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The Call Out Thread: Week 1

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  • The Call Out Thread: Week 1

    Same ole' Giants insist on losing games they should win.

    If we're going to get this thing straightened out we're gonna need a few guys to step up.

    So VICTOR CRUZ, I'm calling you out. This is your boom or bust year. Everyone is sitting and waiting to call you a one hit wonder. You've gotta bring it. last night you were completely invisible but for the times when the ball was beating you to death. You just played the worst game of your NFL career let see if you can bounce back.

    COREY WEBSTER, I'm calling you out. All I hear about from Giants fans is how you're a top end "Lock-down" corner. Last night you played like ****! It was like you weren't even there. Now I for one know you're not a shut down/lock down anything so I don't expect that from you. Your INT numbers from a year ago are completely inflated due to piss poor quarterback play. That said, we need you be competent. You're the only proven corner on the roster, please play like it.

    JUSTIN TUCK, I'm STILL calling you out. I've been calling you out since last season. I'm sorry did I miss something in the injury report. Did you miss the game? Is your groin sore again? You give a decent hype speech but maybe you should record it and play it back to yourself when your lazy, mumbling, aches and pains having *** thinks about coming out of the game during crucial defensive possessions. What kind of leader is on the sideline when his team DESPERATELY needs a stop. I'm so sick of your ****. We should have traded you while you still had value. Now let me guess, you're going to dog it until TC has a "private" session with you in his office where you will magically decide its time to play better. You're probably my least favorite Giant of all time. A great a player who doesn't play great week in and week out.

    Oh...and the offensive line still sucks too.

    And just so people don't think I'm completely negative:

    Rivers looked great. He actually looks like a linebacker and makes linebacker plays. I'm really excited about him.

    I said Hixon would give us next to nothing this season and he's already caught a couple passes. I don't believe he'll be a factor as the season wears on but credit Hixon for looking better than I thought he would.

    Suddenly the Giants run the ball to left??? I was afraid that Diehl would be a nightmare at RT and apparently Gilbride had the same thought. The solution: Just run it to the other side. Its just crazy enough to work.

    Did anyone have any doubt that if the Giants could get a stop on the last drive that the game would go to overtime? I want you guys to remember this game at the end of the season when people are trying to give the Defense all the credit for ourn great season and SB run.
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    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of the Super Bowl 46: Dad, are the Giants gonna win?

    Burier: Yes.

    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of Super Bowl 46: Do you promise?

    Burier: Yes. I promise.