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  • First Half

    1. Offensive line is trash, it's pretty obvious. I can't blame Bradshaw.

    2. Defense looks ok, but secondary needs to hold up. Ogletree (from my alma mater) is working Coe and the LBs.

    3. Eli looks fine, but should break Diehl's leg after the game so someone else can take his place.

    4. Locklear looks pretty good actually, pleasant surprise.

    5. Cruz...WTF?

    6. Nicks, he needs to start separating a little.

    7. Cowboys getting away with holding on a few plays. Looks like both Ryan brothers teach their CBs how to hold and get away with it.

    8. It's the first game of the season, no matter what happens, I won't freak. This is essentially the Cowboys Superbowl...

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    Blackburn is garbage. OL is crap, especially diehl, need to step it up.


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      Tyron Smith has gotten away with 3 pretty blatant holds thus far