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Now that you all have said your peace..

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  • Now that you all have said your peace..

    I have some good thoughts on last nights game.

    Offense: We have alot of weapons, mostly young talent, so we had many drops in clutch situations. Manningham dropped the ball for that TD? Cruz.. But lastnight was a night of personal performances. some players on both sides of the ball for us had stellar nights..Ahem... JPP? That's the new Strahan for this D squad. Between canty and JPP, JPP had a stellar night EVEN when tuck who, got man handled (as is usually the case) was taken out for a look at his toe.. they doubled on JPP. If we EVER get rid of JPP, I will call the FO and complain.. massively. perhaps we can build a D around JPP.

    Our run game.. Damn fine to see Big Jake finally earn his money and pound the rock. Pound the rock he did. Bradhsaw and Ware all worked well. I was happy to see the Ware TD on that handoff too.

    The only caveat to lastnights game.. AGAIN.. Why the .... did Fewell go BACK to the 3 man rush? Fewell is the weak link to this defense. sorry if I upset my family on this but.. I was screaming pacing the room saying, "WTF? why are we going BACK to the 3 man rush like we did with GB and before???" "F Fewell he has to go!!"

    what saved our butts is TC icing Dallas' kicker. then JPP( God that boy makes me smile) blocking the second attempt. JPP is worth his weight in gold.

    But there was alot of personal efforts that made a HUGE difference last night