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Giants Quotes From the Locker Room

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  • Giants Quotes From the Locker Room

    Hey guys,

    Here are a few quotes from the locker room today. We get them up before anybody else!

    DE Justin Tuck on Cowboys’ new look
    “They got a lot of stuff going on. We’re trying to figure out what kind of looks we’re going to get. I think, for the most part, it is getting into the game and kind of feeling your way through the first couple of series with them. The got a new offensive line coach in Callahan, who was with the Jets so we can kind of look at some of the things the Jets did to us last year and things of that nature. Some of the guys we know very well and some of the guys we don’t know at all so I think for the most part it’s going to come down to just playing our keys during the game, make sure you play everything straight up and trying to get a feel early for them in the football game.”
    DT Marvin Austin on how he can help the team
    “I’m just part of the team, man. If there’s anything I see that can help the guys out there, I’m as much engrossed into the game as much as anybody else.”
    DT Linval Joseph on facing a division rival
    “I mean you play them twice a year, it is a little tougher but at the same time it’s a war because they know us, you know them and now it’s like you defend each other, you fight against each other, you know what’s going to happen so the best man will come on top.”
    Safety Kenny Phillips on playing first game of the NFL Season
    “We play each other twice a year, every year. You do know some of our tendencies, we know some of theirs. At the same time, you got to go out there and play…when the stage is set like this, Wednesday night game, defending Super Bowl champs, it’s an easy game to get up for. So I think, you’re going to see their best, you’re going to see our best and it’s going to be a great game.”

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    really excited for the game, wednesday cant come soon enough


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      maybe not the Cowboys best lol.
      sigpicShould the Giants fire Gilbride....