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  • your Giant's Optimisim

    just add whatever you like to the end of the sentence.

    1. David wilson is going to _________________________________________.
    2. Martellus Bennet needs to _______________________________________.
    3. this defense is ________________________________________________.
    4. Our offense will _______________________________________________.

    for me.

    1. run through and around that wide nine defense the eagles run...twice for 120+ yards
    2. prove to the team and the fans he can be consistent
    3. still struggling with the run, and i'm talking about the jags game; the mets...i mean jets don't count.
    4. use more spread formations this year utilizing trips and quad receiver looks.
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    1. Not play much because the aoL will have problems blocking so the will use Bradshaw and Ware to stay in and protect Eli. 2. Will have a good year and then leave next year for more money.3. Will be fine as long as they are healthy. It was a pre season game.4. Have a bad running game once again but Eli gets better every year. He has more weapons now so they should be able to get by on that. Would be nice to have a running game to mix it up though.


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      1. surpass DJWare by the start of the season
      2. do more interviews
      3. fun to watch
      4. be fun to watch


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        1. Have a year similar to Bradshaw's rookie year, maybe 500 yards
        2. Focus on blocking due to the poor Oline. Anything he does in the passing game is a bonus for me.
        3. Going to have a great pass rush, but be suspect against the run, again.
        4. Will rely on it's 3 best players, Eli, Nicks, and Cruz.


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          1. David wilson is going to __be as elusive as Shady McCoy___________.
          2. Martellus Bennet needs to __stay healthy all season _______________.
          3. this defense is __much better than outsiders think__________________.
          4. Our offense will _lead the league in scoring________________________.