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An Adrien Robinson comprehensive briefing: Late season star?

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  • An Adrien Robinson comprehensive briefing: Late season star?

    One of the understated players this pre-season had to be Giant draft choice Adrien Robinson (4th round, 127th overall). Here's a recap.

    According to Wikipedia, his high school team Warren HIgh School (Indiana) won the state championship all four seasons.

    He played college ball for the Cincinnati Bearcats from 2008-2011, where he was somewhat the forgotten man in terms of getting the ball thrown his way. In 36 games over four seasons, he had only 29 receptions for 434 yards, a 15.0 yard average per catch.

    Full college stats

    Robinson missed the OTA's, as he had to finish up with College, so he came to camp behind the curve.

    New York Giants TE Coach Mike Pope Sees Huge Room For Improvement in Adrien Robinson

    "Robinson has really been disadvantaged because number one, his class didnít graduate until so late in June. He missed almost all of our spring work except for the mini-camp and that set him back quite a bit. Like a lot of players who are coming out at this position now he played in that college offense that is so wide open he wasnít even in a three-point stance. He didnít even line up beside the tackle and he didnít conjunct blocks with the line at all because their offense was just so wide open." Pope said.
    From Giants101 Article here

    Draft pick to be schooled by Giants TE coach

    Robinsonís production was so meager, he wasnít invited to the NFL Scouting Combine but blew the Giants away at his Pro Day, measuring 6-foot-4 and 264 pounds, and running 4.51 and 4.58 in the 40-yard dash.
    Schwartz typical mediocre story here...

    Jerry Reese had called him the JPP of Tight Ends when he was drafted in the 4th Round this year

    New York Giants TE Coach Mike Pope Sees Huge Room For Improvement in Adrien Robinson

    Adrien Robinson Press Conference, 04.28.12

    Q: Do you think you can make a difference in the NFL as a pass catcher?

    A: Yes, sir, I think I can. I think I have pretty good hands. My senior year I didnít have any drops the whole season. So I think Iíll do pretty well.

    Q: How much better have you gotten at blocking?

    A: I think Iíve gotten 10 strides better because I had Coach Johnson. He coached at Georgia for seven or eight years. He had Watson and Pope and those guys come down to Georgia. Heís been coaching over 20 years. He taught me a lot about footwork and angles and leverage and understanding where to be on the football field. I think I improved a lot as far as my blocking goes.

    Q: Did Mike Pope echo the same things youíve been hearing about technique?

    A: Yes, he did. It was funny because a big thing that Coach Johnson told me about was leverage and that was kind of the same thing that he tells his guys. So we kind of clicked on that part of it and we ended up just talking.
    Read entire interview here

    Giant director of scouting Marc Ross Press Conference, 04.28.12

    Q: We want to know about the JPP of tight ends.

    A: This guy, Adrien [Robinson], heís a physical specimen. Heís tall. The guyís 6í4", 6í5", almost 270 pounds, ran a 4.5. Heís just learning how to play football. We think he has tremendous upside and the kid plays hard for being a former basketball player. He plays hard. He just didnít get a lot of chances. We think the skyís the limit for him.

    Q: When did he catch your eye?

    A: Our area scout, Steve Devine, he did a great job going in there and digging him out. He lives in Columbus. Thatís his area. So heís at Cincinnati a lot. He dug him out, brought him to our attention. Our other area scouts did him Ė Ryan Jones and Chris Pettit Ė and then of course we started getting on him once we started hearing the enthusiasm about him in the meetings, our first set of meetings about the draft guys.
    Full transcript here

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    I'm surprised we didnt see more from him in the pre-season. I was, and still am, pretty high on this kid since draft day. I think down the road he could be a real game changer for us. Time will tell.


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      He played with the threes b/c the giants needed to work bennett and pascoe into the offense right away. Robinson was a project from day one. The kid is very big and hopefully that bodes will for his ability as a blocker but he has a lot to learn from a technique standpoint. Game 4 he caught a couple balls and wound up with 3 for the preseason - not bad with limited snaps. This year is about learning and building toward next year. If injuries hit he will be thrown to the wolves. He is developing and thats just fine for a raw 4th rounder. So far so good.


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        Late season in what year?
        Seriously, he didn't show much in games or the practices I watched. 4.5 looks like something that he didn't show for starters. Second, his hands were inconsistent. He still doesn't "receive" the ball. He snatches at it. I'm not saying he isn't a nice project for coach Pope to work with. Just not willing to get all revved up for anything meaningful this year. Based on the way Bennett and Pascoe have played, I don't think we'll see him at all without injuries.
        No one remembers who came in second.


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          He played a pretty good finale against the Patriots. He made a couple big catches, one of which was a third and long converted to a first down. His run blocking was much better as opposed to the first couple games where he just sort of looked lost out there. The only thing is that he did give up a couple pressures and a sack in pass protection, but I think that's something the coaches can work on him.


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            He looks like he could be a monster!


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              Not seeing much from him this season to be honest.

              When we drafted him and seeing some videos I had much higher hopes.

              I think will turn out to be a phenomenal TE, just not this season. Blocking also needs works.
              "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."


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                Originally posted by NYG4lifeNYK View Post
                Not seeing much from him this season to be honest.

                When we drafted him and seeing some videos I had much higher hopes.

                I think will turn out to be a phenomenal TE, just not this season. Blocking also needs works.
                Well he is our 3rd TE, I can see him possibly getting up our 2nd TE if his blocking gets a lot better..


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                  It's impossible to say how quickly a player will develop, but it's not unheard of for this coaching staff to have a player ready by week 12 to play for real. But the missing of the OTA's is such a huge factor here.