game against the Cowboys but he's had some bad ones this season too. I'm simply wondering if like Petrus, we had a better player on the bench all along.

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    Re: Anyone else curious about Brewer?

    Yeah, I think that way about every player though. I always wonder if the guy behind the starter is ready. At least when the starts is playing bad.

    Should Scott be playing ahead of Ware?

    I don't know.