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Giant reliefs, question marks and concerns for this season?

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  • Giant reliefs, question marks and concerns for this season?

    • Coaching
    • Giants are relatively healthy. They struggled through many injuries, and showed improvement towards the end when some of the players started to come back and get healthier. (Yet we were still missing a ton of fire power).
    • Eli Manning - Getting better every year, and I cannot see why he still couldn't improve this year.
    • The WR core - We know what we have in Nicks and Cruz. But we are fairly deep in that department.
    • RB - I like the guys we have. Bradshaw always showed us that he can make things happen even with an under par offensive line.
    • LB - This may not be our strongest suit, but I dont believe its our weakest link anymore. With Boley, Kiwi and possibly rivers (looking real good at least in preseason), we may have a solid midfield now.
    • DeLine - Finally all starting together, and healthy. Never had that all of last season. We had 48 sacks, imagine if they were healthy and played all the games together?
    • Safeties - Feel good about our starters.
    • ST - Weatherford has showed us he is the real deal, and Tynes has proven himself the last two years. Nice to have some peace of mind there.

    Question Marks:
    • Health - Can we keep our guys on the field. It was a big problem last year, and almost cost us the season before it really started.
    • TE - Do we have reliable TE's in Bennett, and Robinson? Those are the bigger question marks currently. If they can be reliable, can they help with run blocking, pass blocking as well as being an extra body or two to send out on routes.
    • DBS - I trust Web, and we have seen some promise from other guys, but most are either rookies, inexperienced players or players coming back from injury. I tend to be a bit more optimistic here.
    • Bradshaws Health.

    • Offensive Line - Been worried about it for about 3-4 years now. I still do not understand how they left it alone in the draft and offseason. Hopefully they feel they have enough, but last year the line was the worst in recent memory, and there was word that the Giants were looking to trade for a lineman. I liked Boothe, Snee (even though he had an off year), D2 may be better at RT. Even with that it is still fairly unimpressive. Hopefully Beatty can play as the Giants expected, Baas only had a bad year due to some injury we were unaware of, D2 can play better at RT, and so forth.
    • Health - Always part of all 3 aspects.

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    good stuff

    my concerns - you may notice a health theme, the NFL is a war of attrition ... the regular season is as much about survival as it is about excellence

    Baas - is he any good? ... he was out there when we won the Super Bowl, but the jury is still out
    Beatty's back ... not his play ... don't get me wrong LT is among the top 5 critical positions and he is no stud, but he did hold up until the eye thing last year
    Bradshaw's ankles, but we do have backups
    Wilson blocking and ball security
    Brown ball security
    Nicks' pain
    Cruz - marked man has to stay confident even if he has 1 or 2 rough games
    TEs - Bennett has to produce close to what Ballard did

    Tuck's shoulder/neck
    Osi's knee
    DTs after Joseph before Canty is ready
    CBs after Webster
    Safties after 'Trel and K-Phil and especially if Rolle is forced into CB slot duties
    ha and I just have to point out that I have zero LB concerns assuming the Boley's hammy isn't going to be nagging ... oh wait that was one !
    STs - young returners + ball security

    our schedule
    the target on our chests being the champs

    and, finally, TEBOW-mania ... we might lose all our fans !!!!!!
    Apologize to Melo 5