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  • Move Tuck to DT

    We need to put JPP at Tuck's end (right end) and move Osi to the left side to start. Osi is more of a pure pass rusher and JPP is the best all around DE maybe in the league. It is the equivalent of what we had when Strahan played RE and Osi at LE.

    Tuck is not getting great pressure from the end at all, so maybe his speed will be a greater advantage from the inside from the get go.

    I know we would sacrafice from amount of run stopping, BUT Bernard and Joseph were sooooo tired at the end of the game, they could use some relief throughout the game, not just at the end. Osi needs to be playing full time. He is almost (sometimes just) as good as Ware at rushing the passer with his speed.

    I think Tuck would be much more effective and we would have a more effective line with Osi at LE and JPP at RE.

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    Tuck is not a fulltime DT.....they should rotate him more in and out maybe but not at any large number of snaps at DT....
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      Play Tuck inside on NASCAR formations but keep him at end and rotate the 3. Problems was lack of rotation for Bernard and Joseph who looked gassed by the end of the game.