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Top 5 battles for Wednesday's game

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  • Top 5 battles for Wednesday's game

    5. David Baas, Kevin Boothe, and Chris Snee vs. Josh Brent, Sean Lissemore, and Jason Hatcher/Marcus Spears - With Ratliff being ruled out for this game, it will be up to back up NT Josh Brent to fill in that presence that Ratliff brings on the pass rush. DE Sean Lissemore was the Cowboys best run stuffer in the 2011 season and should have an interesting battle against veteran G Chris Snee. If the Giants can somehow generate an admirable push up the middle consistently in this game, this should immensely help out Eli and allow the Giants to control the clock.

    4. Michael Coe vs. Miles Austin/Dez Bryant - Coe has performed admirably this preseason but can he hold his own against two very physical Cowboys receivers? If Coe can't meet expectations, there's a possibility of CB Justin Tryon taking his place. WRs Miles Austin and Dez Bryant have been bothered by injuries this offseason and one should keep an eye on their movements to see if they are still bothered by it during the game. It could be a huge blessing for CB Michael Coe.

    3. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz vs. Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne - WR Hakeem Nicks has seen minimal action this preseason due to a foot injury he suffered a few months ago. If Nicks has to be pulled out during the game, it will be up to either Barden or Randle to step and produce. The Cowboys feature two new CBs in Brandon Carr (formerly a Chief) and LSU standout Morris Claiborne. Carr has exceeded expectations thus far in the preseason but the rookie CB has seen very little action. Expect Eli to pick on Claiborne and test him throughout the game.

    2. Martellus Bennett vs. Sean Lee and Bruce Carter - This could be another potential exploit that the Giants can use depending on how Rob Ryan decides to deal with TE Martellus Bennett. LB Sean Lee has started his career off on a very promising note but will probably be on run stopping duty while his buddy LB Bruce Carter is more suited to cover TEs and WRs in the slot. Bruce Carter saw no action last year in his rookie season as he was nursing an ACL injury. For those who remember, Carter was once considered a 1st round talent before his unfortunate injury. The Cowboys will need Carter to step up and take away Eli's newest weapon in the receiving game.

    1. Jason Pierre-Paul vs. Tyron Smith - We will get our first glimpse into what most experts are projecting to be an epic matchup for the next 10 years with these two young phenoms. Both are prototypical players at the position and have an immense amount of athletic talent to counter each other. This game might come down to this battle right here as LT Tyron Smith is one of the best run-blocking tackles in the NFL but DE Jason Pierre-Paul is also stout against the run. Depending on how CB Michael Coe is holding up, the pressure might be on JPP to produce hurries, hits, and sacks or the Giants D could be in trouble.

    What battles interest you this upcoming Wednesday?