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My take on last nights game vs the Pats

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  • My take on last nights game vs the Pats

    I DVR'd the game and was able to watch it when I got home from a previous engagement.

    I thought the offense looked flat, but I'm not sweating it, since it was the 4th preseason game and our 1st team offense is not going to show their hand in the preseason

    Now, I believe Ojomo earned a spot on the final 53. With Tracy missing a lot of time due to injury, I can't see how the Giants can give Tracy the 4th DE spot. Broha and Marshall both played solid as well. Maybe 1 of them can make the PS.

    After watching the O-line last night, I hope Reese is watching the waiver wire for some O-line depth. McCants needs to be cut and maybe brought to the PS. He was having trouble with the Pats 2nd and 3rd teamers. Petrus IMO has not improved any this year either, he got beat a couple times last night as well.
    But I am ok with Locklear at LT, until Beatty is healthy enough to come back.

    I think our LB corp will be more of a strength this year. The addition of Rivers was a fine signing. And our 2nd yr backers look good, now that they have had a full offseason with the team. I can't say for sure, but Jones could be the odd man out. I think Muasau might be PS material.

    I like our ST coverage. It has definitely improved.

    At WR, Barden had a few catches, maybe he has solidifed the 5th or 6th WR spot. Jernigan was fielding punts, but did not get a lot of returns. He had the 1 catch for the game, was hoping to see more, but I think he makes the squad. I think Douglas and/or DePalma may get cut but put on the PS.

    One thing that did puzzle me if why they did not play Perriloux at all in the game. I figured he would get some playing time in the 4th quarter? And poor Carr---he was probably having flash backs of his early days in Houston, with the constant pressure in his face.

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    I was wasn't really impressed with Broha last night...Yes he was around the ball, but couldn't tackle worth crap last night...He would make a great play getting to the ball then couldn't tackle the guy worth a crap.