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Give credit where it's due, and things aren't all that bad...

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  • Give credit where it's due, and things aren't all that bad...

    The Cowboys outplayed the Giants, pure and simple. And we're back to the same problems that plagued us last year -- injuries up and down the secondary and an o-line that can't run the ball. We're going to need Prince and Hosley back, as well as Coe of course.

    I'm not being negative. I do believe that the Giants can straighten things out and I highly doubt (and certainly hope) that Web won't have such a clueless and horrible game like that again this year. And I highly doubt that Cruz will have another case of the dropsies. Nicks was still playing injured and Bennett looked very good, and so did Hixon. Giving up the 3-and-longs was reminiscent of the past few years, but when our secondary was healthy for the final 6 games last year, 3-and-longs weren't a problem. I think it's just imperative to get our starters back in the secondary and hopefully it happen sooner rather than later.

    But the Cowboys were definitely an improved team -- their CB's were excellent and they have a new weapon in Oggletree (spelling?). Their attack style was excellent -- short to medium passes to negate the effect of the Giants pass rush, with some occassional shots down field that paid off.

    One thing that really hurt about this loss is that the schedule is going to get a lot tougher than this.