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    Osi played a nice game - look who stuffed a run. Guy is gonna be fresh all year.

    Randle - Nothing flashy but nice hands and a couple nice routes - won on a route later with carr who missed him up the sideline - good to see him get deep.

    Coe - was very physical after prince left - time to step up.

    Kiwi - Played in the backfield most of the night - lets hope the groin is no big deal.

    Rivers - Making the Boley injury less and less important.

    Jwill - need to see you on the field again 57.

    Herz - talk of camp has been his rise but wasn't exactly special tonight, still he seems to be the guy of the future.

    Jones - looks much better on the outside - probably not a starter but a nice backup at the least.

    Barden - Nice hands tonight - used his big body well. Have been waiting for that fade for years.

    Locklear - Pretty nice game by the LT.

    Wilson - Kid is gonna be special once he gets the blitz pickups down - he will see the field this year, he is too electric not too.

    Scott - kid ran well and showed up big on specials helping his case.

    Douglas - nice game, but i think hosley takes punt return duties back next week and wilson and scott takes kick, maybe we sneak douglas onto ps.

    Ojomo - keeps showing up - with all this tape very difficult to get him on PS, kid has killed the 3's.

    Carr and second line - both were rough tonight - lets hope we have to see neither this year. Brewer struggled as well.

    Thomas - not bad for first game - got a little push in the middle.

    Kuhn - flashed well - good push.

    The black unicorn will have a big impact this year, pascoe is the number 2.

    Robinson - Kid took a pounding on his first ever catch but nice to see him get a ball - kid is a monster in size.

    Get healthy PRINCE.

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    Even though Barden did well, I am still hesitant about saying he will be on the final roster. Remember a couple of years ago he showed a couple of flashes against the Cowboys and then was injured. He didn't come back and show any flashes again until this preseason game. I think he is running scared now with the cuts looming and knows that his act is almost over.


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      Think whatever you want about BARDEN - Jerry Reese does not give up on his picks, barden wont get cut.


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        Originally posted by dave56dj View Post
        Think whatever you want about BARDEN - Jerry Reese does not give up on his picks, barden wont get cut.
        Really? Tell Dillard that and Bryan Kehl and a few others.


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          Exceptions to the rule - also past 3rd round for both. I guess i should've said the higher draft choices.