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The lack of "Respect"

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  • The lack of "Respect"

    Aside from the Eli is Elite affirmation posts of yesteryear, some of the most entertaining threads are about the perceived lack of respect the giants get at the beggining of the season, during the season and in the post season. "did you hear what so and so said?" did you hear how Aikman stomped out Eli's dog during the telecast?", who cares man, we have to stop crying about the so called lack of respect we think the giants get.

    Yesterday is a prime example. We lost. We are 0-1, but it's cool, we've been through and have been successful through worse. But reading the game thread and coming on here this morning and you would think we lost the last game of the season and missed the playoffs. In 2011 we were 25th in the league in pts allowed at 25, 19th in the league in rushing yds allowed, 29th in the league in passing yds allowed. I think its fair for the media to have questions and pick us to lose to Dallas-because, well, WE LOST TO DALLAS. They have a talented squad. We swept them last year, they beat us the first game this year, that's cool, we play our best when dealing with adversity. The thing is we have to stay sober on both sides. We can't complain about the lack of respect and predict 12 win seasons and then the next day call for a rebuild cuz we lost. The thing is, it happens every yr.

    What i'm saying is, we are not a perfect team. We have never been the perfect team. We are a tough team and a resilient team, but we arent a team that dominates during the reg season. Last season, we had to play tough down the stretch just to make the playoffs and that includes an embarrassing loss to the RS that had many giant fans jumping ship.

    Look, I think we will be competative this year. But i also think Dallas will be competative as will the Eagles (provided Vick stays healthy which is a longshot) and there is no question the RS will be improved and they beat us twice last yr. There are no cakewalks in this division. Making the playoffs will be a challenge, but this team rises to challenges. Settle down, but understand games like yesteday are the reasons for the so called lack of respect. Sometimes it's just called a different opinion.