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    Warning - I like what this kid has to offer and am glad he stuck with the team on PS as I wrote he would in many a post. He is raw but had some nice practices and was a nice bright spot with the 3's. That said:

    Wow - the overhyping and concern on these boards was pretty hilarious. Some called him a specials ace - really? Kid caught some punts - had only one nice return - it was flagged twice for holding and did very little on kick returns (Pat traina who watches practices called his game a bit slow for specials returner). He had a few catches in the preseason and nothing more. Suddenly many had anointed him a quality NFL receiver who could not be cut. This based on nice practices and an absolutely average performance in preseason games. I suppose the argument can be made that many other wide outs - especially jernigan and maybe hixon did just the same - but their breeding (draft position and experience/ past performance by hixon) would not allow them to clear waivers. And hixon couldnt be put on PS. Guys like Cruz are the exception not the rule. So much fuss and he is on our PS - which is great.

    Now Adwele Ojomo was a different story this kid practiced well and DOMINATED the 3's and 2's. He put up so much tape he too could not have cleared waivers - and even more importantly he showed he could play tolly's role and maybe even slip in at DT from time to time.

    Glad douglas is back but all the hype is crazy.