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Giants insist they weren't hazing

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    LOL mercy

    where's TT when you need him ?

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      I think Prince is soft the way he presents in interviews and rumors about his confidence and lack of aggressiveness concerns me. When i was in the Corp there were guys that came into the Marines timid or just not aggressive enough for boot camp / infranty. Often these guys would be hazed. This resulted in weeding out the weak and those that remained became better stronger Marines. My personal oppinion is that the team has noticed this kid (Prince) as being soft and the're toughing him up. I'll bet you this kid will either kick *** on the field in the up comming weeks or soon be replace. However, I applaud the team for there action but hope they use better judgement in releasing videos to the public.I understand that the public is bugging out with this bully crap going on but really>>>> come on this is football. Not everyone understand what it takes to build aggression. Go Giants Smash Mouth!
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      Pranks happen to rookies. It's no big deal really. My only problem with this was JPP looked angry doing it and the way he put him In the tub was a bit reckless. I think that's why Prince looked so off after it was done. Prince was going along with it so it's odd he would look so upset after. He could have been injured and for a guy that missed most of his rookie year due to injury maybe he didn't appreciate the way he was thrown in.