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NY Giants - My Take - Dallas game and going forward

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  • NY Giants - My Take - Dallas game and going forward

    First let me say what an incredible game last night. So much fun to watch. Crazy rollercoaster ride.....

    Here are the points I want to make....

    1. The legend that is Eli Manning is growing daily. He is a special guy and a special QB. Enjoy the next 6-10 years we have him. There wont be a better Giants QB for a LONG LONG TIME!!!!

    2. Running game is starting to gather steam at just the right time. Two weeks straight with this new offensive line and two weeks straight of much better run execution. This needs to continue the rest of the way....

    3. The defense has given up over 40 points per game the last 3 weeks. 121 points in total. That is embarrassing.

    4. HERE IS THE BIG ONE IMO.... The defense gave up 444 total yards of offense last game. But I actually for the first time this season saw some signs of life... We must get WAY better on D, but!!!! We allowed a 26 yard run to set up a Dallas TD, a 40 yard TD pass on total blown coverage, a 74 yard TD pass on total blown coverage, and a 50 yard TD pass on total blow coverage. Not to mention a lot of other big plays on total lack of focus and discipline. Not lack of talent.... Take away the totally inexcusable blown assignments and we actually have one of our better defensive performances of the year. Every other game thus far, teams have just marched down the field on us. Picked on us. Picked us apart. Yesterday was a different story. We played tight defense, we actually forced a few 3 and outs. We just played DUMB and let up big play after big play. Not like the giants big plays, where Eli would thread the needle and was putting balls in extremely tight places to complete passes. We had one TD on a blown coverage, Manninghams long one, but that rarely happens to us.. We gave that gift to Dallas at least 4 times yesterday. This is a positive sign moving forward IMO.

    I guess what I am trying to say is the defense wasnt getting picked on yesterday like they have so often this year. They actually played tight for a lot of the game.... Just let up way too many big plays.... Take those big plays away and it was the best game our defense has played all year IMO... Maybe, just maybe, this is a positive thing going forward.

    4. JPP is a beast, I have a feeling the future of this defense will be built around him, Prince, and a LB that is playing college ball somewhere right now.

    5. The secret to having a great defense is having 3 or 4 guys that just make plays. 3 or 4 true playmakers.... It only takes one big play by one guy to stop a drive. JPP is the only one we have right now. Better defenses around the league have 3-4 playmakers, we only have 1 right now... Big difference. Imagine if we had a DB and LB who had playmaking ability of JPP? We would see the defense making plays consistantly... Example, Ravens - Suggs, Lewis, and Reed. or GB - Davis, Matthews, and Woodson or PIT - Troy P, Woodley, Harrison... Right now we have a one man show on defense with JPP.

    Moving forward we need the run game to continue to slowly improve. We need another playmaker to emerge on defense. We need the defense to stop giving up the stupid big play. We need to defense to just be average the rest of the way... We need Eli to be Eli..... All this happens every game going forward and we will make a fun run at this thing...

    Other side notes... Boothe!!!! SNAP THE BALL TO ELI'S CHEST!!!!!!!! Those bad snaps at the end almost cost us the game.

    Special Teams - Can we get any sort of return game PLEAAAASSSEEE!!!!! Tynes and Weatherford (AWESOME)

    Receivers - NEED TO STOP DROPPING BALLS that hit them right in their bread basket..

    Eli - you are the FRANCHISE!!!! It has been a lot of fun watching you over the years. You are the man.

    JPP - you are the DEFENSE!!!!! I wish we had a couple JPPs....

    Go Giants! Great win Sunday night!!!!

    It is all up to the defense going forward. They figure out a way to be a top 20 or 15 defense and we can beat anyone...

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    Re: NY Giants - My Take - Dallas game and going forward

    JPP is by far the greatest thing to happen to this defense since Strahan was here.

    Eli is the man

    I agree that our defense seemed to play better (one poster brought Wittens numbers...which were very good for us) but man how the hell do we give up 3 huge plays?

    Can't wait for KP to come back..he never let anything go over his head