#1. Eli played very well. Had NO help.

#2. Our OLine IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF PITIFUL. Laughably pathetic run blocking and poor pass protection. The best blocking we had all night came from Hynocerous (stud FB btw) and Bennett.

#3. I feel real bad for JPP. Dude was a disruptive monster tonight despite being doubled/tripled AND held on the vast majority of plays. No sacks to show for it, but I'm blaming Tuck and Osi for being invisible and basically leaving JPP by himself. Our interior lineman were decent.

#4. Bennett showed me something tonight, great TD catch, great blocking.

#5. Our whole secondary was pathetic but I have to single out Webster, dude was beyond pitiful tonight. Beyond pitiful...isn't this guy easily our best corner? Yikes.

#6. Cruz. WTH man? Better brush this game under the rug quick and get back to it because if you start playing like this, you def won't get that contract I know you want.

#7. 10 days till the next game? Sucks. But we cant harp on this, its nothing but one game, one loss in opening week. Our road is now infinitely harder but we gotta keep on trucking. Hopefully we right the ship next game.