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first team redzon issues?

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  • first team redzon issues?

    What was the issue with first team redzone ability for touch down from your point of view. THANKS!!

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    lack of protection, no run blocking, and a missed PI call on two of the RZ appearences we've had the first 2 games. not too worried, we are missing nicks who is a beast in the RZ, and bennett and eli are just starting to develop that trust/chemisty.
    RZ is the least of my concern tbh


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      The blatant missed PI's are the thing that worry me the most. I wish you could challenge a non-call sometimes, but such is life...

      I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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        Biggest problem in the redzone is that KG still loves the shotgun draw to Ware.


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          dont panic about the redzone just yet! i mean they are working on getting down the field and they did that!

          there are several other areas such as the o-line that needs more attention at this stage!


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            Originally posted by dan1552 View Post
            What was the issue with first team redzone ability for touch down from your point of view. THANKS!!
            This was one of the offense's biggest problems last year honestly. It stems from the weak o-line and running game. This is why eli "only" had 29 TDs.

            It did seem like that could've been a little higher... there were a lot of one yard touchdown runs last year, meaning there were plenty of passing plays that could have gone for scores.

            Until the line improves, we will struggle somewhat in the red zone because our greatest offensive strength is the ability to stretch the field.


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              Is there any daylight in sight with regard to gilbride ever leaving?/ . seems like that clowns favorite move is run someone up the middle for no gain.. poor jacobs I used to get frustrated like he was to blame..


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                We still run the effing shot gun draw for .5 yard gains, and the replacement refs are terrible. That is my observation so far.


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                  I know it's only pre season but the OL still looks bad. Sorry, but it's true. I want to say they are just playing this way because it's just pre season and they will tun it on when the real season starts, but they where horrible last year. If not for Eli getting rid of the ball so well last year they don't even get close to making the post season.