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Juston Tryon needs to lose his job

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  • Juston Tryon needs to lose his job

    I'm sorry, the guy has never done a single thing in his entire NFL career to prove he is worthy of being on an NFL roster.

    He was cut from the Redskins and cut from Indy. He needs to find a new line of work and we need to find a new CB.

    There are plenty of guys available after all the cuts that were made. We simply cannot afford to keep Tryon on the field. He was a weakness that the Cowgirls exploited over and over and over again.

    He let Kevin freaking Ogletree dust him.

    Anyone else up for signing Deon Grant and going back to the 3 safety look, moving Rolle back to corner??

    What about Hosley??? Where the hell was he?

    Just a pathetic job all the way around by our defense. Yeah, we had injuries but we clearly weren't/aren't good enough to overcome them right now.

    I hope this is a wakeup call that this team is still much closer to the 9-7 team we were last year in the regular season than the SB Champs and that a lot of work still needs to be done. We can't just expect to show up and win. And we definitely can't if Justin freaking Tryon is on the field.

    Cut him.....immediately......bring in someone else, anyone else, don't really care who, this guy just flat out isn't NFL material.

    Resign Grant and go back to the 3 safety look. Why on earth would we go away from something we had success with in the first place???

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    seriously? no one else thinks this bum needs to go???


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      I don't know why they didn't have Hosely in there. Is he still hurt? They would have been better using Rolle and having Hill play Safey.


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        I was saying he sucked way before this game. People actually argued with me about him,. He is terrible not an NFL quality CB at all.Special Teams thats it


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          He stinks, and he certainly didn't seem to be Tryon hard enough tonight....bad pun intended